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Papa Pilar's Rum Finished in Rye Whiskey Barrels

Papa Pilar's Rum Finished in Rye Whiskey Barrels...$49.99 / 750ml
Papa Pilar's Dark rum finished in rye whiskey barrels.  This is there newest edition to the line
43% ABV
86 Proof

George Dickel / TWCP 19 Year Old Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey

We are excited to announce a very special single barrel is coming!
The Wine and Cheese Place Single Barrel 
                                            - 19 Year Old Barrel!

George Dickel / TWCP 19 Year Old Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey
Bottle says "at least 15 Years" and it yes it is!!!
  • The Barrel date is February 27th 2004 -- 19 Years Old for our barrel!
  • Yield was only 96 bottles
  • Scheduled to arrive soon.

We will release it through our Whiskey Reward Club.
We are going to mix it up a little bit to allow our single barrel supporters to get first crack at this one.  We have one of the largest selections of single barrel whiskeys in town with many more on the way.  We appreciate the support you give our barrels and we want to reward you with this very limited and rare barrel.

We will release this one based on purchases of our TWCP Single Barrel whiskeys.
  • Based on TWCP Single barrels purchased between  Nov 1st through April 22nd at 7pm
  • Top 50 supporters will be allocated a bottle to purchase
  • The rest will be a weighted raffle, each TWCP single barrel will count as a raffle ticket and we will draw names for a chance to purchase a bottle.
  • Emails will go out April 23/24th.
  • 1 bottle per person

Here is what we currently have in stock of our single barrels right now - click here

Infinite Oak Infinity Barrel Aged Whiskey


Infinite Oak Infinity Barrel Aged Whiskey...$23.99 / 750ml
About Infinite Oak Bourbon
Infinite Oak is made using a continuous aging "system" that never gets emptied. It is like the infinite bottle people now use. We add new bourbon to the system to keep the system full. This creates different ages and different flavors that marry together constantly. The range of ages continues to get wider. We have put older bourbons into the system of Malt barrels to create diversity and depth, and we have been letting it sit for years waiting. It is ready and we are happy to release Infinite Oak.

Plantation Rum Vintage Editions

For more than 30 years, Plantation Rum Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel has explored the world of rum and its various terroirs in search of the best casks. Passionate about the history, heritage and particular production methods of each rum-producing country, he travels to the most prestigious distilleries in the Caribbean, Latin America and Oceania. The prize of these scouting voyages: the Plantation Rum Vintage Collection, a selection of exceptional rums, bottled in small batches from the same year of distillation.
Each of these limited editions highlights an emb lematic rum terroir. With this new series, called «Under the Sea,» Alexandre Gabriel groups six rums from countries that share a common feature, a coastline facing the ocean.
Plantation Rum Barbados 2013...$74.99 / 750ml
Nose : It starts with a fruity and spicy profile of coconut, orange blossom, peach, banana with vanilla, roasted almond, cinnamon and pepper.
Palate : Rich and spicy, it follows the nose with a pastry profile of honey, hazelnut and gingerbread with notes of tobacco, chocolate and caraway.
Finish : Long and fruity with lemon, pear, liquorice, pepper and toffee.
Plantation Fiji Islands 2009...$77.99 / 750ml
Nose : Very fruity with pastry notes, then becomes more floral and herbal with time, evolving to banana, French toast and almond.
Palate : Fresh, balanced, with bitter orange and tropical fruit elements. Evolves to spicy notes.
Finish : Long and very spicy, followed by fresh minty tones.
Plantation Guyana 2007...$74.99 / 750ml
Nose : Intense and rich, it starts on pastry notes of cocoa and almond, vanilla and lime peel.
Palate : Rich and oily, it follows the nose with more flowers and orange, tobacco, raisins, berries, almond and hazelnut and also deep notes of balsamic and molasses, almost smoky, with leather and medicinal notes of ginseng.
Finish : Very long, spicy and fresh on pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, liquorice and chocolate.
Plantation Jamaica 2007...$74.99 / 750ml
Nose : Intense tropical notes of banana and vanilla with apricot and allspice. Hints of persimmon, orange peel and ginger, evolving on tar, sea spray and camphor.

Palate : Rich fruity profile with notes of wood, vanilla, custard and toast evolving on cantaloupe, guava and cooked apple.

