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Forsyth Cheese Feature: Blue Stilton

Forsyth/Rock Hill Cheese Feature: Stilton Blue Cheese
Always cut fresh to order, come in for a taste
All stores carry a different selection, check each store for selection.

Try some Sweet Sophie Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup on top!

Stilton Blue Cheese - The King of the Blues
Only six dairies, located in the three counties of Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, are licensed to produce Blue Stilton - the King of English cheeses.  Both White Stilton and Blue Stilton are protected by a Certification Trade Mark and EU Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). All six dairies are licensed to produce both Blue Stilton and White Stilton cheese.  Long Clawson Dairy Limited founded in 1911, Clawson is one of the oldest and most successful farmers' co-operatives in the UK. Based in Leicestershire's beautiful Vale of Belvoir, the company's state-of-the-art cheesemaking plants benefit from a program of on-going innovation, investment in people and technology, hygiene control, training and efficiency. All are dedicated to bringing the best quality cheeses and specialities to a discerning public.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Founderss Rubaeus and Curmudgeon

Remember, these Founders count towards KBS numbers....KBS comes very soon!

Founders Rubaeus Raspberry Ale....$9.99 / 4pk
Not another boring summer wheat beer or lemonade shandy—Rübæus is Founders’ way to celebrate the season’s warmest months. Optimizing the flavor of fresh raspberries added at multiple stages during fermentation, this stunning berry red masterpiece is the perfect balance of sweet and tart. No question about it, with a hefty malt bill and 5.7% ABV, this beer is 100% Founders.
ABV: 5.7%
IBUs: 15

Founders Curmudgeon Ale....$10.99 / 4pk
Think classic seafaring ports, local pubs and weathered old fishermen. This old ale is brewed with molasses and an insane focus on the malt bill, then oak-aged. The result is a strong, rich, malty delight that’s deceptively smooth and drinkable.
ABV: 9.8%
IBUs: 50

Founder's KBS is released in early April. As we mentioned before, this one will go through the BRC program. This release will be based heavily on your Founder's beer purchases. I do not know exactly how it will work yet. It could be Founder's supporters will get more bottles, it could all go to only Founder's supporters, or it could be a combo of top supporters and top Founder's supporters. 

So if you are fan of KBS....
Next time you need some beer, you might want to consider one of the great Founder's beers....

They have an amazing lineup...
  • Founders Breakfast Stout  100/100 RateBeer
  • Founders Imperial Stout  - 100/100 RateBeer
  • Founders Black Rye -- 98/100 RateBeer
  • Founders Porter  -- 100/100 RateBeer
  • Founders Pale Ale
  • Founders Centennial Ale - 99/100 RateBeer
  • Founders Dirty Bastard - 98/100 RateBeer
  • Founders All Day IPA  - 96/100 RateBeer
  • Founders All Day IPA 15 pack CANS
  • Founders Dark Penance  - 98/100 RateBeer
So KBS will be based mostly on Founders purchases starting from January 1, 2015 until a few days before the April release.

Founders KBS
What we’ve got here is an imperial stout brewed with a massive amount of coffee and chocolates, then cave-aged in oak bourbon barrels for an entire year to make sure wonderful bourbon undertones come through in the finish. Makes your taste buds squeal with delight.
ABV: 11.2%
IBUs: 70

Prairie Vous Francais

Forgot about this one, has been sitting in the office since Wednesday (they always deliver on my day off).

Very limited, will not last long
and it is sold out now

Prairie Vous Francais....$7.99 / 25oz
Prairie-Vous Francais is a celebration of simple elegance. This farmhouse ale is brewed to be refreshing. We use barley, oats, and wheat to build a foundation for saaz hops and brettanomyces bruxellensis to play. You’ll find this beer to be slightly tart and a touch hoppy. Prairie-Vous Francais is one of our many farmhouse beers we hope you will love as much as we do.

Cheese Feature - Ballwin location - Kick a Poo

Ballwin location cheese feature.  Always cut fresh to order, come in for a taste
All stores carry a different selection, check each store for selection.

Kickapoo by Ludwig Farms 
This cheese is inspired by the German Buterkäse, we tweaked the recipe, mixing in special cultures to create a Ludwig original. kickapoo is a semi-firm, raw milk cheese with fresh, buttery flavors as well as sweet notes and a sharper finish. As the cheese matures, it often develops tropical hints of pineapple.

The Wine and Cheese Place Voted Best Wine Store in the Ladue News!

