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Stone Brewing / Aleman / Two Brothers Champion of the Sun

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Stone Brewing / Aleman / Two Brothers Champion of the Sun...$52.99 / Magnum
Series 5 of 14
Jim Moorehouse, Nate Albrecht and Brad Zeller, of Aleman, once placed first at the Iron Brew homebrewing competition in the Windy City (judged by none other than Greg Koch and Jason Ebel of Two Brothers Brewing, among others). Their style-bending IPA artfully married the assertive tropical bite of Citra hops with the amazing flavor and aromatics of coffee to create something truly unique and exceptional.

Serendipitously, we have decided to revisit this beer and pay it an imperial homage, reforming and rebrewing a more adventurous version, thusly and appropriately named, “Champion of the Sun.” The result is an innovative imperial IPA that’s well balanced and intensely flavored thanks to the felicitous blend of hops and fresh roasted coffee.

Guittard Super Cookie Chocolate Chips

New - in stock at Forsyth now!
Guittard Super Cookie Chocolate Chips

Deep chocolate flavor in this semisweet chip; a unique shape for a distinct cookie

Zimmerman Lincoln Log Chevre

Zimmerman Lincoln Log Chevre 
- in stock now at Forsyth
This dense, soft-ripened goat cheese is the Creamery's take on the classic bucheron. When young, the Log is creamy with a mild flavor that finishes clean with hints of citrus and just a slight bit of mushroom at the end. As it ages, the paste becomes firmer with a more fudge-like texture and deeper flavor. Covered in a thin bloomy white rind and about 4 inches in diameter, the Lincoln Log is one of our most popular offerings.

Serving Suggestions
This cheese is very good when sliced thin, topped with red pepper and broiled quickly. It can also be used on pizza, salads or just as is on crackers or bruschetta.

Cheese from Caseificio dell'Alta Langa

Back in stock at Forsyth

La Tur is a delicious belnd of cow milk, sheep milk, and goat milk.   It is a triple cream cheese from the Piedmont region of Italy -- more specifically Langhe.   It has a very creamy paste inside the rind and the flavor is delicate but tangy.  Very luscious cheese.

Forsyth location Cheese Feature: Zingerman's Manchester

Forsyth location Cheese Feature: Zingerman's Manchester

This one is always popular when we get it, a fresh batch just arrived

Zingerman's Creamery The Manchester
Pasteurized Cow's Milk With Added Cream
The Manchester draws it origins from a soft-ripened double cream cheese along the Welsh-English border, but through process differences (both intentional and unintentional), no longer bares any resemblance to its very distant cousin. Through gentle pasteurization and slow culturing of the milk, the Manchester retains an amazing expression of the character of the milk used to make it. The milk is pasteurized and heavy cream, bacterial cultures, and geotrichum mold are added and the milk is allowed to ripen for several hours. The geotrichum mold will grow on the surface of the cheese as it ages to give the surface a gentle wrinkled rind and help develop the cheese's savory, earthy flavor.

Serving Suggestions
The Manchester can be eaten at a variety of ages. At one week, the cheese retains a rich mousse like texture with a soft yogurt flavor. By week three, the cheese becomes denser with soft creaming around the edges and the farm flavors become more pronounced. The Manchester, when soft, is best on a French baguette with chutney and tomato. Because of the added cream, the aged version is firm and dense but slices very well and can be served with oatcakes or crackers and chutney (particularly Bushe Browne's Banana Chutney). The cheese can also be baked in a puff pastry.

Old Charter "8" Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Old Charter "8" Kentucky Straight Bourbon...$18.99 / liter
Old Charter "8" Kentucky Straight Bourbon...$26.99 / 1.75ltr
This 80 proof whiskey has a certain balance to it that’s hard to beat. With a full body and complex flavors, this bourbon is easily enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail. An all-around solid whiskey that any bourbon drinker can appreciate.
A complex, well-balanced nose that shows both dry, peppery notes and a rich honey sweetness. The palate features some tingly spice notes and mellow toffee, very long and very satisfying finish.