Finish : Coconut milk, oak, spices, vanilla, liquorice, banana and star anise.
Plantation Fiji Islands 2009 Missouri Special Edition...$79.99 / 750ml
Single cask rum
Distillery: Rum Co. of FYI
Maturation: 6 months in Kilchoman peated whiskey casks
Tropical Aging: 8.5 years in bourbon casks
Continental Aging: 2 years in Ferrand Casks

Yellow and Green Spot now online!

Back in stock and online

Mitchells Green Spot Pot Sill Irish Whiskey...$64.99
Compare to $74.99 at Total Wine and More
IN 1805 THE MITCHELL merchant family commenced trading on 10 Grafton Street, in the heart of Dublin city as purveyors of confectionery, wines and fortified wines.
In 1887, this entrepreneurial family expanded into the whiskey bonding business whereby they sent empty wine, sherry and port casks via horse and cart to the local Jameson Distillery which were then filled with whiskey and returned to the Mitchell’s cellar warehouse on Fitzwilliam Lane. There, beneath the cobble streets of Dublin, the whiskeys matured for many years under bond until they were ready to be bottled. The Mitchells sold a range of whiskeys under their ‘Spot’ brand name. This rather peculiar name originated from their practice of marking casks of different ages with a daub or spot of coloured paint. There was a Blue Spot, Red Spot and even a Yellow Spot, but Green Spot emerged as their most popular whiskey and is one of the few “whiskey bonder brands” to survive to modern day.

Mitchells Yellow Spot 12 Year Old Whiskey...$112.99
Compare to $117.99 at Total Wine and More
"Yellow Spot Whiskey was last seen in Ireland in the mid to late 1960s. Created and sold by Mitchell and Son Wine and Spirit Merchants, Yellow Spot was always a 12 year old whiskey which was slightly sweet due to the inclusion of some single pot still spirit which was matured in Spanish Malaga wine casks. Inspired by the original, Yellow Spot is the rare taste of bonder's style Pot Still Irish Whiskey. Maturation in Bourbon Barrels, Sherry Butts and Malaga casks creates a superbly complex whiskey with fresh and sweet top notes."

Whiskey Advocates Irish Whiskey of the Year in 2012

Boulevard Brewing Company Dank 7 Belgian-Style IPA

Boulevard Brewing Company Dank 7 Belgian-Style IPA...$14.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
Boulevard Brewing Company Dank 7 Belgian-Style IPA...$2.89 / 12oz can


13 years ago, Boulevard set the brewing world ablaze with a revolutionary take on a classic Belgian Saison. Sparking up creativity again, our first playful Tank 7 seasonal variant offers an approachable ABV and a massive dose of resinous, piney hops by loading up this variation with 7 different hops.

Incredible Austrian Whites!


Go beyond Grüner! Austria also makes amazing Sauvignon Blanc! We are stoked to offer these hidden gems from southern part of the country. They are arriving just in time for some warm weather, do not sleep on them!

Here is a snippit from Wine Advocate's Stephan Reinhardt on Weingut Wohlmuth and this relatively unknown region.

The wines of Styria cannot be compared to those from the Danube. Although the majority of the wines are also white, the soils often are coral limestone or opok (marl), and where they are not, they are of volcanic origin. Grüner Veltliner, plays no role at all here in the south of Austria on the border with Slovenia or in the west within the province of Carinthia, and Pinot Noir also plays only a subordinate role...Wohlmuth has [also] firmly established itself among the very best domaines in the region."

2021 Wohlmuth Sauvignon Blanc Kitzeck-Sausal STK...$17.99
What a stunning nose of fresh basil, mandarin orange and melon. On the medium-bodied palate there’s also wonderful fruit, but the herbal freshness is stunning and it flips effortlessly into pronounced wet-stone minerality. Vibrant and long finish. From the best sites, mostly with red slate soil. Fermented in large neutral oak and matured on the lees until June after the harvest. Vegan. Sustainable. Drink or hold. Screw cap.
Rated 93/100 James Suckling