Ladue News just announced!!
The Wine and Cheese Place

The search for the ideal bottle of vino or beer to share can be simplified by stopping in at The Wine and Cheese Place. With four locations throughout the St. Louis area, it shouldn’t be too hard to find, but always you can opt to have your selection shipped directly to your home just in time for your next famous party. Not sure where to begin? Trust the experts to point you in the right direction based on your tastes, or choose a mix and match six-pack and pick whatever strikes your fancy. Let The Wine and Cheese Place broaden your palate with careful exploration of fine-crafted brews and wines available for the taking.

Thanks for everyone that voted!! 
What is exciting about the voting is that when voting, the readers had to type in their one top pick in each category. Ladues News did not suggest any businesses; the readers type in their favorites with no prompting.

Limited new Bourbon - Blood Oath

SOLD OUT - we are trying to get more

Very Limited release.
Blood Oath Bourbon Kentucky Bourbon Wiskey...$74.99

Pact No.1
49.3% ABV
Bottled 2/21/15

Here is some info from Bourbon and Banter's website

Ultra-premium Blood Oath Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey to be released
in very limited quantities

St. Louis-based Luxco announced the launch of its limited release, ultra-premium bourbon series, Blood Oath. This brand-new craft bourbon whiskey series is unique to the market as it will highlight a different variant, or Pact, each year. The inaugural Pact, named Blood Oath Pact No. 1, consists of a special blend of three carefully selected, top-notch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys, blended and bottled by hand, resulting in one distinctly exclusive and unimagined bourbon. The debut combination, bottled at 98.6 proof, is available in limited quantities nationally in 750ml bottles, with a suggested price of $89.99.

“I have the luxury of not being tied down to one specific distillery, so I sampled many bourbons to find the perfect mix to make Blood Oath Pact No. 1,” explained John Rempe, Director of Corporate Research and Development at Luxco and creator of Blood Oath. “This product is an exquisite union of three well-bred bourbons with various age statements and mash bills. The first, a spicy bourbon with a mash bill favoring rye, barrel aged for a subtle woodiness. The second is a smooth, wheated bourbon and the third is a full-bodied, more experienced, oaky bourbon with a rye-based mash. Each of these complement the other and none overpower the palate, creating an amazing bourbon.”

The bourbons in Pact No. 1 range from 6 to 12 years old.

Blood Oath’s unique package is topped with a custom, eco-friendly natural cork and labeled with a heavy certificate-style paper stock. Rempe’s signature, along with the specific bottle’s creation date and the story behind the pact, mark each bottle label.

“We are extremely excited to launch Blood Oath,” said Steve Einig, Chief Marketing Officer at Luxco. “We wanted to create something that not only appealed to bourbon enthusiasts around the country, but also a product that we could truly enjoy. Blood Oath accomplishes this and we are proud to launch this bourbon.”

After Pact No. 1’s limited edition run, Pact No. 2, consisting of an entirely new combination, will subsequently be released in 2016.

Limited release from Prearis - Quad aged in Makers Mark Barrels

2014 Prearis Grand Cru Aged in Bourbon Barrels...$16.99 / 375ml
This is a Bourbon Barrel Aged (Makers Mark Barrels) Quad from Prearis.
Here is info on the unoaked Quad.
"Préaris Quadrupel was crowned best craft beer (home brewed) Belgium 2011. This is what Paul Arnott, masterbrewer at Brewery Dubuisson mentioned: “What a maturity for a craft beer: all hearty, rich and balanced, very mature. A beer to enjoy!”
Alc: 10% Vol.

94 point Italian - Valdisanti

2009 Tolaini IGT Valdisanti....$23.99
Another Bordeaux-inspired wine,
 the 2009 Valdisanti represents a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc (in that order of importance). Fruit is sourced from the Tenuta S. Giovanni. On the nose, it shows delicate embroidery of spice, dark fruit and smoked cedar. There’s a dusty mineral dryness to the finish backed by lush layers of red berry fruit and dark chewing tobacco. The mouthfeel is polished and tight, with beautifully integrated tannins. Anticipated maturity: 2014-2022.
Rated 94/100 The Wine Advocate

New Alberta Rye

Alberta Rye Whisky Dark Batch...$26.99
Is a true expression of the skilled artisans who have been working and breathing rye for 60+ years.  Distilled in a pot still and blended in small batches with high-rye bourbon and a touch of sherry to forge a rye with a unique dark color and uncommonly bold flavor.

