Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wine and Beer Lovers!

Today! Wine Open House!

Meet Dan Kravitz from noon until 2pm today
The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd in Clayton

We are tasting --
Pegau Chateauneuf du Pape
Pierre Boniface Apremont
Alfredo Roca Sauvignon Blanc
IA Garnacha
Cuvee de Pena
Puydeval Cab Franc Blend
Domaine Cabirau Serge and Tony
Terre de Mistral Cotes du Rhone
Altura 1024 Cabernet Sauvignon
Massamier Cuvee Oliviers (Caberent, Carignan, Cinsault, Syrah, Grenache)
Estezargues Cuvee Galets

Beer and Cheese Festival Open House
The Wine and Cheese Place
9755 Manchester Road in Rock Hill

From 1pm-4pm TODAY also!
Taste some great cheese and over 60 beers!
click for more details and the list of beers

Friday, October 16, 2009

quick notes...

Getting busy today....

quick notes...more info later

Bell's 2009 Stouts are arriving....

Bells Java Stout
Bells Double Cream Stout
Bells Cherry Stout

Ayinger Weizen Bock -- exciting
Ed Hardy Premium Beer
Ed Hardy Light Beer

The Grand Cru of beers....

Very small production and limited release....

Bush (Scaldis) 2009 Prestige de Nuits....$39.99 / 750ml

"The Bush Nights vintage 2009... Whether fans of this exceptional beer matured in oak casks which have contained wine Nuits St Georges rejoice: The Night of Bush is back ... To recall, the Bush de Nuits beer is quite amazing and absolutely unique. Given its long maturation in barrels that have contained wine from Nuits St Georges, it has no resemblance with other beers. This is a true character of beer, the amber-red dress, but slightly thinning that special aroma and complex beer with winy overtones.

"When he got back from Burgundy in France, where he had been buying wine in the Nuits-St.-Georges region, Hughes Dubuisson came up with the idea of matruring Bush/Scaldis de Noel in oak casks which had previously contained the famous Cotes du Nuits. After 6 months of maturing, 210 prottype bottles were draw for presentation to the specialist press. The test was conclusive and Bush/Scaldis Prestige de Nuits was born!!
The old style maturing, in oak barrels previously used to hold Nuits St. Georges wine, allows the taster to enjoy a highly flavoursome some with wine-like aromas of red fruits giving it an amazing harmonious balance in the mouth with sweetness, a hint of acidity and a relatively dry aftertaste in spite of the high density of the beer. This is great art!" -- brewery

Rated 99/100 percentile on RateBeer

Available online - click here

A new one from Dupont...

Brasserie Dupont
Avec les bons Vœux de la brasserie Dupont...$9.19 / 750ml
"With the best wishes of the brewery Dupont

Alcohol: 9,5 % vol. The Bons Vœux is a blond top fermentation beer with refermentation in the bottle.Since 1970, the brewery has been brewing a special beer to give as a new years present to their best clients. (the name of this beer “Avec les bons Vœux de la brasserie Dupont » means « With the best wishes of the brewery Dupont » ).Because of the increasing success, they started to commercialise this “cadeau” but kept the name. Although the demands were considerable, only a small quantity was brewed, so they had to make a reservation list, even months before new year. This Bons Vœux is coppery blond, has very fine hoparomas and tastes bitter, fruity and mild.Our selection of yeasts, in combination with a longduring riping process, on a “dry hopping” base, are creating a typical and complex aroma and taste. A real refermentation in the bottle, which will continue for a long time in your cellar, result in a harmonious and well-balanced beer, full of unexpected and complex aromas" -- brewery

Order Dupont beers online also

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lucky number 13..

Arriving Friday

13th Anniversary Ale
He'brew Jewbelation Bar Mitzvah
13% ABV

13 Malts: Specialty 2-row, Canada Munich, CaraMunich 40, Chocolate, Crystal Rye, Dark Crystal, Flaked Spelt, Flaked Oats, Kiln Amber, Pilsner, Rye Ale, Vienna, and Wheat

13 hops: Ahtanum, Amarillo, Apollo, Cascade, Centennial, Columbus, Crystal, Fuggle, Golding, Palisade, Simcoe, Tettnang and Willamette

Enjoy some reading....

