Saturday, June 26, 2010

Beer news...

Fourth of July is coming!!!

Make sure you start your beer shopping at The Wine and Cheese Place first!
Its fresher and better!

Get some canned beer like:
Ska Modus Hoperandi cans
Ska Blonde cans
Ska Special ESB cans
Ska Mixed Twelve Pack cans
Caldera Pale Ale and Amber Cans
New Belgium Fat Tire cans
Blue Moon White cans
O'Fallon Wheach Cans
Moose Drool and Trout Slayer cans
Newcastle cans
Newcastle Brown - new 5 liter can
Heineken 5 liter can
Oberon 5 liter can

Plus Fire King lump charcoal and Jack Daniels Charcoal
We also have cedar grilling planks.

Schlafly American IPA (bottles) should be back on Monday or Tuesday and another batch of Schlafly Helles in cans.

Friday, June 25, 2010

SoTiers Creme Brulee

One of their most popular has arrived!!
2010 version just arrived!

Southern Tier Creme Brulee...$7.49 / 22oz
"crème brûlée Imperial Milk Stout -- “a stout of great contention”
We are not the harbingers of truth as some may suggest but it may indeed be argued that our brewing philosophy is tantamount to a dessert with a bellicose past. How, you may ask, would a brewery determine a likeness to hard-coated custard? Our response is simple; it’s all in the power of history, and of course, the extra finesse needed to top off a contentious treat with definition. By comprehending the labyrinthine movement of time, one would not think it strange to trace the errant path of an ordinary object such as a cream dessert only to discover that it has been the cause of cultural disputes since the middle ages. The British founders of burnt cream and from Spain, crema catalana, both stand by their creative originality and we respect that, but it was the French Crème Brûlée, amid the strife of contention, that survived to represent our deliciously creamy brew." -- brewery

10.0% abv • 25º plato • 195º L • 22 oz
2-row pale malt / dark caramel malt / vanilla bean / lactose sugar / kettle hops: columbus / aroma hops: horizon

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Avery Seventeen

Avery Anniversary Lager Seventeen....$6.99 / 22oz
Info from the label
“After years of commemorating our anniversary with deliciously wild and weird ales, we decided to mix it up a bit and create our first Anniversary Lager. SEVENTEEN is a celebration and study of the aromas and flavors of German hops. And knowing our fetish for those beautiful green cones, you can be confident that the contents of this bottle are well hopped for your olfactory pleasure. Many thanks to all and we hope you enjoy our lupulin dissertation.
Peace to all and follow your dreams!
Brewed with Rocky Mountain water, malted barley, imported German hops, and German yeast.”
8.52% ABV

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Great aperitif for Summer...

Cocchi Americano Aperitivo
Made to the same recipe since 1891, this extraordinary aperitif wine has long been a staple of Asti. On a base of Moscato di Asti is infused a blend of herbs, fruit and spices, most notably cinchona, gentian and citrus, and laid down for a year before being released. In Piemonte it is served chilled with ice, a twist of orange peel and a splash of soda to bring out all its natural aroma and fragrances. Outside of Italy it is revered as one of last great blanc/bianco aperitif wines, essential to a wide range of classic mixed drinks.

Product of Italy. 16.5% Alc./Vol., 750ml

Alvinne limited oak releases....

Available online now also

Alvinne The Oak Melchior...$18.99 / 750ml
11% ABV

"Ale brewed with mustard seeds and aged in oak barrels."
"The Melchior was aged for 6 months in Calvados barrels.
"A very strong ale described by the brewery as being in the barleywine style. Made with Pilsner, wheat, Munich and aromatic malts, crystallized sugar and mustard seeds, this beer was released in 2005 at the popular beer café Pado in Tielt. Bittered to 60 IBU with Challenger and East Kent Goldings, it is fermented with a Belgian Strong Ale yeast." -- wikipedia

Alvinne Cuvee Freddy....$18.99 / 750ml
8% ABV

"Ale aged in Oak Barrels"
"Flemish Sour Ale Aged in one year on oak Barrels" -- label

Alvinne The Oak Bolleville....$18.99 / 750ml
11% ABV Imperial Stout

"Ale aged in oak barrels"
"The Mano Negra Ale was aged for 6 months in Calvados barrels. These barrels contained Cognac for 10 years and Calvados for 8 years. We found the barrels at a local farmer in the French Contentin." -- label.