St. George Tasting - April 2 -

St. George Vodka Tasting and Kickoff Event
Thursday, April 2nd
The Wine And Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton, MO 63105

Bob Krass from St. George Spirits will be on hand to talk about the new vodkas!

  • St. George All Purpose Vodka
  • St. George Green Chile vodka
  • St. George California Citrus Vodka

WHAT ’S IN IT Bartlett pears (yes, pears!). Why? We’ve been distilling Bartlett pears for more than three decades, ever since St. George Spirits was founded as a dedicated eau de vie distillery back in 1982. Using the same flavorful and aromatic pears here as in our flagship pear brandy makes perfect sense—delivering a spirit with substantial mouthfeel and subtle floral notes, and creating a vodka that is uniquely St. George. 
HOW IT’S MADE We distill our flagship pear brandy up to 95.1% ABV, blend the resulting distillate with non-GMO grain neutral spirit, then filter to remove visible impurities before bottling. 
TASTING NOTES Soft and approachable, with a rich, round mouthfeel. There’s no overt pear flavor, but the inclusion of pear distillate in this vodka adds gently floral top notes and the impression of subtle sweetness on the finish. 

WHAT ’S IN IT California-grown hot and sweet peppers (jalepenos, Serranos, habeneros, red and yellow bell peppers), lime peel, fresh cilantro
HOW IT’S MADE We fill our 1,500-liter still with crushed jalapeno peppers, lime peels, and non-GMO grain neutral spirit and distill this through a Carter head assembly that has been layered with fresh cilantro. We infuse the other four types of peppers (Serrano, habanero, red and yellow sweet bell peppers) separately, and then blend each infusion with the jalapeno/lime/cilantro distillate. We then filter to remove visible impurities before bottling—the light green tint that remains is the result of the pepper infusion we perform just prior to filtration.
TASTING NOTES The chile flavor is fresh, sweet, and bright—with just enough capsicum punch to make sure that you know we crushed tens of thousands of pounds of green jalapenos to make it. 

WHAT ’S IN IT California-grown Valencia oranges, Seville oranges, and bergamot 
HOW IT’S MADE We infuse the three types of citrus peels (Valencia orange, Seville orange, bergamot) separately into non-GMO grain neutral spirit and then distill each of those infusions separately. We blend all three distillates together, then filter the resulting vodka to remove visible impurities before bottling. 
TASTING NOTES Astonishingly clear citrus flavor, genuinely tasting of both sour and sweet orange. Redolent of the whole citrus plant, with focus on the bright peel characteristics. Tart almost lemony scent in the nose.

Tench Vineyeard right next door to Screaming Eagle

This wine has a few things going for it....
2012 Vintage
vineyard right next door to Screaming Eagle

2012 Nickle & Nickel Tench Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon...$93.99
Oakville is home to some of most prized vineyard sites not only in Napa Valley but in fact the entire world. With a line-up featuring the likes of Bond, Harlan, To-Kalon and Opus One you harldy need to mention the Elephant in the room, Screaming Eagle, but since the Tench Vineyard sits right next door, we thought it would make sense to bring up Napa Valleys most prized wine. We are thrilled to be able to offer the 2012 Nickel and Nickel Tench Vineyard Cabernet at $93.99, just slightly less than it's more famous neighbor Screaming Eagle which sells for an average price of $2400 a bottle for the 2012 Vintage.

Here is a cut out of the map of Oakville. Tench Vineyard is literally right next door to Screaming Eagle!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Prairie Artisan Ales Eliza5beth is back

Prairie Artisan Ales Eliza5beth...$8.99 / pintPrairie Artisan Ales Eliza5beth...$109.99 / 3 LITER
"Eliza5beth is a golden farmhouse ale that is aged on a small amount of apricots with brett cultures." - Prairie Artisan Ales

Yes a giant 3 liter - over 13 lbs of beer (and glass)!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Left Hand Juju

Left Hand Good Juju Ginger...$9.99 / 6pk
A little Juju voodoo – fresh ginger kisses the lithe malty body, copulating with the hop in this pale ale ancestor. Emancipate yourself from the dead of winter, none but the vernal equinox can free the light. A refreshing frivolity. Hey mon. Shuccha fwangaa! Better a witch doctor than a trouble maker. Quit yor’ bitchin’ an’ get to witchin’.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New 2014 Laphroaig Cairdeas


Laphroaig Cairdeas Single Malt Scotch...$66.99
The Cairdeas for 2014 is a Laphroaig that has been double matured first in "first fill" ex-bourbon casks then in Amontillado hogsheads for one year.