"On April 24, 1982, I chanted, gave a speech about Leprosy, got my first Walkman, 3 pen sets, and 2swiss army knives. The band was called Hot Borscht. As with all Bar and Bat Mitzvah kids, my parentsrecited a blessing thanking God for finally being relieved of punishment for their child’s sins. Lucky 13all around. At High Holidays, Jews recite 13 Attributes of Mercy revealed to Moses at Sinai. 13 million Jews inhabitthe globe. Maimonides wrote the dogmatic 13 Principles of Faith, and died the 13th of Dec. 1204. Themystical Zohar emerged in 13th c. Spain, ascribed to a 2nd century Rabbi who studied Torah in a cavewith his son for 13 years. The Jewish calendar follows 13 lunar cycles. Apollo 13 failed to reach themoon after an explosion on April 13 (1970). July 4th falls 13 days after summer solstice. 13 stripes onour flag represent the 13 Colonies. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. Barack Obama representedthe 13th district in the IL State Senate. In 1957 Sandy Koufax made 13 starts, struck out 13 in his firstcomplete game, and pitched the final Dodger strike before they left Brooklyn. 13 attended the LastSupper. 13 bagels make a Baker’s Dozen, began for fear of punishment under a 13th c. English lawregulating the price of bread and beer. Genesis 13:13 tells of the wicked men of Sodom. Genghis Khanconquered the world in the 13th century. Black Sabbath released its debut album on Friday Feb 13th(1970). Recording Rain Dogs, Tom Waits told guitarist Marc Ribot "Play it like a midget's barmitzvah.” Happy 13, Shmaltzers. Together we rise and holler, “L’Chaim!” --Jeremy Cowan,proprietor

"The oldest archaeological artifact to mention "Israel" is dated from 13th century BCE Egypt. The eve of Purim (the only official Jewish drinking holiday) falls on the 13th of Adar (Hebrew calendar). Famed scholar Rambam (Moses Maimonides) died on December 13 (1204). While preparing for his bar mitzvah, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg sold Christmas wreaths door to door to raise money for Boy Scout camp. On the Simpsons, in 2003, Krusty the Klown, prodigal son of Rabbi Hyman Krustofski, is moved to celebrate an adult bar mitzvah after discovering he cannot get a star on the Jewish Walk of Fame without it. "Part of the bar mitzvah is that you become a man supposedly at 13 years old. And as I was a man, I decided never to go to a synagogue again" -Jack Black. I growled and I roared and my rabbi did as well / it was a rocking werewolf zoo at Temple Beth-Emmanuel / Werewolf bar mitzvah / Spooky scary / Werewolf bar mitzvah / Kooky hairy / Boys becoming men / Men becoming wolves -30Rock. Seth Rogen (born the week before my bar mitzvah) made his stand-up comedy debut at age 13: "A good Bar Mitzvah joke is a good Bar Mitzvah joke regardless of your age and sexual orientation." Harpo Marx once broke his stage silence when a fire broke out in a theatre in Detroit. "I didn't know what to say, so I just delivered the speech I made at my bar mitzvah. It quieted the audience until the fire was put out." In the early 90's, Paul Rudd worked as a DJ and MC at bar mitzvahs. In his first acting role out of college, he was duped into delivering a fundamentalist Christian moral to the story. "My Bar Mitzvah was perfect. It was in my basement... For the invitation, I drew pictures of the band KISS and things that I loved from the Torah. We all need rites of passage." -Jeremy Piven. Ben Stiller played drums at his own bar mitzvah. "We covered 'Hey, Jude,'" he recalled. "My father panicked thinking our lead singer was belting out 'Hey, Jew!' to a roomful of Holocaust survivors." Fear of the number 13 is called triskaidekaphobia. About 9% of Americans believe that Friday the 13th is jinxed, according to a 1990 Gallup poll, running behind a black cat crossing your path, which worries 14%. To mock the fear of Friday the 13th, Civil War vet Capt. Wm. Fowler formed the 13 Club, first meeting on Friday Sept 13th (1881) at 8:13 p.m. 13 people dined in room 13, entering under a ladder and seated among piles of spilled salt. Future members included 5 US Presidents. Wilt Chamberlain wore #13 his whole career and was selected to 13 All Star games. Basketball originally had 13 rules. Every pineapple contains 13 counterclockwise spirals. California produces 13% of the US's GDP. About 13% of New York state residents claim no religious affiliation. Fidel Castro was born on Friday the 13th (August 1926). In the late 13th c., Venetian Marco Polo became one of the first Europeans to travel the Silk Road to China. Eyeglasses were invented in Italy in the 13th c. At age 58, believe it or not, Robert Ripley died while taping the 13th episode of his tv series which explored death and death rituals." -- website

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Batch #2

Available online - click here

In stock now at Forsyth
The second batch!!
Boulevard Smokestack Saison Brett Batch #2...$11.99 / 750ml
Special Limited Release -- Batch #1 this was one of the hottest Smokestack releases, do not miss this one!!!
"Our gold medal-winning Saison was the starting point for this limited edition ale. It was then dry hopped, followed by bottle conditioning with various yeasts, including Brettanamyces, a wild strain that imparts a distinctive earthy quality. Though this farmhouse ale was given three months of bottle age prior to release, further cellaring will continue to enhance the "Brett" character, if that's what your after. Our Special Release Ales are produced in batches so small that we individually number each bottle. When they're gone, they're gone." -- back label

New beers for Missouri....