2021 Wohlmuth - Sauvignon Blanc Ried Steinriegl 1STK...$26.99
Wohlmuth's 2021 Sauvignon Blanc Ried Steinriegl 1STK shows very clear, fresh, bright and aromatic fruit with floral, white flower aromas as well as plum and peach (peel) notes. Dense and rich in the mouth, this is a supple yet fresh, balanced and elegant Sauvignon with great finesse and extract-sweet fruit. This is long-lasting and grippy on the finish, always stimulating and packs the alcohol better than the 2021 Riesling Dr. Wunsch manages. This is arguably the finest Steinriegel Sauvignon I've had in eight years. 13% stated alcohol. Natural cork. Tasted in Grafenegg in September 2022.
Rated 95/100 Wine Advocate
Rated 94/100 James Suckling

La Chouffe Soleil Refreshing Belgian Beer


La Chouffe Soleil Refreshing Belgian Beer...$14.99 / 4pk 11.2oz bottles 
La Chouffe Soleil Refreshing Belgian Beer...$3.99 / 11.2oz bottle
Delicate, fruity, refreshing... CHOUFFE Soleil promises you radiant moments throughout the summer. Made from a blend of malted barley, wheat and rye, CHOUFFE Soleil reveals the sweet aroma of elderflower and chamomile. Delicious citrus flavours - mandarin and lime -, enhanced with a touch of vanilla and peppery notes, titillate our taste buds. Both radiant and slightly cloudy, CHOUFFE Soleil can be enjoyed all year round. Pleasant times guaranteed!

New Belgium Brewing Atomic Citrus Blood Orange Ale

New Belgium Brewing Atomic Citrus Blood Orange Ale...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
ABV: 7.0
IBU: 10
YEAST: London Ale III
HOPS: Citra & Pahto
MALT: Pale & White

2019 Chateau Carbonneau Le Verriere White Bordeaux

Great white Bordeaux!
50% Semillon and 50% Sauvignon Blanc
2019 Chateau Carbonneau Le Verriere White Bordeaux....$29.99

This has aromas of sliced lemons, apricots, melon rind, celery and beeswax. It’s medium-bodied with crisp acidity and a creamy, gently oily palate. Layered and flavorful with delicious celery-salt notes on the finish. 50% semillon and 50% sauvignon blanc. Drink now.
Rated 91/100 James Suckling

Nelly MoShine


Inspired By Those Who Share In The Love Of Music, MoShine™ Blends Together The Southern Swagger And Heartland Hustle That Unites Hip Hop & Country. It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are Or Where You’re From. MoShine™ Is All About Creating Good Times And Great Vibes.  TURN UP & LET THE MO' FLO

Mini bottle moonshines in stock now from Nelly
In stock at Forsyth now!
Nelly MoShine Peach Moonshine...$2.49 / 50ml bottle

Southern peaches soaked in ‘shine. MoShine™ Peach is sweet, velvety, and juicy as ever.
AROMA - Candied Ripe Peaches with Hints of Vanilla.
TASTE - Classic Southern Flavor Backed by a Punch of Sweetness.
FINISH - Velvety Smooth, Just Like A Bite of a Juicy Georgia Peach.

Nelly MoShine Passionfruit Moonshine...$2.49 / 50ml bottle
Like a jug o’ tropical fruit punch, MoShine™ Passion Fruit is sweet with a fresh kick from the ‘shine.
AROMA - Rich, Ripe Citrus with a Zing
TASTE - Tropical Tang meets a Fistful of Sweet.
FINISH - Refreshing, Balanced Bite of Beach Vibes.

2021 Sonoma Cutrer Russian River Ranches Chardonnay

Spring Special!
One of the top selling Chardonnays 
2021 Sonoma Cutrer Russian River Ranches Chardonnay...$17.98

Top of Wine & Spirits’ Most Popular Chardonnay Poll for 31 years!*
Russian River Ranches is beautifully focused on the palate with flavors of crisp, zesty lemon, green apple, lime and barrel spice. The wine rounds out with our signature citrus acidity and a nicely balanced long, flavorful finish.

Thursday, April 13, 2023

New limited Single malts from independent bottlers Blackadder and Ingelred. Act fast...already sold 4 of the 24 bottles received from the importer. Cheers!

New limited Single malts from independent bottlers Blackadder and Ingelred. Cheers!

5 bottles available
Ingelred Ben Nevis 12 Year Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch....$129.99
62.6% abv
Western Highlands, Sherry Cask finish Cask #189
Cask #189 is a single malt, single cask offering from Ingelred. It was distilled at Ben Nevis Distillery, maturing for 12 years in a Sherry cask. It was put into the cask in January 2008 and bottled in November 2020.