The Amontillado barrels give it a rich burnt orange colour. The nose starts off with dusty, gentle cinnamon hints and then distinctive lemon zest. This moves into earthy figs and dates before nutty, creamy brazil nuts come to the fore. This complex nose then changes with elements of carbolic soap before finally finishing with a lovely lingering salted liquorice note.

Orphan Barrel Forged Oak 15 Year!


Orphan Barrel Forged Oak 15 Year Old Bourbon...$64.99
A pillar of strength rooted in time and wisdom,
Forged Oak was found while foraging through the historic
Stitzel-Weller rickhouses. This Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey spent 15 contemplative years in charred American white oak barrels.

Forged Oak is a statuesque whiskey with aromas of cedar, maple and vanilla bean that give way to seasoned woody notes of cocoa and young berries, ultimately leading to a long, dry finish of black pepper.

2014 Pink Wines are arriving!

2014 Commanderie of Bargemone Rosé...$16.99

* Sustainably grown.
Bargemone is among the foremost estates of the Coteaux d’Aix, a small fine wine district in the larger appellation of Provence. A benchmark producer of the delicious, dry rosé for which Provence is famous, the Commanderie was founded by the Knights Templar in the 13th century, and is home to a proud viticultural tradition with more than 160 acres of sustainably grown vineyards. Offering classic aromas of wild strawberries and red currants, with a light, floral character and a crisp, bone-dry palate, this is a rosé of reference, to be enjoyed year-round on its own or with a wide range of lighter fare and Provence-inspired cuisine. Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault from 25+ year-old vines. 

2014 Villa des Anges 2014 Old Vines Cinsault Rosé ....$11.99
“Villa des Anges” is crafted by winemaker Jeff Carrel at the Espitalet des Anges domaine in Capestang. Situated on the ruins of an ancient Roman villa, Villa des Anges is owned by Jacqueline Menard de Ginestous, who married-into and is herself from a prominent Languedocienne wine-growing family. This light-bodied wine, intensely crisp and vividly fresh, offers complex aromas of strawberries and red currants, with a hint of quince. As an aperitif it is the perfect warm weather gulper and also pairs well with a wide range of salads, seafood, grilled white meats and poultry. 100% old-vines Cinsault. Stainless steel vinification. Matured on the lees. Underwent partial malolactic conversion.

2014 Le Cirque Rose Cotes Catalones.....$13.99
Le Cirque is crafted by the progressive and quality-obsessed Vignerons de Tautavel Vingrau (VTV) cooperative. Aptly named after the vast amphitheater of vineyards stretching north towards Vingrau, the wines represent phenomenal values, and perfectly reflect the rugged, wind-swept terroir in which they are grown. Le Cirque’s rosé is intensely colored, with great freshness and spicy strawberry, watermelon and sage aromas. It is bone dry, and excellent on its own, or paired with charcuterie, seafood, and fruitbased desserts. Grenache Noir, Syrah and Mourvedre from vines averaging 50+ years in age. Stainless steel vinification. 3 hours on the skins and matured on the lees. No malolactic conversion.

2014 Penya Cotes Catalanes Rose....$11.99
Cases de Pene is a tiny village in Roussillon, just 30 miles north of Spain. Ceded to France in the mid 17th century, the area is still known as “French Catalonia”. We celebrate this heritage with the Catalan spelling of the ancient Château and the village Cooperative: “Penya”. Peyna’s Rosé offers fresh aromas of Rainier cherries, garrigue, and hints of red raspberry and melon. Rich, full-bodied, yet bright on the palate, it is great as an aperitif or an accompaniment to hearty salads, fish and shellfish, charcuterie and frittata. Grenache Noir, Syrah. Yields just over 3 tons/acre. The Grenache Noir vines average 25- 35 years in age, the Syrah 10-15 years. Direct pressing, with no maceration.

New Boulevard Spring Belle

Boulevard Spring Belle Saison with Flowers....$8.99 / 6pk
Style: Saison
Availability: March through April
Spring Belle Saison marries the crisp, spicy flavor of a traditional farmhouse saison, with its citrusy hop notes, to the fresh floral aromas of chamomile, rose petals, and elderflower. Late hopping with Calypso and Lemon Drop rounds out this drinkable spring bouquet.
Bitterness (IBUs) 35
Alcohol (ABV) 6.2

2012 Burgundy

Click this link to see over 55 different 2012 Burgundies available - in stock now!

