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Bill E's Small Batch Bacon

Back in stock at Forsyth and Kirkwood

Bill E. Small Batch Bacon...$14.99 / 1 pound
"When Berkshire Red pigs and Chantilly White pigs get together, magic happens." — Bill E
Heavy heavy, thick kosher salt, brown sugar with real molasses, and then I use a pink curing salt with no nitrates. (FYI, that’s sodium nitrite, not nitrate). That's required, because that's what America's looking for right now. And that's it. Nothing else.”

Could Bill E’s small batch bacon become the next Benton’s?
SCOTT GOLD - Extra Crispy
There was a moment during my adventure at the World Food Championships that I’ll never forget. One of my fellow judges, an amazingly friendly grillmaster named Michael McDearman, struck up a conversation with me once we’d completed our official duties as bacon judges. After telling him a little bit about my very fortunate life as a Bacon Critic, he said, rather matter of factly, “There’s someone you need to meet.” Intrigued, I followed him over to the event’s “Tasting Village,” where he introduced me to William “Bill E” Stitt, chef and proprietor of the Old 27 Grill in Fairhope, Alabama, not too far from Mobile.

Stitt (“the second T is silent,” he noted) fashions his own brand of porcine goodness from the humble Fairhope roadhouse, a charming, wooden joint out on the verdant Alabama Highway 181. He was there that day to demo his bacon, which my new buddy Michael said “is absolutely going to be the next Benton’s.” And if you’re familiar with Benton's—beloved for years now by top chefs for their brilliant country hams and, naturally, bacon—you’ll know that this is not a small boast.

After trying Bill E’s bacon, however, that boast didn’t seem so outlandish. This is some lovingly, painstakingly handcrafted stuff that literally made me moan in porky, smoky ecstasy—and this, mind you, was after I tasted ten rounds of bacon dishes that morning.

What makes Bill E’s bacon so jaw-droppingly good? Here’s where the piggy mastery lies:

It all starts with the hogs
According to Stitt, “What I'm looking for is a combination of Pure Rock Red and Chantilly White pigs. I like that good mix of hog, and I like that I can get them to the weight I desire. They come from small family farms, sometimes third or fourth generation, in Southern Iowa and Southern Illinois. And I'm really pleased with the quality of the product I get... when I get it, it was slaughtered that day or the day before. And when they arrive on the truck, they're not even stored anywhere; they immediately go into the cure that day. I get the whole bellies, guaranteed to come from the same hog, and with absolutely nothing done to them.

“A lot of people pick on me and say, ‘Bill E, why don't you use Alabama hogs?’ And I learned a whole lot about the hogs by spending a lot of time on the farms and with the farmers. Back when I was in Yazoo City, Mississippi, as a kid, I was in 4H raising hogs. It's not that I'm against getting hogs from Alabama, but I've just never been able to find the quality premium protein in the quantity that I'm looking for. It's the same reason I don't buy Wisconsin oysters. I want my pigs to come from where the feed is.”

The cure is super simple
“It's very traditional,” Bill E says “Heavy heavy, thick kosher salt, brown sugar with real molasses, and then I use a pink curing salt with no nitrates. (FYI, that’s sodium nitrite, not nitrate). That's required, because that's what America's looking for right now. And that's it. Nothing else.”

There’s science behind the smoke
“It’s all about hickory,” according to Stitt. “That's where it all started. Just one smoke. It has nothing to do with time, and everything to do with temperature. The hickory doesn't give it too much smoke. You know, people will talk about smoke levels from one to ten, and when you start to get to six and a half, seven and above, you're starting to lose that pork, and I want the pork to stand out. So that's what I get from hickory. I don't cremate it.”

It’s been sung to (really)
“We make our bacon right behind the stage at the Grill, so therefore it's 'serenaded by songwriters.' When I opened up the Old 27, I built a little room in the back where I could perfect my recipes, my smokes, and cures, and eventually came up with a product that's second to none. I just really want to offer a great traditional protein that chefs are going to look at and say, 'I want this on the center of the plate.' I don't want it on top of a burger... I want a burger on top of it! ... That’s my ultimate goal: bacon being on the center of the plate, not just on top or wrapped around something.”

Or, as Bill E is noted to say, “Give the L and T an inferiority complex on your next BLT.”

Consider me sold.