5 bottles available
Ingelred Ben Nevis 10 Year Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch...$115.99
60.0% abv
Western Highlands, Red Wine Cask finish Cask #117
Cask #189 is a single malt, single cask offering from Ingelred. It was distilled at Ben Nevis Distillery, maturing for 12 years in a Sherry cask. It was put into the cask in January 2008 and bottled in November 2020.

6 bottles available.
Blackadder Blair Athol 2009 12 Year Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch....$129.99
62.6% abv
Highland Region November 1st, 2006. Hogshead no. 304825 bottled October 2022.
This Single Malt Scotch whisky is a key component in the Bell’s blend in the UK. It was drawn from a single cask. Blair Athol Distillery is on the south edge of Pitlochry in Perthshire, near the River Tummel. This Highland malt whisky was drawn at Cask Strength

4 bottles available
Blackadder Benrinnes 15 Year Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch....$129.99
62.6% abv
Highland Region November 1st, 2006. Hogshead no. 304825 bottled October 2022.
This Single Malt Scotch whisky is a key component in the Bell’s blend in the UK. It was drawn from a single cask. Blair Athol Distillery is on the south edge of Pitlochry in Perthshire, near the River Tummel. This Highland malt whisky was drawn at Cask Strength

Odell Brewing Sippin' Pretty Variety Pack


Odell Brewing Sippin' Pretty Variety Pack...$17.99 / 12pk 12oz cans

Each variety pack includes 4 of each:

Sippin' Pretty Tropical Sour:
IBU 12
Slow down, unwind, and come hang out for a while with Sippin’ Tropical, a delicately sour ale packed with pineapple, passion fruit, and tangerine, and balanced by a touch of Himalayan pink sea salt. Vacation vibes included in every sip.
Sippin' Pretty Lemonade Sour:
IBU 12
Make a splash with Sippin’ Lemonade, our delightfully effervescent and refreshing Sour Ale. Brewed with real lemons and cane sugar, the flavor swings between sweet
Sippin' Pretty Fruited Sour:
Acai, Guava, & Elderberry
More of a mantra than a beer, Sippin’ Pretty is our Fruited Sour Ale. Loaded with our unique blend of açai, guava, and elderberry, and balanced with a delicate addition of Himalayan pink sea salt, this beer pops with a bright ruby color and a refreshing tart finish. So sit back, relax, and sip on something pretty.

J. Rieger & Co. Rock Chalk Rye


J. Rieger & Co. Rock Chalk Rye...$52.99 / 750ml
— 2023 EDITION —

2022 was a great year to be a Jayhawk. We hung a banner in Allen Fieldhouse, our football team went bowling for the first time in 4 years, and the first edition of Rock Chalk Rye hit shelves all over the state of Kansas.
We’re kicking off 2023 with a second edition of Rock Chalk Rye featuring the 1920 Jayhawk. Let's raise a glass to the successes of 2022, and, more importantly, the great things that lie ahead this year!
Our Rock Chalk Rye Whiskey is twice-distilled rye that consists of 96% rye and 4% malted barley. After distillation, this Rye was put into new charred white oak barrels from Independent Stave in Lebanon, Missouri. After more than 5 years of aging in our Kansas City rickhouse, we cut the Whiskey to 88 proof, a nod to the 1988 Kansas Jayhawk Basketball Championship, and bottled for you to enjoy.
On the nose, it's immediately floral with bright orange blossom and Spring flowers with more subtle hints of dried herbs and fresh tobacco leaves. Up-front, flavors of black pepper, caraway, salted peanuts, baking spices, and a note of cumin follow. It's loaded with red fruits balanced by dark chocolate. French toast with raspberry preserves. Mid-pallet richness with vanilla and allspice. Reminiscent of a Root Beer Float. Lots of sweetness for a Rye, but still plenty of spice, finishing with a light, airy notes of thyme, eucalyptus, and black tea.