2012 Francois Lamarche Echezeaux Grand Cru....$199.99
The 2012 Echezeaux Grand Cru comes from the Lamarche family’s 1.32-hectare holding in the lieu-dit “Les Champs Traversins” towards the higher reaches. It has a very refined, complex bouquet with a superb mineral component that is more expressive than the premier crus at the moment. The palate is harmonious and refined with succulent, fleshy ripe red cherry fruit, strawberry and redcurrant that dovetail into a composed, what you might describe as “classic” finish. This self-effacing grand cru is quietly impressive.
Rated 92-94/100 The Wine Advocate

2012 Mongeard Mugneret Savignly Les Beaune 1er Cru Les Narbantons....$45.99
Producer note: Vincent Mongeard succinctly describes 2012 as a "vintage where the underlying terroir really shines. It's very interesting that over the last few years we have had less than ideal growing seasons yet the wines have turned out to be better than merely acceptable. Part of this is of course improved methods of viticulture but also both producer and consumers are more accepting of the fact that a less than ideal growing season does not automatically equate to poor wines the way it often once did. I like my 2012s and I hope my clients do too. I just wish that I had more of them." I would call the Mongeard 2012s as very much performing in-line with the overall quality of the vintage.
Rated 87-90/100 Allen Meadows, Burghound

2012 Mongeard Mugneret Vosne Romanee 1er Cru En Orveaux....$81.99
Tasting note: A very reserved nose only grudgingly liberates spicy and airy aromas of both red and black pinot fruit. There is very fine detail and energy to the equally restrained medium-bodied flavors that display a touch of austerity on the otherwise balanced and lingering finish.
Rated 89-91/100 Burghound

Vermouth Class and tasting!

You will not want to miss this class featuring Shannon Crowley.  When have you ever had a chance to taste this kind of variety of fine vermouth.

Vermouth Class
Thursday April 2nd 7-9pm
$25 per person

call  314.727.8788 for reservations
or order seats online

Vermouth is more potion than drink.The ultimate cocktail builder (see Martinis and Manhattans) was originally used as a medicinal tonic, with spices and botanicals like wormwood—the German “wermut” inspired the name. Technically, it’s a wine that is aromatized (infused with botanicals) and fortified (spiked with unaged brandy). The brandy helps it last longer than wine, but not much. It’ll start to oxidize after about a month, so keep it in the fridge
Join us to taste 10 Vermouths and un-lock the mystery of these amazing “potions”

  • Lacuesta Rojo
  • Mancino Vermouth Bianco Ambrato
  • Mancino Vermouth Rosso Amaranto
  • Mancino Vermouth Seco
  • Yzaguirre Vermouth Blanco Reserva
  • Yzaguirre Vermouth Dry Reserva
  • Yzaguirre Vermouth Rojo Reserva
  • Imbue
  • Imbue 'Petal & Thorn'
  • Dolin Sweet

Monday, March 16, 2015

2012 Meo Camuzet

Super limited!

2012 Meo Camuzet Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru Les Feusselottes...$174.99

The 2012 Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru Les Fuesselots was found to have offered particularly small grapes according to Jean-Nicolas. It has a lovely vivacious bouquet with scents of undergrowth infusing the dark berry, autumnal fruit. The palate is medium-bodied with well-integrated oak, great depth of fruit with a sensual finish that is long and tense. This is very engaging even at this early stage.
Rated 90-92/100 Wine Advocate
Rated 90-93/100 Burghound

2012 Meo Camuzet Grand Cru Corton Les Perrieres....$254.99
The 2012 Corton Perrieres pulses with pure energy and brilliance. Dark red stone fruits, crushed rocks, spices and wild flowers are some of the many notes that meld together in the glass. Though medium in body, the 2012 finishes with substantial understated power and intensity. I wouldn't expect the 2012 to drink at its finest anytime soon. -- Antonio Galloni
Rated 92-94/100 Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media

2012 Meo Camuzet Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru Aux Argillas....$169.99
Good dark, saturated red. Cool aromas of raspberry, red cherry and minerals. Juicy and tangy on the palate, with a slight tartness to the crushed red berry flavors. More about perfume than body. The tannins are a bit dry but I like this wine's pungent red fruit character. -- Stephen Tanzer
Rated 89-91/100 Stephen Tanzer, Vinous Media