Orphan Barrel Muckety-Muck 25 Year Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky


Orphan Barrel Muckety-Muck 25 Year Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky...$219.99
Although Port Dundas Distillery closed its doors in 2010, there are select, rare remaining stocks that allow a glimpse into the glorious past of one of Scotland’s most respected and historic distilleries. Muckety-Muck is one of those rare single grain scotches, now boasting 25 years of aging following the smashing success of our 24-year-old release.
Please Drink Responsibly. MUCKETY-MUCK Single Malt Scotch Whisky. 45.5% Alc/Vol. 

WhistlePig 12 Year Bespoke Barrel Rye Amarone Cask Finish

In stock at our Kirkwood location now
WhistlePig 12 Year Bespoke Barrel Rye Amarone Cask Finish...$159.99

Bottled exclusively for the Show Me State
Very limited!
43% ABV
12 year Old


"Unicorns in the Making: Grab These Collectible Spirits While You Still Can" -

As bourbon unicorns become fewer and farther between, many collectors have moved to either A) single-malt Scotch, where well-aged, well-priced offerings are rarely allocated, or B) other spirits that are bourbon-like caramel and vanilla flavor bombs. Accordingly, these distilleries and independent bottlers have begun playing to the bourbon crowd, offering single-barrel, cask-strength, limited-edition, and pricy bottlings to tickle their fancies. (While some, like the Sazerac-owned Corazón tequila seem preternaturally raised to be unicorns, as the tequila is aged in George T. Stagg and William Larue Weller barrels.) 
Here are three contenders.
Foursquare Rum ($75-$125)
Located on an 18th-century sugar plantation on the Caribbean island of Barbados, Foursquare Rum’s distilling operations have only been going on since 1996. Stateside fame has come even more recently, when in the mid-2010s, whiskey connoisseurs began to realize how bourbon-y a lot of the rum brand’s top releases were. (Many are even aged in ex-bourbon barrels.) Reasonably priced (though rising!) and readily available (though less so than before!), well-aged, high-proof, one-off releases like Empery and the Exceptional Cask selections seem poised for future unicorn status. While rum nuts certainly like Foursquare, many tend to favor funkier rums like those from Hamden Estate and Worthy Park. Alas, if Don Julio is the Pappy of tequila, Foursquare has surely become the “Pappy of rum.”

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Sunday October 24th at our KIRKWOOD Location


To help celebrate the Grand Opening of our new Kirkwood Location!
Amazing Sunday Wine Tasting!
From Rockstar Winemaker, Julien Fayard. Julian's wines are always a huge hit in our stores. If you love Napa Cabs like Le Pich, Purlieu, Lail, and Nicholson Jones, you need to check Purlieu !! 
Join us Today (Sunday, October 24th)
starting at 11:00am until the one bottle is gone.
Sample this amazing 97 Point Wine while it lasts!
2018 Purlieu Cabernet Missouri Hopper....$179.98/bottle
The Wine and Cheese Place - Kirkwood
10451 Manchester Road, Kirkwood MO 63122
Kirkwood is open from 11am-3pm on Sundays!
Purlieu Cabernet Missouri Hopper Vineyard - Cabernet Missouri Hopper Vineyard 2018 (750)
Purlieu Cabernet Missouri Hopper Vineyard - Cabernet Missouri Hopper Vineyard 2018 (750ml)
Red Wine 

Loads of blackcurrants, smoked tobacco, gravelly earth, espresso, and chocolate notes emerge from the 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon Beckstoffer Missouri Hopper Vineyard, a Graves-look alike that offers full-bodied richness, ripe, polished tannins, a dense, rich mid-palate, and a blockbuster of a finish. Reminding me of a great vintage from Smith Haut Lafitte, it can be drunk today or cellared for 20 years or more.

Rated 97/100 Jeb Dunnuck

Drie Fonteinen is back!

We also have a very limited amount of 3F Druif and Golden Blend.  These two will go to the BRC based on 3F support over the past few years, including this load that just came in.   Back in 2019 we got a big load in and want to support those that bought a bunch back then too. 

We will send out BRC Emails for the 3F Druif and Golden Blend - Next Thursday - October 28th.  Sales will count until Wed Oct 27th at 7pm   

Starting to get a few online now!