Great 2015 Burgundy - Drouhin 1er Cru

2015 Drouhin Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru...$99.99
Extremely complex aromas of wet earth, mushrooms and blackberries. Medium to full body, gorgeous, velvety tannins and a dense mouthfeel. Very Compacted and long. A clearly outstanding young wine. Drink now or hold.
Rated 94/100 James Suckling
Some of the barrels of 2015 Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru were quite reduced, but eventually I found one that seemed more expressive with mulberry and loganberry scents, more incense with time in the glass. I like the conviction that this Chambolle demonstrates. The palate is structured with crunchy tannin, Morey-like in style with a precise and quite persistent finish that bodes well for the future. One to watch out for once in bottle, because it possesses the backbone that should see it age nicely.
Rated 90-92/100 Wine Advocate
A distinctly ripe yet pure, elegant and still fresh nose consists of essence of red berries, spice elements and a hint of tea. There is evident minerality to the wonderfully textured middle weight flavors that are perhaps not quite as elegant as those of the villages yet there is better depth and length on the slightly firmer finish.
Rated 91/100 Burghound

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Beer Tasting - Rock Hill location!

Urban Chestnut Beer Tasting @ Rock Hill!
Friday 8/25/17 from 4pm-6pm
Rock Hill Location - 9755 Manchester Rd.

Come taste some of St. Louis' best local beers including:

Our best selling Oktoberfest by far this year!
Urban Chestnut "O-Katz" Oktoberfest Lager...$7.99 / 4pk Cans

(One of the best Oktoberfest brews in the market!)
This malty yet well-balanced Maerzen-style Lager is easy to drink but difficult to pronounce. That’s why Oachkatzlschwoaf (“owah-kaatzl-sch-woaff”) is lovingly referred to as “O-Katz” by our staff – because only our Bavarian-born Brewmaster can pronounce its name correctly. We all agree Bavarian humor can be…interesting

In our top 5 best selling beers!
Urban Chestnut Stammtisch
The #1 Pilnser in the World as rated by Paste Magazine!
Stammtisch is an informal group meeting held on a regular basis – more directly translating to ‘table for regulars’. Our Stammtisch was brewed to celebrate this idea of community and socializing. It’s a traditional German pilsner featuring a blend of Hallertau and Strisselspalt hops, and we think it’s the perfect accompaniment to any friendly gathering. Help us make it a ‘regular’ around here!

+ more

Basil Hayden's Rye Whiskey

Basil Hayden's Rye Whiskey....$39.99

40% ABV

Rye 2017 Release

Aged and blended with a rye re-barreled in new charred oak quarter casks.
This exclusive release rye whiskey is artfully aged in Kentucky hillside rackhouses and bottled at a smooth 80 proof. Each glass of our golden amber rye is filled with the aromas of warm baking spices and tastes of caramel with hints of wood and charred notes. With a superior finish, it’s easy to enjoy Basil Hayden’s RYE whiskey and way you like.

S.D. Strong Big Boom Bourbon Whiskey

Barrel #1
S.D. Strong Big Boom Bourbon Whiskey...$35.99 / 375ml
With Big Boom Straight Bourbon Whiskey, you will taste the spice, with fresh oak and soft corn notes, underscored by a layer of caramel, making it smooth as it is Strong.  Enjoy.  -- Steve Strong

Goose Island Halia

More 2016 in the 765ml bottles and new 2017
 - first time in 12oz for us

2016 Goose Island Halia with Peaches...$21.99 / 765ml
2017 Goose Island Halia with Peaches....$31.99 / 4pk
2017 Goose Island Halia with Peaches....$8.49 / 12oz
Halia is a farmhouse ale aged in wine barrels with whole peaches, resulting in bright, effervescent fruit notes in a soft, hazy body that finishes slightly tart and sweet with the pleasant character of ripe, juicy peaches. Literally meaning “remembrance of a loved one” in Hawaiian, Halia was brewed in memory of the dear friend of one of our brewers who loved peaches.

Golden Road Limited release ----

We are told they only got in a very limited amount and will not make the grocery stores....

Golden Road Palisades Pineapple Wheat....$9.99 / 6pk cans
A refreshing American Wheat beer infused with loads of pineapple, complemented by tasty apricots.

Golden Road Ride On IPA....$9.99 / 6pk cans
A light to medium-bodied California-style IPA. Copper in color with wonderful flavors and aromas of tropical fruit and citrus, finishing pleasantly dry

Golden Road Sunset Coffee....$9.99 / 6pk cans
Our Oatmeal Milk Stout with Portola Coffee Labs' Alchemistic coffee. Medium-bodied, roasty and chocolatey, with a very smooth finish.