2012 Bruno Clair Burgundy

2012 Bruno Clair Gevrey Chambertin 1er Cru Cazetiers ... $ 169.99
The 2012 Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru Cazetiers has a more serious, inward-looking bouquet compared to its fellow premier crus with silky black fruit that remain stoic at this prenatal stage. The palate is medium-bodied with a succulent opening before the tannins kick in, rendering the finish more foursquare and structure. Good depth here with fine persistency, this Gevrey-Chambertin will probably require several years in bottle.
Rated 92-94/100 The Wine Advocate
Rated 92-94/100 Antonio Galloni Vinous Media
Rated 92/100 Burghound

2012 Bruno Clair Chambertin Grand Cru Beze...$ 399.99
The 2012 Chambertin Clos de Beze Grand Cru: has a goal Focused tight bouquet with mineral-rich red cherry and crushed strawberry fruit, citrus peel and Almost a touch of flint. The palate is silky smooth on the entry with very fine tannins. It is reticent at first intended it unfurls wondrously in the month with sparkling red fruit infused with orange zest and fabulous nervousness That keep the mouth tingling long partner after the wine HAS bid farewell. This is one of the finest Clos de Beze That I-have Encountered from the field. Good wine!
Rated 95-97 / 100 The Wine Advocate
A huge, vertical wine, Bruno Clair's 2012 Chambertin Clos de Beza is endowed with serious structure. Layers of dark, expressive fruit are supported by beams of minerality and acidity. This is an Especially sleek, gracious Beza, goal There Is Plenty of power lurking in the background. Layers of voluptuous fruit Nearly cover the tannins in a majestic Beza That shoulds drink well for Many Years.
Rated 94-96/100 Antonio Galloni, Vinous Media
Tasting note: A discreet hint of wood allows the slightly riper and definitely spicier aromas of earth, humus, dark berries and soft sauvage notes to shine. There is excellent power to the muscular and broad-shouldered flavors that also brim with structure-buffering dry extract that coats the palate on the mineral-driven, punchy and seriously persistent finish. This is a Bèze of power and finesse though note that unlike many 2012s this is clearly built for the long haul.
Rated 93-95/100 Allen Meadows, Burghound

North Coast Le Merle

Back in stock and back to the 750ml size!

North Coast Le Merle Belgian Style
Farmhouse Ale...$7.49 / 750ml
Le Merle is a rustic ale, pale in color, inspired by the rich brewing traditions of the Flanders region. Abundant hops and a Belgian yeast strain contribute exotic aromas of tropical fruit.
Vital Statistics
Style: Saison
Color: Straw
ABV: 7.9%
Bitterness: 26 IBU's

Uinta Detour Double IPA

From Salt Lake City Utah.

Uinta Detour Double IPA...$8.49 / 4pk bottles
A scenic tour of hops, Detour Double IPA is bright and bold with lively hop character
IBU: 95
ABV: 9.5%

April Events at The Wine and Cheese Place

Upcoming Events in April

We are still hammering out all of the details but wanted to put out the dates for our upcoming wine events in April:

April 2nd - Vermouth Class
April 22nd Domaine Faiveley tasting hosted by Vincent Avenel Export Manger.
April 29th Cupcake and wine pairing featuring The Cup.

Specific details to follow but mark these dates.

Vermouth Class
Thursday April 2nd 7-9pm
$25 per person

call  314.727.8788 for reservations

Vermouth is more potion than drink.The ultimate cocktail builder (see Martinis and Manhattans) was originally used as a medicinal tonic, with spices and botanicals like wormwood—the German “wermut” inspired the name. Technically, it’s a wine that is aromatized (infused with botanicals) and fortified (spiked with unaged brandy). The brandy helps it last longer than wine, but not much. It’ll start to oxidize after about a month, so keep it in the fridge
Join us to taste 10 Vermouths and un-lock the mystery of these amazing “potions”

  • Lacuesta Rojo
  • Mancino Vermouth Bianco Ambrato
  • Mancino Vermouth Rosso Amaranto
  • Mancino Vermouth Seco
  • Yzaguirre Vermouth Blanco Reserva
  • Yzaguirre Vermouth Dry Reserva
  • Yzaguirre Vermouth Rojo Reserva
  • Imbue
  • Imbue 'Petal & Thorn'
  • Dolin Sweet

Cantillon -

Emails sent to BRC members allocated a bottle...

thanks very much.

Yes, we did get some Cantillon

  • Kriek 375ml
  • Fou'Foune 750ml
  • Lou Pepe Gueuze 
  • Mamouche

The Cantillon will be based on "BEER ONLY" purchases over the past 2 months.