Rockwell Beer Co. Uncle Jam Sour Ale

Rockwell Beer Co. Uncle Jam Sour Ale...$14.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
Rockwell Beer Co. Uncle Jam Sour Ale...$4.29 / 16oz can

Dark Sour Foeder Beer with Black Currants
Tasting notes: ​Cocoa, tart berries

Uncle Jam is inspired by George Clinton and the dark acidic beers of Belgium’s Flanders region as well as those of Santa Rosa, California. We brewed a strong dark Belgian-inspired base beer for Uncle Jam in December 2020 and allowed it to mature in a Missouri white oak foeder for many months with our house mixed culture. Once it had developed the acidity and complexity we were after, we racked it onto almost 600 lbs of black currants. The finished beer was allowed several months to condition naturally in package prior to release.

Sagamore 8 Year Old

Back in stock again - we cannot keep it in stock!

"Sagamore Spirit 8 Year Rye Whiskey Review! Better than Thomas H. Handy?"
- The Mash and Drum
watch the full Youtube review of it on Mash and Drum

"So far this bottle right here maybe the rye whiskey of the year. Dense flavors, great balance of sweet and spicy with a sweet finish. It almost drinks like a high proof old fashioned. Incredible release from Sagamore coming in at 111.4 proof, uncut and unfiltered. " - Mash and Drum

Sagamore Spirit 8 Year Old Rye...$75.99
A very special whiskey, a long time in the making, this 8-year-old straight rye whiskey is a testament to the power of time. We took our straight rye whiskey and aged it in new charred American white oak barrels for 8 years, creating a complex spirit. Our Sagamore Spirit Reserve Series celebrates the legacy of Maryland distilling, with an unyielding focus on excellence from start to finish.

Wheat Penny Bourbon Whiskey from Cleveland Whiskey


Wheat Penny Bourbon Whiskey from Cleveland Whiskey…$36.99 / 750ml
Bourbon whiskey finished with black cherry and toasted oak wood.
47% ABV
94 Proof

291 HR Colorado Bourbon Whiskey

291 HR Colorado Bourbon Whiskey...$139.99 / 750ml
Finished with Aspen Wood Staves
Barrel Proof, Small Batch #24
Our favorite mistake… 291’s High Rye Colorado Bourbon was first created by accident when a double dose of rye was added to the bourbon recipe. After aging, the result was a delicious, complex bourbon that strikes a balance between 291’s Colorado Bourbon Whiskey and its Colorado Whiskey. This whiskey has a spice and fruitiness to round out the vanilla and oak. Made from corn, malted rye and malted barley mash. Presented at barrel proof.
64.1% Alc. / 128.2 PROOF
“This year’s 291 HR Colorado Bourbon whiskey greets your nose with fresh baked cinnamon rolls (emphasis on the cinnamon) and leather dusted with cocoa powder. Apricot and peach rings, along with toffee round out the sweetness, with cedar and pecans adding an earthy quality to the aroma. The cedar and cinnamon hit your palate upfront upon the first sip, and the toffee and leather move in right behind. Dried apricots guide the transition into the lengthy and spicy finish of oak, pepper, and cinnamon. This is a deliciously autumnal whiskey.”

Redbreast Irish Whiskey Family Collection

Amazing set, since we cannot even get the Lustau edition in regular bottles
Redbreast Irish Whiskey Family Collection...$19.99 / 3pk 50mls
Includes one 50ml of each
  • Redbreast 12 Year old 50ml
  • Redbreast 15 Year old 50ml
  • Redbreast Lustau Sherry Edition 50ml

Wild Common Tequila & Mezcal

The family-run distillery of Cascahuin (NOM 1123) has traditions dating back to 1904 and is under the watchful eye of Master Distiller Don Salvador Rosales Torres. Along with his sons Salvador (“Chava”), and Benjamin, the Rosales family creates some of the finest tequila on earth. We are proud to partner with this family distillery where tradition, sustainability, and quality matter. And we are honored to help tell their story to a new breed of conscious consumers (NOM 1123).

They just won a blind tasting at Tequila Matchmakers!
"Newcomers Trounce Celebrity Tequila Brands in Blind Tasting"
click here to read more


Wild Common Tequila Blanco...$67.99 / 750ml
Wild Common tequila blanco is a bright and clean tequila packed with flavors of agave sweetness laced with anise, citrus and minerals. It is produced from 100% blue weber agave and verified additive-free. This tequila is produced in the Jalisco Valley region by Master Distiller Salvador Rosales Trejo - aka “Chava” by friends and family. Complex in its profile, it highlights traditional production methods.