Drie Fonteinen Oude Kriek Intens Rood PX ...$43.99 / 750ml

Online now both 750 and Magnums!
Drie Fonteinen Framboos Oogst 2019...$59.99 / 750ml
Bottled 15/11/19
Drie Fonteinen Framboos Oogst 2019...$124.99 / 1.5 liter 
Bottled 08/10/19

3 Fonteinen Framboos is a lambic blended with raspberries from the Pajottenland

Online now
Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze...$12.99 375ml
Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze ...$23.99 750ml
Drie Fonteinen is a traditional geuze blender in Belgium, using only 100% spontaneously fermented lambic beer, aged in oak casks, with no artificial sweeteners or other additives. The blendery is connected to the very popular Drie Fonteinen Restaurant in Beersel, on the outskirts of Brussels. The proprietor, Armand Debelder, buys pure lambic from three breweries in Belgium, ages them in oak, and blends them, employing the skill, knowledge, and supreme passion for real geuze that his father handed down to him.

Online now
Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze Armand & Gaston 2018...$15.99 / 375ml
Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze Armand & Gaston 2019...$29.99 / 750ml
Drie Fonteinen Oude Geuze Armand & Gaston 2018 ...$29.99 / 750ml
Blend of lambic beer aged in oak. Cuvee Amrand and Gaston is a blend of one, two, and three year old Lambics brewed at 3F

Online now -- both sizes now
Drie Fonteinen Oude Kriek ...$29.99 / 750ml

Bottled July 2019
blended lambic brewed with cherries

Online now
Drie Fonteinen Hommage ...$119.99 / 1.5 liter
Bottled 11/12/19
3 Fonteinen Hommage is a lambic blended with raspberries and cherries.

Online now just a few bottles
Drie Fonteinen Hommage Bio Frambozen ...$54.99 / 750ml
Online now just a few bottles
Drie Fonteinen Hommage Oogst 2019 ...$54.99 / 750ml

sold out
Drie Fonteinen Oude Kriek ...$15.99 375ml -- sold out
Drie Fonteinen Oude Kriek Intens Rood I ...$21.99 / 375ml
Bottled Oct 2019
3 Fonteinen Intens Rood is the result of macerating hand-picked whole sour cherries on lambic. All-natural fruit, with no artificial juices, syrups, or sugars added. Bottle fermented, unfiltered and unpasteurized.   More cherries than the regular Kriek
Drie Fonteinen Framboos Oogst 19...$59.99 / 750ml

Center Ice Brewery

Center Ice Brewery Hop Shelf Hazy IPA....$12.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
The first in our new IPA series, Hop Shelf, bursts with juicy aromas. Dry-hopped with Zappa, Strata, Sabro, and Cashmere for a strong hop profile full of citrus, stone fruit, and tropical notes.

Center Ice Brewery / Chillax Peach Milkshake IPA...$12.99 / 4pk cans
Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Chillax Tap & Co, this peach dream is bursting with juicy peach and hops. We upped the ante with Madagascar vanilla beans and lactose to create a velvety mouthfeel and light sweetness to balance the strong hop character in this IPA.

Center Ice Brewery Raspberry Picker Ale...$12.99 / 4pk 16oz Cans
5.8% | 15 IBU
Ale brewed with Milk Sugar, Raspberries, and Madagascar Vanilla Beans

Center Ice Brewery The Beauty Milkshake IPA...$12.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
6.3% | 35 IBU
We brewed this IPA with fresh orange zest, milk sugar, vanilla beans, and orange juice resulting in a delightfully bright citrus nose and smooth, creamy finish.

Center Ice Brewing The Beauty IPA...$9.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
We brewed this IPA with fresh orange zest, resulting in a delightfully bright citrus nose. The perfect dose of hops balances things out before a crisp, dry finish.

Center Ice Old Arena Lager...$9.99 / 6pk bottles
5.3% | 19 IBU
Our classic American Lager that pays homage to the Old Barn. This is what we call beer flavored beer. Crisp, light and clean.

Urban Chestnut Count Orlock

Count Orlok finally arrived!

Urban Chestnut Count Orlok Black Pumpkin Ale...$8.99 / 4pk pints
Count Orlok Black Pumpkin Ale – That’s right (again)! For the first time ever (again), Urban Chestnut is brewing a pumpkin beer and while it is officially a Revolution Series beer, it does have a little German flare- Nosferatu (Bird of Death), aka Count Orlok was THE German Count Dracula. He was a blood-sucking vampire… but being German he must’ve enjoyed beer too, right? We believe it is so and thus have created a Black Pumpkin Wheat Ale in his honor… a bier noir if you will

Balcones Texas Whisky

Best in Class GOLD -- World Whisky Awards 2021
Back in stock!

