Friday, September 4, 2009

Rare and delicious Reggiano

Parmigiano-The King of Cheese

We have a very rare and special Reggiano in stock (at Forsyth)
Parmigiano Reggiano
delle Vacche Rosse....$29.99 / lb
(yes, more than twice the price of "regular" Reggiano)

“Red Cow” Parmigiano
"Is there something better than top-quality Parmigiano? Yes: It’s Parmigiano-Reggiano delle Vacche Rosse, Parmigiano-Reggiano from Red Cows. Even better than the finest consorzio product, it is made from the exceptionally rich and creamy milk of the original milk source for Parmigiano-Reggiano, the
Pezzata Rossa a breed almost extinct by the by the late 1980s. Like the Jersey cow, its milk has a deliciously higher butterfat content and more milk proteins; but it isn’t a high-yielding cow. After World War II, as the old artisan ways began to succumb to efficiency, it was replaced by the higher-yielding Friesian. The result: a less-rich Parmigiano. The other result: The breed began to die out, since only a few committed farmers would keep less profitable herds. Over the last 25 years, some herds have been reestablished, thanks in part to the Slow Food Movement, and are now being used to produce small quantities of this true connoisseur’s Parmigiano-Reggiano (it’s twice the price of regular Parmigiano).

The combination of higher butterfat and more proteins allows for the production of a cheese that is better suited for a longer period of aging, producing a 30-month-old cheese instead of the 24-month aging period of most other Parmigianos. The extra aging yields a cheese that is uniquely nutty, fruity and grassy, with a flavor that is richer than most Parmigianos. The texture is more creamy, even though the cheese is aged for a much longer time (the rule of thumb is, the longer the cheese is aged, the drier the paste). This is a special-occasion cheese: Serve it as the cheese course, in chunks, drizzled with 25-year-old (or older) balsamic vinegar.
You can purchase Parmigiano-Reggiano delle Vacche Rosse at and Note that some wheels are aged beyond three years, sometimes to five years. In general, steer clear of them: Super-aged wheels can be sandy, dry and excessively salty, and paradoxically, will lose the nuanced complexity that you seek in an aged Parmigiano. Photo above: The entire 80-pound wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano. Note the stamp of the consorzio, which says Parmigiano-Reggiano, around the side, and the oval brand of the Vacche Rosse, with cows in the center, on the top."
-- The Nibble Magazine Great food Finds

Whole Hog....

Brewmaster's Series
Whole Hog Six Hop IPA....$6.49 / 4pk
ABV = 8.5%
What are the six hops used?
Cluster, Sterling, Cascade, Willamette, Tettnanger, and Perle

"It just wasn’t enough to use a blend of 5 varieties of hops in our India Pale Ale. We needed more. We needed to go wholehog! So, we added a sixth hop and created a more pronounced hop nose and massive hop flavor for our American twist to this legendary style. Whole Hog 6-Hop I.P.A. has a deep floral hop aroma combined with notes of baked citrus. Clean maltiness supports a dominate complex of six varieties of hops and creates a solid mouthfeel. This gives way to a lingering finish of supple hop bitterness, tangy citrus fruit and robust malt. This is a delicious adventure and brilliant tribute to the historical I.P.A. Perfectly paired with grilled steak or chicken." -- brewery

Whole Hog Imperial Pilsner....$6.49 / 4pk
ABV = 8.5%
"Handcrafted using four varieties of hops added throughout the longer brewing process, our Imperial Pilsner embraces intense citrus-like hop characteristics with a pleasant floral aroma and a refreshing crisp finish. Whole Hog Imperial Pilsner has vibrant hop aromas combined with notes of lemon grass. A frothy entry leads into a dryish medum body of candied citrus for an abundant mouthfeel. Finishes with a refreshing zest together with intense hop bitterness. A remarkable experience arousing your taste sensations. A nice choice for grilled seafood and chicken. " -- brewery

Hops used -- Cluster, Perle, Hallertau and Cascade

85 Lashes Rum

Amalgamated Brewing Company
(owners of the Stable, Jake's Steaks, and The Rotten Apple)
St. Louis, Missouri