Golden Road Pico to Mexico....
$9.99 / 6pk cans
SoCal meets South of the Border. This smooth, crisp lager is cucumber forward,complemented by a touch of lime, a pinch of salt, and a hint of heat.

A word on store pick ups and transfers....

I always like to re-post this every once and awhile about store transfers....
We can be your personal shopper....

We realize our New Ballas, Ballwin, Rock Hill locations do not have the room to stock everything that our Forsyth location does.  But a service we offer to our customers is a way to transfer items conveniently to those locations (it is like having a personal shopper, we will gather, transfer, and have it ready for you).   We do our best to post on our social media every day -- we give you many options to stay informed on the latest releases --- 

blog- check it daily or many times a day
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Most of the new releases will have a link on our blog to order and reserve them online so that you can transfer to the location of your choice.  The blog posts are mostly based on what is arriving at our Forsyth location.    Many of our customers have gotten the system down and get their stuff transferred over for the weekend to pick up.   You do not have to run out immediately when a beer is released as you will get a confirmation and know that it is safe and sound and will be transferred to the location of your choice as soon as possible.

If you get our emails or follow us on our  blog/facebook/twitter/instagram and you see something you would like.   You can place the order online, just hit the  button.  

Some info about ordering online

  • You must set up an account on our website - click here to do that
  • It is important to have an account set up on our website.  If we get a rare item in stock, sometimes we post it and the fastest people to order the product will get it.  You will not have time to set up an account at that time.
  • For store pick ups, you do not have to put in a credit card.  Just use the gift card option.  We never charge your order for pick up until you come to pick up the order anyway.  We do not need your credit card for pick ups.  
  • You will always pay at pick up, unless you specify otherwise in the notes of the order.
  • There is a place when you checkout to leave a note for any special requests.
  • For allocated items, you have 7 days to pick up or it goes back on the shelf.
  • You will get a confirmation if we have the beer reserved for you and when it should arrive at the location of your choice.
  • If the product is in stock at that store already, you will get a message that says "your order is ready for pick up at "store you selected'.  
  • The store will call you when it arrives at the location you requested for pick up if it was not there arleady

Normal delivery days to each store.  This is just a guideline for most of the time, subject to change some weeks.

Transfers to Rock Hill: (you will get a phone call when it arrives)
Monday: orders placed before 10am will be at Rock Hill about noon the same day
Tuesday: orders placed before 10am will be at Rock Hill about noon the same day
Wednesday:  Oders will be at Rock Hill Thursday about noon
Thursday: orders placed before 10am will be at Rock Hill about noon the same day
Friday: orders placed before 10am will be at Rock Hill about 2pm the same day
Saturday/Sunday: orders will be at Rock Hill about noon the following Monday.

Transfers to New Ballas:   (you will get a phone call when it arrives)
Monday: orders placed before 10am will be at New Ballas that afternoon
Tuesday: orders placed will be at New Ballas on Thursday afternoon
Wednesday:  orders placed will be at New Ballas on Thursday afternoon
Thursday: orders placed before 10am will be at New Ballas that afternoon
Friday: orders placed will be at New Ballas on Saturday at 9am
Saturday/Sunday: orders will be at New Ballas Monday afternoon.

Transfers to Ballwin:   (you will get a phone call when it arrives). 
Monday: orders placed before 10am will be at Ballwin that afternoon
Tuesday: orders placed will be at Ballwin on Wednesday afternoon
Wednesday:  orders placed before 10am will be at Ballwin that afternoon
Thursday: orders placed before 10am will be at Ballwin that afternoon
Friday: orders placed will be at Ballwin on Saturday at 9am
Saturday/Sunday: orders will be at Ballwin Monday afternoon.

You can also call each individual store for transfers.  There is a chance they have the product in stock, otherwise they will coordinate to get it transferred for you.  We can transfer wine, beer, whiskey, cheese.....anything we have!!  We do also offer local delivery too.  Call the store for details.