Balcones Lineage Texas Single Malt Whisky...$37.99 / 750ml
Compare to $42.49 at Total Wine and More

Lineage is a marrying of the traditional Scotch Single Malts that have long been an inspiration to us with innovative approaches to grain and maturation to celebrate Texas provenance.
Made from both Scottish and Texas-grown barley and aged in both refill and new oak barrels, Lineage celebrates both old and new traditions.
47% ABV
NOSE:  Sweet and indulgent, sourdough starter and cream soda, mulled cider, bruised banan and peaches, tea tree
TASTE: Caramelized sweetness, soft oak, manuka honey, chestnuts and hint of red wine reduction
FINISH:  Late palate builds into the transition to finish, slight prickle with more tea tree, black tea and hint of cinnamon

Balcones Texas Single Malt Whisky...$59.99
Compare to $68.99 at Total Wine and More
A timeless style of malt whisky, Balcones “1” Texas Single Malt breathes new life into centuries of distilling tradition with classic techniques and ingredients adapted for New World tastes. Opening aromas bear hints of toffee and overripe fruits. On the palate, layers of toasted malt and honey give way to mellow notes of baked pears and apples. A long finish is accompanied by cinnamon and cloves. Texas made, Texas proud, we hope you enjoy the whisky we owe our success to as much as we enjoy making it.

Balcones True Blue Corn Whiskey 100 proof....$43.99
Compare to $51.99 at Total Wine and More

NOSE: ripe apricots & mango with cinnamon, singed sugar on top of cocoa and dried chillies
TASTE: deep oak and char, black tea and salty baking chocolate, old leather, roasted corn and coffee
FINISH: lingering dried cherries & blackberries followed by toasty bitter chocolate with pleasant oak tannins

Balcones Baby Blue Corn Whisky...$33.99
Compare to $39.99 at Total Wine and More
The first Texas whisky on the market since Prohibition, Baby Blue is crafted from roasted heirloom blue corn. This rich and oily maize adds new sophistication to the corn whisky tradition while keeping the freshness and verve of classic American distilling. Intentionally youthful, Baby Blue captures the essence of this prized corn with a round nuttiness, roasted overtones and refined complexity. The mouthfeel is viscous with a soft finish. A true Texas original that we are delighted to share with the world.
Roasted heirloom blue corn is the pride of this Texas whiskey. The maize is unctuous, and it adds weight to the mouthfeel, which broadens and disperses across the mouth. Flavors and aromas of walnut—along with a slight nut tannin quality—tangle with peach and Anjou pear notes. At 96 proof, there’s still a soft touch to the palate and nose, perhaps a touch of black pepper to ramp up the sweeter tones of toffee oak and brown sugar
Rated 95/100 Tasting Panel

Balcones Texas Pot Still Bourbon...$25.99
Compare to $29.99 at Total Wine and More
Big flavors have always been the cornerstone of our prized Texas Whiskies, and Texas Pot Still Bourbon is no exception. Made grain-to-glass using a traditional pot still distillation ensures a rich and viscous spirit that stands up to aging in new charred oak without losing its essence. Each dram is full of character and body, with an aromatic entry and soft finish, for an approachable yet memorable experience.
NOSE:  Honeycrisp apples, toasted oak, kettle corn, graham cracker, oiled glove
TASTE:  honey, sweet cream, candied pecans, sandalwood and leather
FINISH:  soft and sweet, drying and tannic fade with lingering spice

Friday, October 22, 2021

Laphroaig 10 Year Old SHERRY Cask

Laphroaig 10 Year Old SHERRY Cask...$81.99

Aged for ten years and finished in sherry casks, this unique Laphroaig expression combines the unforgettable flavor of our classic 10 year old whisky with the sweetness and complexity of Oloroso. Notes of Manuka honey, grilled bacon and maple syrup meet the classic peat smoke and seaweed that Laphroaig is famous for.