85 Lashes Rum
"85 Lashes is the name of the Rum produced by Amalgamated Brewing Company. The number 85 refers to the proof of the Rum. Our rum is hand-crafted in small batches and made with 100% pure sugar cane and molasses. Our Rum ferments for approximately 21 days before it is twice distilled. We distill the Rum slowly in old-fashioned artisan pot stills. This allowes us to better control the flavor and quality of the Rum. Our Rum is then aged at barrel strength of 160 proof in French Oak. Once the distiller determines the flavor is perfect, the Rum is "proofed" to 85. It is then hand bottled and hand labeld. Each bottle is numbered as to the batch and bottle number by the distiller himself. As with all hand-crafted products, no two batches will be exactly alike. Thus, each batch offers a unique experience." -- Amalgamated Brewing

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bourbon Lovers....

Jefferson Presidential Select 17yr old Bourbon....$74.99

Very limited, one time release.

Produced the Stitzel-Weller Distillery that closed its doors in 1991. Other distilleries bought the labels and some of the recipes. This 17 year old is last Bourbon produced at Stitzel-Weller Distillery. You say that you have never heard of Stitzel-Weller Distillery? ** Stitzel-Weller Distillery was formed by the original "Pappy" of the great Pappy Van Winkle Bourbons and Stitzel-Weller Distillery also produced W.L. Weller Bourbons. Since we get very little Pappy Van Winkle, this is your chance to get another great Bourbon (while the limited supply lasts). It is bottled by the independent bottler Jefferson.

"Jefferson’s Presidential Select (Batch #1), 1991 Vintage, 17 year old, 47%, $90A wheated bourbon from the old Stitzel-Weller distillery. A gentle, richly-textured whisky, loaded with fruit and spice. Black raspberry jam, caramel apple and papaya, along with warming cinnamon and subtle teaberry, on nutty toffee, nougat and creamy vanilla. Spicy, polished oak finish. Superbly balanced, sophisticated and very drinkable. An outstanding whiskey!"
---John Hansell, Malt Advocate Publisher and Editor
Rated 96/100 Malt Advocate (advanced magazine rating)

** If you are interested, read more about the history of Stitzel-Weller ---

"The Old Rip Van Winkle Distillery has a four generation history. The Van Winkle family’s involvement in the bourbon industry began in the late 1800s with Julian P. “Pappy” Van Winkle, Sr. He was a traveling salesman for the W.L. Weller and Sons wholesale house in Louisville, traveling around the state by horse and buggy. Pappy and a friend, Alex Farnsley, eventually bought the wholesale house and also purchased the A. Ph. Stitzel Distillery, which made bourbon for Weller. They merged the two companies and became the Stitzel-Weller Distillery. Their prominent brands were W.L. Weller, Old Fitzgerald, Rebel Yell, and Cabin Still.In May of 1935 at the age of 61, Pappy opened the newly completed Stitzel-Weller Distillery in South Louisville. He had a heavy influence on the operations there until his death at the age of 91. His son, Julian, Jr. took over operations until he was forced by stockholders to sell the distillery in 1972. The rights to all of their brands were either sold with the distillery or to other distilleries. After selling the distillery, Julian, Jr. resurrected a pre-prohibition label, the only one to which the Van Winkles kept the rights, called Old Rip Van Winkle. He used whiskey stocks from the old distillery to supply his brand. Julian junior’s son, Julian, III took over in 1981 when Julian, Jr. passed away. Julian, III has continued with the Van Winkle tradition of producing the highest quality wheated bourbon available. His son, Preston joined company in 2001 and the Van Winkles look to continue that tradition for generations to come. Recently, the Van Winkles entered into a joint venture with the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, KY. All of the Van Winkle’s whiskey production now takes place at Buffalo Trace under the same strict guidelines the family has always followed in order to produce a superior quality product.Aside from the rich family history, Van Winkle bourbons are special for another important reason, their recipe. All of the Van Winkle bourbons are made with corn, wheat, and, barley instead of corn, rye and, barley. This “wheated” recipe gives the bourbon a much softer, smoother taste and it also allows the whiskey to age more gracefully." -- Old Rip Van Winkle website

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Moylans --

St. Louis is lucky to receive the great beers of Moylans...