New Ballas - 314.989.0020
Rock Hill - 314.962-8150
Ballwin 1.636.227.9001
Forsyth 314.727.8788

Banks 7 Year Old Golden Rum

Banks 7 Year Old  Golden Rum....$29.99
Banks 7 Golden Age Blend is a complex, full-flavored blend that is sophisticated, but not sweet. This medium-bodied rum has a drier flavor profile than most Golden Rums, allowing it to stand out above anything else in the category. An outstanding blend of 23 rums from 8 distilleries from 7 origins give it complexity, character and depth.

A unique blend of 23 rums from 8 distilleries from 7 origins
Trinidad: Hints of Black Strap Molasses give the blend backbone
Jamaica: Pot-stilled rums provide exceptional aromatics
Guyana: Earthy and tropical fruit notes deliver depth
Barbados: Character-filled golden rums add zest
Guatemala: High altitude sugar cane yields aromas of toasted nuts
Panama: Classic dry flavor profile with a hint of wood
Java: Batavia Arrack, lends a touch of spice

New Ballas 35th Anniversary Tasting!

New Ballas 35th Anniversary Tasting
457 New Ballas Road, Creve Coeur

TONIGHT -- Friday August 25th from 4-6pm
Let us know on facebook that you plan to attend!

Side Project Merci 35th Anniversary Blend (tasting only not for sale)
Perennial Corail de Sang 35th Anniversary Beer

Perennial Citra Paradisi TWCP 35th Anniversary Beer
Crooked Stave Salvador Cybies Four Roses Barrel TWCP 35th Anniv
Crooked Stave Salvador Cybies High West Barrel TWCP 35th Anniv

Still 630 TWCP Collab Rye aged in PX Sherry Barrel
Weller / TWCP Single Barrel Antique 107 (tasting only not for sale)
Weller 12 Year Old Wheated Bourbon (tasting only not for sale)

maybe a few other things also

Big Beer Tasting tonight at Forsyth

The Wine and Cheese Place

Beer Tasting Tonight 
The Wine and Cheese Place 
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton MO 63105

 Taste these tonight from 4-6pm

  • Nebraska Brewing Cardinal Pale Ale
  • Dogfish Head Punkin Ale
  • Nebraska Brewing Melange a Trois Aged in Chardonnay Barrels
  • Stillwater Shoeglaze
  • Breckenridge Nitro Orange Cream Ale
  • Omnipollo Shploing!!:   A mango s’mores IPA brewed with mango, vanilla, marshmallow fluff, graham crackers, rock salt, lactose sugar and an abundance of our favorite hops

Duckhchar Moulard Duck Breast

Duckhchar Moulard Duck Breast--in stock at Forsyth now
DUCKCHAR provides fresh Moulard Duck Breast. The Moulard is a hybrid cross between a Pekin and Muscovy duck. Moulard Duck Breast is extremely popular in France, but is generally-speaking unavailable and unknown to consumers in the US.

Moulard Duck Breast is cooked to a rare or medium-rare doneness using same prep & cooking techniques as steak (beef). Once cooked, it’s hard to distinguish from steak in terms of texture, appearance and size - about 16 ounces/piece. However, it has a rich duck flavor twist. In the simplest terms, it’s like adding a rich duck flavor twist to a premium cut of steak.

Moulard duck breast is differentiated from the more widely available Pekin duck breast because the Moulard is more comparable to beef rather than poultry.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Domaine Dugois Arbois Trousseau Grevilliere

2013 Domaine Dugois Arbois Trousseau Grevilliere...$19.99
Grape varieties Trousseau 100% 
The average age of the vines is 50 years old. 
Winemaking Grapes are handpicked and sorted. 
The wine is then matured in oak barrels for 24 months. 

Story In 1973, Daniel Dugois bought 2 hectares of vineyard and a house equipped with wine cellars in a village called Les Arsures, where he was born. He cultivated the vineyard and sold his production regionally. In 1982, he made his first harvest into wine in his own cellars and began to sell his wine in bottles to consumers. His first ever harvest earned him his first Gold Medal for his Chardonnay at the Jura Wine Contest. Ever since, Daniel and his wife Monique have continued to work on the quality of their wines, mainly for clients met at various wine shows and fairs and during tasting visits to their cellars. 