Wild Common Tequila Blanco Still Strength...$79.99 / 750ml
Wild Common still strength tequila blanco is an honest expression of agave with nothing to hide. Clean, bold agave flavors dominate this exceptional tequila blanco. Bright citrus, cinnamon, and anise lead the way while the velvety mouthfeel envelopes your palate. Long, warm, and complex, this tequila is for agave purists with the highest of standards. At 50% Alc./Vol., our team has unanimously chosen to 2x distill this tequila blanco to proof and not add any water. Master distiller Salvador Rosales Trejo - aka “Chava”, has flexed his lifetime of experience here. Salud.

Wild Common Ensamble Mezcal...$79.99 / 750ml
Maestro Mezcalero Joel Velasco has hand-selected mature espadin and tobala agave from his community in San Luis Del Rio, Oaxaca and masterfully blended them to produce an honest expression of terroir. The base of espadin brings an initial clean mouthfeel of green citrus, fresh herbs, and a hint of coconut. The tobala follows up with a warm butter flavor, floral notes, and is gentle and sweet on the finish. Approachable but wonderfully complex, this mezcal flexes its versatility while honoring artesanal traditions.

Verified Additive-Free

Mature agave, warm sunlight, and clean water. Our spirits are made with the highest quality raw materials and a transparent process to assure the purity of taste. And we allow each batch to show subtle differences and characteristics like the natural world intends.

Zuccardi Vinos de Pueblo Semillon

One of the best Semillons you will find!
2021 Zuccardi Vinos de Pueblo Semillon....$27.99

The 2021 Sémillon Polígonos del Valle de Uco comes from Tupungato, from a vineyard planted in 1974, and was aged and fermented in 500-liter barrels. Yellow in the glass. The aromas feature white flowers, honey and oily aromas. It’s broad in the mouth with good tension and sharp freshness, all well-balanced and integrated. The vivid finish has a lick of salinity.
Rated 94/100 Vinous Media
Creamy lemon, star fruit, green apple and some nougat. This is fresh and bright on the palate, showing a creamy and smooth texture and fresh, juicy acidity. Long and vibrant. Drink or hold.
Rated 94/100 James Suckling
Butter, toast, green apple and lime. On the palate it is rich, concentrated and beautifully balanced by attractive freshness. Drink 2022-2028
Rated 92/100 Decanter Magazine

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Weekend Flight-Malted Rye Battle Royale


Weekend Flight-Malted Rye Battle Royale
At the (IN)Famous Bar
inside The Wine and Cheese Place
Friday and Saturday, 4/14 & 4/15 Forsyth location only
Three ¾ ounce drams for $12

Hard Truth Malted Rye Sweet Mash Rye Whiskey...$76.99
Hard Truth Master Distiller’s Reserve Malted Rye Sweet Mash Rye Whiskey (RW-6) is a remarkable expression of 100 percent rye whiskey, showcasing the incredible depth and richness that can only come from the malting process.

New Riff 6 Year Malted Rye Whiskey. Bottled-in-Bond 100 proof
New Riff Straight Malted Rye Whiskey Bottled in Bond Without Chill Filtration. This style of whiskey is made of 100% malted rye grain, which is quite rare, even in today’s craft distilling scene. Malted rye is rye grain that has undergone the process of malting. When you malt a grain you alter and, arguably, improve and refine its flavor. That’s exactly what’s happened here, as the typically spicy flavor of rye becomes polished, refined, and subtle.

Kyro Distillery Malt Rye Whiskey...$64.99 / 750ml
Kyrö Malt is the first Finnish single-batch rye whisky, made from 100% malted Finnish wholegrain rye. It is double pot-distilled and aged in new American white oak casks. We use only intense and spicy Finnish rye, smoothening pot distillation, and bold barrels…
Taste profile
Nose: Aromatic, Vanilla, Caramel, Dried fruits, Earthy rye
Palate: Sweet rye bread, Honey,Wild berries; Smooth peppery finish with caramel and mocha

21st Amendment Watermelon Funk Sour Ale


21st Amendment Watermelon Funk Sour Ale...$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
We have transformed our summer time watermelon wheat beer into Watermelon Funk, a mind blowing, shake your booty, interlocking sour bass lines with syncopated sweet fruit notes and downbeat aromas and we give you all that in a signature groove with the hip and sway of Lady Liberty.