Moylans IPA....$4.79 / 22oz
"Exciting and provacative, India Pale Ale provides a stimulating assault on all senses.Our version of the IPA style possesses a deep golden hue that nearly winks at you from the glass. Extremely full-bodied, its rich flavor wraps your tongue in a lush blanket of sweet malt with a spicy hop finish. Two hop varieties in the Dry Hopping provide an enticing floral bouquet, with notes of resin and herbs,creating a delightfully quaffable and refreshing ale we’re sure you’ll love!"
ABV = 6.5%
Rated 93/100 All about Beer Magazine

Moylans Hopsickle Imperial Triple Hoppy Ale...$8.99 / 22oz
In Celebration of the Hop...
This is a "Hop" tribute, worthy of a King's Imperial Court! Enjoy the blast of fresh Tomahawk, Cascade and Centennial Hops as they stimulate the taste buds in a truly imperial fashion. Pucker Up!" -- brewery
ABV = 9.2%
Rated 96/100 All about Beer Magazine
Rated 99 percentile on RateBeer
Rated A- on BeerAdvocate

Moylans Dragoons Dry Irish Stout....$4.19 / 22oz
"Dry, roasty and incredibly rich in flavor, Dragoon's Dry Irish Stout is made with a unique blend of imported hops and malted barley from the United Kingdom. This award winning stout is brewed in the Irish tradition to commemorate General Stephen Moylan,Irish-born commander of the 4th Continental Dragoons during the American Revolutionary War." -- brewery
Moylans Ryan O'Sullivans Imperial Sout....$5.99 / 22 oz
"Originally brewed to withstand the long voyage from London to Czarist Russia, Imperial Stouts are rich, thick and intense. Named in honor of our St. Patrick’s Day Piper, Ryan O’Sullivan’s Imperial Stout brings chocolate truffles, espresso coffe, burnt currants and the sweetness of sherry to mind. This is the classic “Cigar Stout”
ABV = 10%
Rated 97 percentile on RateBeer
Rated A- on BeerAdvocate

Moylans Kilt Lifter...$4.79 / 22oz
"Robust and Strapping , Our Scotch Ale takes BIG Beersto a whole new level. Rich malt balances perfectly with delicate hops to provide a concentrated and intense flavor; an ideal companion for hearty foods, or as a meal unto itsself. Allow this ale to warm slightly in your glass to enhance its truly bold character .Sharing is encouraged, as this is one beer that lives up to its name! Hey! No peeking! Slainté!" -- Brewery
ABV =8%

Moylans Tipperary Pale Ale....$4.19 / 22 oz
"Our version of the classic Pale Ale style is named in tribute to County Tipperary, our Founder’s Father’s Homeland. Sweetly sharp and smoothly bitter, this beer straddles the line between what you want and what you need. It’s not a long way to Tipperary anymore! Slainté." -- brewery
ABV = 5.0%
Rated 91/100 All about Beer Magazine

Moylans Danny's Irish Style Red....$4.19 / 22 oz
"A rich ale recipe from the Homeland, Paddy’s Irish Red Ale is malty sweetness in liquid form. A low hop profile dances above the massive barley character, creating an invigorating aroma and carmel character that will compliment most foods. Hearty and luscious, this brew is what keeps those Irish Eyes A’ Smilin’!" -- brewery
ABV = 6.5%

Monday, August 31, 2009

Founders Breakfast Stout

(Founders Centennial IPA new batch bottled 8/27/09 at Rock Hill and Forsyth)

In stock now.
Live outside St. Louis -- order online now

Founders Breakfast Stout...4pk
ABV = 8.3% and 60 IBUs
"The coffee lovers consummate beer. Brewed with an abundance of flaked oats, bitter and imported chocolates, Sumatra and Kona coffee, this stout has an intense fresh roasted java nose topped with a cinnamon colored frothy head that goes forever." -- Founders
"You’ve got to love coffee to truly appreciate this phenomenal brew. Brewed with an abundance of flaked oats, bitter and sweetened imported chocolates, Sumatra and Kona coffee. We’re actually not sure if this is some type of coffee cake or a beer. Either way you can drink this ale with a fork. Breakfast Stout has an intense fresh roasted coffee nose topped with a cinnamon colored frothy head that seems to never fade and makes you wish breakfast could last forever. "
Rated 100 percentile on RateBeer (over 1,100 ratings)
Rated A on BeerAdvocate (over 1,100 ratings)