Old Ballantruan The Peated Malt Single Malt Scotch

Old Ballantruan The Peated Malt Single Malt Scotch...$54.99

Limited - only 3 bottles available

2015 T-Vine Hallowed Ground California Red

It has been years since we have seen T-Vine in St. Louis - excited to have them back

We are the lowest price on Wine-Searcher

2015 T-Vine Hallowed Ground California Red...$26.99

79% Zinfandel, 14% Petite Sirah, 5% Carignane, 2% BarberaWhere we stand is so much more than soil. This is Hallowed Ground, a silent, solemn legacy of determination and tenderness. Combined with grit and endurance, and faith in spite of it all. We call them Heritage vineyards, because they stand in testament to those grandfathers and great-grandfathers who, as far back as 1850, brought their vines to California in search of a new beginning and a sustainable way of life.

These dry-farmed vineyards produce extraordinary little fruit. Each and every vine is hand-tended in a centuries old tradition. But love is love, and passion is greater than profit. These farmers have taught their children to fulfill on a promise: Protect and nurture these vineyards against all odds. And generation after generation, the vineyards continue to repay them with intense and lively fruit. The commitment these families have made to such a hardscrabble life can be likened to the vines themselves: The young may defy all expectations, but the strength and determination of the old are to be revered. Here, many sacrifices have been made. This wine is our tribute to the memory of them.

Aromas of dark cranberry, baking chocolate, orange zest and a hint of cigar box. Rich, blackberry and raspberry coalesce with chocolate-covered cherries. Good weight, with mature soft and supple tannins and a silky, lingering finish.

From Quintessa - Illumination Sauvignon Blanc

From Quintessa
2016 Illumination Sauvignon Blanc...$46.99
The 2016 Illumination is alive with aromatic complexity, beautiful texture and bright flavors. The fruit aromas of white peach, kiwi and guava interplay with fresh herbs, pink grapefruit, and beeswax honey create an intricate bouquet. On the palate, the wine dances with stone fruit, lemon zest, and a touch of minerality, followed by a fresh, flavorful finish.

About Illumination
What started as a passion project for the Huneeus family, this limited bottling is one of Napa Valley's most sought-after Sauvignon Blancs. When making Illumination our ultimate goal is to produce a white wine of true character. We approach Illumination with the same care and attention as with Quintessa, with the aim of capturing the best qualities of our grapes and to craft a wine of harmony and balance. The 2016 Illumination is alive with aromatic complexity, beautiful texture and bright fruit flavors. This is an incredible vintage and the perfect summer wine that pairs with a variety of appetizers and seafood.

“When making Illumination our ultimate goal is to produce a white wine of true character. We approach Illumination with the same care and attention as with Quintessa, with the aim of capturing the best qualities of our grapes and to crafting a wine of harmony and balance.” Winemaker Rebekah Wineburg goes on to say, “The 2016 Illumination is alive with aromatic complexity, beautiful texture and bright fruit flavors. This is an incredible vintage and the perfect summer wine that pairs with a variety of appetizers and seafood.”

Segura Viudas Brut Cava - Mangums

Segura Viudas Brut Cava....$15.99 / MAGNUM
"Segura Viudas hand crafts distinctive, artisan méthode champenoise sparkling wines according to Cava traditions begun over 100 years ago. Steeped in rich Spanish heritage and situated on an estate that dates to the 11th century, Segura Viudas draws on this legacy, blending it with modern winemaking to create sophisticated yet approachable Cavas. The Segura Viudas wines come from the renowned Penedès region of Spain just outside of Barcelona. Extraordinary wines built for everyday consumption, our flagship line includes Brut" -- winery

Winemaker's Notes
Aromas are of white fruits, citrus, tropical fruits, and light floral notes. The palate is exquisite, complex and full of flavor, with good acidity and notes of lime and pineapple. It is dry and long on the finish.

Joel Gott Washington Red Wine

2014 Joel Gott Washington Red Wine....$13.99
The 2015 Washington blend has aromas of dark chocolate, cherry, black currant and black raspberry with hints of black licorice and baking spices. The dark fruit flavors on the front of the palate are followed by smooth tannins on the mid-palate, and a long, delicate finish.
75% new American oak and 25% 2-year-old American oak
49% Cabernet Sauvignon
36% Merlot
9% Syrah
6% Malbec

New Belgium Single Foeder Oscar No. 65

sold out

New Belgium Single Foeder Oscar No. 65...$13.99 / 375ml
Some things will only happen once. Only once will our brewer, Ted, win a foeder in a late night bowling bet in St. Louis, MO, with our good friends from Foeder Crafters of America. Only once will fresh beer touch this new American oak for the first time. Only once will you experience the subtle, smooth, vanilla-like notes extracted from this new foeder. And only once will we bottle this expression.