The whisky is crafted in the same time-honored way as our regular 10 year old single malt before resting in carefully selected sherry casks. Each one is carefully chosen to complement and lend complexity to our quintessential single malt. The barrels are crafted from European oak, and previously filled with sweet Oloroso sherry to bring a rich, full-bodied flavor profile to this single malt Scotch.

Classic Laphroaig flavors elevated with subtle sherry sweetness
Peaty and medicinal whisky with notes of Manuka honey and bacon
Aged for ten years in refill sherry and ex-Bourbon barrels
Finished in European oak Oloroso sherry barrels

Chappellet Pritchard Hill Cabernet Sauvignon

2018 Chappellet Pritchard Hill Cabernet Sauvignon...$279.99
The 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon Pritchard Hill is composed of 90% Cabernet Sauvignon and 10% Petit Verdot. It was aged in 100% new French oak for 22 months. The alcohol weighed in at 14.5%. Deep garnet-purple in color, it charges out of the gate with bold expressions of warm cassis, wild blueberries and black raspberries, plus hints of chocolate box, menthol, tapenade, smoked meats and pencil lead. Medium to full-bodied, the palate is bursting with vibrant black fruits, framed by fantastically ripe, fine-grained tannins and lovely freshness, finishing long and mineral laced.
Rated 98+/100 The Wine Advocate
Always one of top wines in a vintage, the 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon Pritchard Hill is another gorgeous wine with a more plush, supple texture that hides solid underlying structure and tannins. Beautiful notes of blueberries, new leather, camphor, violets, and smoked tobacco all flow to a full-bodied, seamless, gorgeously textured beauty that's very much in the style of the vintage. Possessing remarkable purity, flawless balance, and building tannins, give bottles 4-5 years of bottle age, count yourself lucky, and enjoy over the following 25+ years.
Rated 98/100 Jeb Dunnuck

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Cheese! Cheese!

Some great cheeses and butter back in stock at Forsyth!
Come and get it!

Highland Park Viking Heart 15 Year Old

Highland Park Viking Heart 15 Year Old...$99.99
ABV : 44%
This is a wonderfully rich and complex single malt. Opening with rich and spicy aromas of crème brulee, heather honey and crumbled cinnamon, intensely fruity notes follow - fresh pineapple dressed with a scattering of sun-kissed lemon zest. There’s a hint of freshly-baked sponge cake too, warm from the oven, and you’ll find cinnamon again, but toasted shards this time. Citrus and vanilla notes linger in the aromatic waves of peat smoke.
To create 15 Year Old Viking Heart, Gordon Motion, our Master Whisky Maker, selected predominantly sherry seasoned European oak casks to deliver warm, spicy notes and sherry seasoned American oak casks to provide a balance of sweet vanilla. Expertly adding just a few refill casks to soften and smooth the flavours, Gordon chose to bottle at 44% ABV to allow the whisky’s vibrant fruitiness and distinctive heathery peat smoke to shine through.

Why a ceramic decanter? Rewind a century or two and our whisky would have been stored in earthenware vessels. Inspired by examples found at our distillery in Orkney, we asked Wade Ceramics if they could work with us to create a modern version. Established in 1810 and based in Stoke-on-Trent in England (known globally as the traditional home of ceramics) Wade share our commitment to environmental responsibility, focusing on sustainable manufacturing and using locally sourced raw materials. The lead-free porcelain decanter is 100% food safe, glazed inside and out, and embossed with the lion and serpent design that appears on many of our glass bottles. Look closely at the back of the bottle and you’ll find the heart motif that inspired this whisky’s name.

We’ve been crafting our award-winning whisky at the Highland Park Distillery in Kirkwall, Orkney, since 1798. Age, experience and respect for tradition may define our whisky, but it’s Orkney that sets it apart. Something magic happens here and the result is the wild harmony of flavours found in our whisky.

WhistlePig 12 Year Cask finishes

WhistlePig 12 Year Bespoke Barrel Rye Amarone Cask Finish...$159.99
Bottled exclusively for the Show Me State
Very limited!
43% ABV
12 year Old

WhistlePig 12 Year Bespoke Barrel Rye Marsala Cask Finish...$159.99

Bottled exclusively for the Show Me State
Very limited!
43% ABV
12 year Old

WhistlePig 12 Year Bespoke Barrel Rye Muscat Cask Finish...$159.99
Bottled exclusively for the Show Me State
Very limited!
43% ABV
12 year Old