Thursday, June 25, 2009

Odell new releases!

In stock now at Forsyth..

Odell Woodcut No.2.....$24.99 / 750ml

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Very Limited!

"Aged in virgin, oak barrels, Woodcut No.2 is definitely a cut above. The color is a rich golden copper. Soft tannins complement the toffee-like malt character. And the aromas are reminiscent of fresh wood shop shavings and vanilla bean -- an irresistible combination. Each Woodcut offering is a truly limited-edition beer made with select hops. Fine malted barley and our brewers' carefull aging process. Enjoy" -- brewery

Lock, Stock and Barrel
Odell Brewing Releases Woodcut No. 2 Oak Aged Golden Ale
"...Odell Brewing will release the second barrel aged beer in its Woodcut series. Woodcut No. 2, an oak aged golden ale, was brewed over six months ago on the brewery’s pilot brewing system. The golden ale has been aging in virgin oak barrels and will bottle condition in cork finish, 750 ml bottles. Crafted with fine specialty malts and hops, Woodcut No. 2 is a golden copper color. The rich toffeelike malt character is balanced by soft tannins. Freshly cut wood and vanilla bean aromas compliment the beer’s smooth finish. Odell Brewing’s inaugural Woodcut offering was named one of the best beers of 2008 by Draft Magazine and Modern Brewery Age magazine. “Odell Brewing is pushing into new waters with grace and success with the Woodcut Series,” Draft Magazine.
Only 175 cases of the Woodcut No. 1 were released, and the beer sold out in one week. The second release will be limited to 350 cases, all hand signed and numbered.-- press release

In stock now!
Odell St. Lupulin Extra Pale Ale....$9.89 / 6pk
A seasonal available from June to September

"A mystical legend echoes in our brewhouse - that of St. Lupulin(loop-you-lin) the archetypal hophead. He devoted endless summers to endless rows of hops, tending to the flowers and the beloved resin within - lupulin Extraordinary oils in this yellow resin provide this dry-hopped extra pale ale with an undeniably pleasing floral aroma and clean, crisp finish. One sip of this seasonal summer ale and you too, will believe." -- Odell Brewing
6.5% Alcohol By Volume

Meet the Master Distiller

Jim Rutledge - Mellow Man on the Move
Jim Rutledge has been the Master Distiller
at Four Roses since 1995. It’s a vocation that requires the use of every one of his considerable talents: chemistry, artistry, craftsmanship, marketing and salesmanship. It’s a good thing he’s so passionate about Four Roses that he’s willing to do whatever is necessary to create and produce a Bourbon with perfect consistency day after day. As a member of the inaugural class of the Bourbon Hall of Fame, Jim watches over the character, quality and consistency of each barrel of Four Roses Bourbon. Every stage of the distillation process is critical and you’ll find Jim’s hands, eyes and nose – as well as his heart and soul in every one of them.
"Mr. Four Roses," as Jim has come to be known, takes both his passion and knowledge about making Bourbon with him wherever his travels take him. And as Four Roses biggest ambassador, Jim is truly a man in constant motion. There’s a new friend to make, a new story to tell and a little Bourbon to share each step along the way." -- Four Roses Website

Beer cans

More 12oz cans of craft beer are arriving...

Lion Brewery from Sri Lanka
Lion Stout...$8.49 / 6pk CANS
"Commercial Description:The 8.0 per cent abv, bottle conditioned beer is brewed from British, Czech and Danish malts with Syrian hops and an English yeast strain. All the ingredients are transported along precarious roads to the brewery located 3,500 feet above sea level."
Rated 96 by

Lion Imperial Lager...$8.49 6pk CANS
8% ABV
"Lion Imperial Lager from Sri Lanka is specially brewed to acheive it's high alcohol content. The finest natural ingredients deliver a rich, smooth taste and refereshment. Enjoy it's bite." -- brewery


St. Ambroise Vintage 2009....$5.99 / 11.5oz
20th Anniversary Ale

"Made with a blend of wheat and barley malts, including Munich malt, this unfiltered ale has a lovely deep-orange colour, rich maltiness, hints of caramelized fruit that recall plum pudding, and a surprisingly crisp, balanced finish provided by classic Goldings hops. Serve St-Ambroise Vintage Ale between 13 ºC and 15 ºC, preferably in a port glass or brandy snifter. Also, this vintage ale will improve with age for a number of years. Store in a cool, dark place." -- brewery

"20 years ago, McAuslan Brewing opened its doors on St-Ambroise Street, bringing beer lovers unparalleled beer experiences. Two decades later, we are still doing it. Brewed just once a year by Peter McAuslan and brew master, Ellen Bounsall, St. Ambroise Vintage Ale is the culmination of our experience and passion. Our previous vintage ales have won accolades and international awards. We expect no less from our 2009 series.
However, there is something special about this particular beer. We have done a lot of living in the last twenty years, and we have learned much about our craft. We are stronger now than we were in '89, thanks in large part to our staff, our customers and countless others who have helped us along on our journey.
Therefore, this particular St.-Ambroise Vintage Ale is a tribute to everone who has touched our lives in the past twenty years and helped us to brew truly great beer. From our home to yours."
Peter and Ellen.
Rated 98 percentile on RateBeer
(based on previous vintages)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Rare Beer!

Yes, these are BEERS!
Baladin - Italy
Teo Musso
2005 Xyauyu Copper Riserva.....$43.99 / pint
2006 Xyauyu Silver Riserva .........$43.99 / pint
2006 Xyauyu Gold Riserva..........$43.99 / pint

"We are entering now a world of magic, surprises, rhythm where the “sin of gluttony” can be committed without remorse. Here, Teo has made the “drawing room beers” or “dreaming beers” brewed with an oxidation
process called Solera, coming to an exceptional result. These beers (XYAUYU’) are marked with the three most important metals of gastronomy: gold, silver and copper. It is advisable to sip and enjoy them on a comfortable sofa, relaxing and daydreaming. The bottle when is opened remains unaltered and can be even drunk and appreciated within a long time. Teo Musso produces three versions Gold, Silver & Copper label which differ from each other in terms of degree of oxidation allowed and fruity perfumery aromas created. Brewing process: Primary fermentation for 25 days The maturation/aging follows the Method Solera ["adjusted by Teo"], wich was developed centuries ago by the Spanish and Portuguese to perfect the aging of their sherry and port. Teo's Method Solera:

Teo’s objective is to allow Xyauyu to perfectly oxidize during the aging proces of 2.5 years {oxidation plays a critical role in aging port, sherry, as well as our vintage beers - too much oxidation will ruin the liquid - too little will not optimize the change in flavor / aroma during the aging process} .Here’s how Teo's system works: Xyauyu is transfered to a steel vessel with transparent membrane and a "oxygen hat". After several tastings during the 2.5 year aging process Teo decides when it's time to bottle (it all depends upon the oxidation velocity). XYAUYU’" -- importer

2005 Xyauyu Copper Riserva "Etichetta Rame"
Copper label
This fine beer can be likened to an excellent Vin Santo.

2006 Xyauyu Silver Riserva "Etichetta Argento"
Silver label
It can be accurately compared to a drawing-room sherry.

2006 Xyauyu Gold Riserva "Etichetta Oro"
Golden label
This golden beer reminds of an enjoyable Madera or an intriguing Chateau Chalon of the French Jura.

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Black Tequila

Alce Negro Black Tequila....$45.99

A new 100 proof tequila. It is black in color, I cannot find out anything about it though. A customer requested we get it in and now we have it. All the bottle says is that it is 100% Agave.