The Wood Cellar Reserve is a series of very rare, small batch wild and sour ales expertly aged by the most award-winning sour brewery in America. From individual barrel expressions, fruit and spice experimentation and fermentation explorations, the Wood Cellar Reserve represents our most ambitious efforts in our two biggest passions – wood and beer. Experience these beers now or properly cellar for a later date. The beer inside contains the longest, continuous souring culture in America and will develop in the bottle for up to five years. Each batch is hand-bottled, conditioned for months, and 100% naturally carbonated, allowing for the perfect texture and carbonation that our blenders intended for the beer.

2016 Chateau Haut Maurin White Bordeaux

New vintage
2016 Chateau Haut Maurin White Bordeaux...$12.99
An aromatic Bordeaux Blanc offering floral, apricot and citrus aromas. The round, refreshing and wellbalanced palate shows remarkable depth, ending with a long, clean finish.
Serve With:
Enjoy as an aperitif or with your favorite fish and shellfish dishes (especially white, flaky fish with lemon butter sauce and capers).

Chateau Haut Maurin was purchased by the Sanfourche family in 1917, and is currently managed by Jean-Louis Sanfourche, fourth generation winegrower at the estate. Situated on the right bank of the Garonne, just 3 miles northeast of Cadillac, the estate is comprised of nearly 78 acres of vines in and around the village of Donzac.

Hartford Court scores 96 points

2015 Hartford Court Four Hearts Chardonnay...$46.99
The 2015 Chardonnay Four Hearts Vineyard is largely from three clones – the old Wente clone of Chardonnay, the Sees and Rued selections. This wine displays plenty of wet gravel and crushed rock along with pineapple, white peach and marmalade. It is a deep, precise, exuberant and concentrated wine to drink over the next 7-10 years.
Rated 96/100 The Wine Advocate

Breckenridge Whiskey Port Cask Finish

Breckenridge Whiskey Port Cask Finish...$48.99
We are the lowest price on Wine-Searcher
Our award winning Bourbon Whiskey gets some final grooming in 59 gallon Tawny Port casks of various age for 4-6 months, adding aroma and flavor of sultana raisin and maple syrup to round out and soften the natural spicy finish. Finished in 8-10 barrel batches when superior port casks become available, each release will have a unique expression unto itself.

Iconic Wines - Silver Oak and Rombauer

This week we have new releases of 2 of California’s most iconic wines.

New vintage!
2016 Rombauer Chardonnay...$33.98
There is no denying that the Rombauer Vineyards Chardonnay is one of America's favorite white wines. Year-in and year-out, this iconic wine hits a home run. Enticing aromas of vanilla, melon, papaya, and mango are layered with baked apples, creme brulee, butter and a slight minerality. Those scents are echoed as flavors on the creamy, rich palate, along with peach, pie crust and baking spices. The long, smooth finish is marked by mouthwatering acidity.

New vintage! Great intro price!
2013 Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet....$69.98
The 2013 Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is garnet in color with a ruby red rim, it has an alluring nose of blackberry bramble, baking spices, and black olive. Aromas of vanilla, cassis, and sage fill the glass, revealing the influence of American oak barrel aging. On the palate, notes of raspberry are complemented with lingering acidity and a finish of dusty, silky tannins. Given proper cellaring, this wine will provide drinking pleasure through 2036.

Jefferson's Reserve Old Rum Cask Finish

Very limited release -- we scored a little more
Jefferson's Reserve Old Rum Cask Finish...$71.99

Jefferson's Reserve Old Rum Cask finish has spent many years maturing in American white oak casks before being transferred into specially selected old rum casks that previously held Gosling Family Reserve, awarded the best aged rum in Bermuda and the World. Extra aging for 15 months in the cask creates a rich and rounded bourbon whiskey; marrying the unmistakable flavor of an award winning bourbon with the mouth feel, complexity and finish of a reserve quality rum. The result of this marriage will be award winning in its own right.