Some new beers to watch for in the next month....
Just registered with the state.
Bells Oarsman Ale -- I am told this will be draft only.
Bells Rye Stout -- We will see this one in package soon.
Avery Dugana IPA -- The latest edition to the great Avery IPA lineup.

The best Pinot value in the world??

Wow! I was skeptical until I tasted this wine! Delicious.
We brought in 5 cases for the Down Syndrome Charity event and tasted it out--- The 5 cases were sold in 10 minutes. We just bought everything left at the distributor. About 40 case in stock now at all 4 locations. Hopefully more coming after that.

Intro priced --
2008 RedTree Pinot Noir..........$5.99
"Offers baked cherry pie, with rhubarb and blueberry, showing a wonderful fruit profile that's spicy, elegant and easy to drink. Great balance. Drink now. Tasted twice, with consistent notes. 35,000 cases made. –JL"
Rated 88/100 The Wine Spectator

More info about the company
About Cecchetti Wine Company
Cecchetti Wine Company was launched by wine industry veteran Roy Cecchetti and his wife Rachael in 2007. The company strives to produce consistent and approachable wines of excellent value from California, especially the emerging region of Lake County, AVA.
With more than 20 years experience growing wine brands, including Pepperwood Grove, Roy Cecchetti knows what it takes to successfully bring to market new and innovative brands. When launching Cecchetti Wine Company, Roy enlisted Bob Broman, who managed winemaking duties for him at Pepperwood Grove. This experience allowed Bob to travel across California's vast wine regions nurturing grower relationships to ensure quality fruit sources. Bob's commitment to detail creates the backbone for blending stylistic wines that are approachable, consistent, a good value, and can be enjoyed any day of the week. Together Roy and Bob strive to show wine consumers that good wine does not always come with a hefty price tag.
Redtree offers wines that are fresh, fruit forward, and ready for immediate consumption. These California-designated wines strive to showcase the distinct characteristics of each varietal at an affordable price point to consumers.
Together, these brands stand for quality and value. As Roy says, "At the end of the day, our mission is to offer consumers the opportunity to experiment with different varietals of high quality that are consistent and provide value at an affordable price point." - website

Monday, October 12, 2009

Beer and Cheese Festival

Open House
Beer and Cheese Festival

October 17, 1-4pm
The Wine and Cheese Place
9755 Manchester Road

Rock Hill, MO 63119


More stuff going on --
Chef Scott from Provisions is schedule to make- --
Mac and cheese, quiche, cheddar broccoli soup, and a few other things.
We will also be sampling --
Caramel fire sauce with apples.
Roasted (in store) pepitas to sample.
Swiss Meat sausages
We also have Provisions water bottle holders to give out to the first 40-50 people
We're also having Raclette demo from 1:00-2:00 pm
This looks like the list....over 60 beers
Octoberfest/Pumpkin Table
O’Fallon Pumpkin
Schlafly Pumpkin
Arcadia JawJacker
Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale
Coney Island Freaktober
New Belgium Hoptober
Ayinger Oktoberfest
Erdinger Oktoberfest
Spaten Oktoberfest
Paulaner Oktoberfest
Avery Kaiser Oktoberfest
The rest of the beers..
Southern Tier Crème Brulee
Struise/Mikkeller Elliot Brew
Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye
Aecht Schlenkerla Marzen
Arcadia Sky High Rye
Ephemere Apple
Fantome Black Ghost
Founders Breakfast Stout
Grand Teton Au Natural
Jolly Pumpkin Oro de Calabaza
La Chouffe 25oz
Moylans Danny's Irish Red
Moylans Kilt Lifter
Left Hand Oak Aged Stout
New Belgium 1554
New Belgium Mothership Wit
Lips of Faith Biere de Mars
Lips of Faith La Folie
Great Divide Chocolate Yeti
Great Divide Fresh Hop -- due this week!!
Great Divide Hercules IPA
Avery Maharaja
Avery Salvation
Avery Hog Heaven
Grimbergen Blonde
Grimbergen Double
Tin Mill Hefe Weizen
Greene King
Hen's Tooth
Bell’s Brewery Best Brown
Bell’s Two Hearted
Erdinger Hefe Dunkel
Maredsous Dubbel “8”
Maredsous Triple “10”
Ommegang Biere de Mars
Ommegang Three Philosphers
Strongbow Cider
Ayinger Brau-Weisse
Lindemans Pomme
Lindemans Kriek
O’Dells IPA
Rogue Chocolate Stout
Rogue Hazelnut Brown
Sierra Nevada Kellerweiss
Oatmeal Stout
Grand Cru 25
Oak-Aged Barleywine
Magic Hat
Magic Hat #9
Roxy Rolles
Night of the Living Dead
Odd Notion Fall 2009
Circus Boy