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Hatozaki 12 Year Small Batch Umeshu Cask

Hatozaki 12 Year Small Batch Umeshu Cask...$119.99
Hatozaki Small Batch 12-Year-Old Umeshu Cask Finish is a 100% hand-crafted malt whisky, a blend of premium single malts, each aged for a minimum of 12 years in American Oak casks before being married and then further finished in bespoke barrels that previously held superior Umeshu liqueur for an additional 6 months.

Unpeated, rich & fruity, it offers a generous profile of cereals, with iodine notes, fresh pear, apricots and a delicate hint of malty honey. The yellow plum finish brings a lasting touch of sweetness.

Umeshu Cask Finished - Umeshu is a plum liqueur

Tepache Sazon Fermented Pineapple


Tepache Sazon Fermented Pineapple...$6.79 / 375ml bottle
Tepache Sazon Fermented Pineapple...$24.99 / 4pk

Tepache is an effervescent Mexican beverage made from a variety of fruits, most commonly pineapple. We make Tepache Sazón from a traditional recipe in the coastal village of San Pancho, Nayarit. We crush and ferment local hand-harvested pineapples with an emphasis on freshness and ripeness.
MADE IN México
ABV 7%

Appearance: Light, amber
Aroma: Crisp, ripe pineapple
Taste: Bursting with bright tropical fruit notes and perfectly balanced tartness. Finishes with a hint of toasted spices.

No Artificial Ingredients
We use locally-harvested pineapples, raw piloncillo, canela, and yeast in our production. We add sulfites to preserve color and flavor.

Naturally Gluten Free
Tepache Sazón is naturally gluten free, making it a fantastic alternative to your favorite beer when your stomach just isn’t feeling up to it

Mexico is the only place on the planet where real traditional tepache could ever exist. We have the ideal conditions for the fruits and spices to grow, as well as the right tropical weather that makes it so unique. It is time to recognize tepache, once again, as one of the great Mexican drinks and bring it back to the table to enjoy with friends and family.

An endemic fruit from the Americas, pineapple has a long history in Mexico. This king of fruits was grown and traded by the Mayan people before the arrival of the Spanish with ancient mosaics depicting its use in Mayan rituals. The exact origin of the seedless pineapple we know today has never been confirmed, but here in Mexico there exists a vast array of endemic Bromeliaceae species, of which the pineapple is a member. Pineapples are known as piña in Spanish and ananas throughout most of the world.

To cultivate our pineapples, we work with Memo Topete, whose family has established itself as a top multi-generational pineapple cultivator in the region. Their experience in all things related to pineapples is invaluable in planting, tending, and selecting fruit of the finest quality.

Although there are around 38 different varieties of pineapple in existence, Tepache Sazón is made from a specific type of pineapple called piña miel, translated as honey pineapple. This variety is a hybrid that is valued throughout the tropical Americas for its balanced sweetness and acidity.

This traditional ingredient is made by crushing fresh sugar cane and boiling it slowly until you get a thick syrup. It is finally dried in wooden molds to capture the rich flavor of this natural sugar cane juice. In the trapiche, the sugarcane is crushed, cooked, and dried the same day it is cut, to create the piloncillo “Sazón” – or piloncillo that is of the highest quality.

Puncher's Chance 14 yr Rum Finished Bourbon

On sale!  Save $40
Puncher's Chance 14 yr Rum Finished Bourbon...on sale.....$99.99
was $139.99 / 750ml
Puncher's Chance is inspired by two great American traditions: whiskey and fighting for what we believe in. Puncher's Chance The Left Cross is a rare finishing of the finest 14-year old bourbon in barrels that previously held award-winning, flavorful Jamaican dark rum. The result is a knockout punch of  a deep, rich caramel, brown sugar and vanilla, capturing the very essence of the Jamaican spirit. For those who step into the ring every day with nothing but victory on their minds, we offer The Left Cross. 

Alberta Premium Cask Strength Rye 63.7% ABV

More in stock

On sale!
Alberta Premium Cask Strength Rye..only...$51.99
Compare to $72.99 at Total Wine and More
63.7% ABV

This was the award for a previous batch that was 65.1% ABV
Alberta Premium Cask Strength named “World Whisky of the Year” by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2021

TORONTO, September 16, 2020 – Alberta Premium Cask Strength has been named “World Whisky of the Year” by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2021. Made and distilled in Calgary, Alberta, the spirit boasts 100% prairie rye mash bills and Rocky Mountain water, resulting in a liquid that is a true reflection of Canadian pride and craftsmanship. This distinction is the third to be received by Beam Suntory in the past seven years, with Booker’s® Rye Whiskey (awarded in 2017) and Yamazaki® Single Malt Sherry Cask (awarded in 2015) also attaining this best-in-class ranking.

“It is such an honor to be named World Whisky of the Year by Jim Murray and we are thrilled for our Alberta Distillers team,” said Albert Baladi, President & CEO, Beam Suntory. “To receive this prestigious honor is a testament to the team’s dedication and passion for crafting a premium spirit of the highest quality, and comes as at a time of Canadian whisky resurgence around the world.”

After being tasted alongside more than 1,252 whiskies in this year’s judging, Alberta Premium Cask Strength was noted by Jim Murray as “a succulence to the oils, balanced perfectly by ulmo and manuka honeys ensure for the most chewable Canadian mouthful possibly ever….and yet this is constantly salivating, from the very first nanosecond …Truly world-class whisky from possibly the world’s most underrated distillery. How can something be so immense yet equally delicate? For any whisky lover on the planet looking for huge but nearly perfectly balanced experience, then here you go. And with rye at its most rampantly beautiful, this is something to truly worship.”

Alberta Premium was named "Canadian Whisky of the Year" in Jim Murray's 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 Whisky Bibles. This year, Alberta Premium Cask Strength received Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Talisker 18 Year Single Malt Scotch

We have not seen this in years
Talisker 18 Year Single Malt Scotch....$162.99

Compare to $174.99 at Total Wine and More
Produced at the oldest distillery on the Isle of Skye, Talisker Single Malt Scotch Whisky has been made by the sea since 1830, with its smell and taste instantly connecting you to its rugged maritime home. Every sip is a taste of the Isle of Skye itself, one of the most remote, windswept yet beautiful landscapes in Scotland. With wonderful sweetness and warmth, intertwined with just a thread of smoke, Talisker 18 Year Old is an award-winning whisky that is rich and soft but still assertive. Named the ‘Best Single Malt Whisky in the World 2007’ at the World Whiskies Awards, Talisker 18 Year Old is a single malt masterpiece. Talisker 18 Year Old makes a perfect gift for connoisseurs looking to explore new depths of flavour amongst smoky island single malt whiskies.

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Pickle Vodka Sale!


Texacraft Pickle Vodka...$11.99/750ml
Regular Price...$15.99

Perfect for a Bloody Mary!

50 proof - We make sour pickle flavored vodka one batch at a time. Everyone here takes pride in making the best vodka on the planet. When you make quality the number one ingredient you always standout. Distilled from grain.

Huling Station / STL Bourbon Society / TWCP Single Barrel Bourbon

Single barrel selected by The St. Louis Bourbon Society
Huling Station / STL Bourbon Society / TWCP Single Barrel Bourbon...$69.99
Alex Castle, Master Distiller
111.24 proof
7 Years old
52% Corn, 44% Rye, and 4% Malted Barley

Dad's Hat - Pennsylvania Rye

Authentic Pennsylvania Rye
What is Pennsylvania Rye?

Pennsylvania-style rye or Old Monongahela rye is characterized by having a mash of just rye and malted barley, there is no corn in Pennsylvania style rye.

Dad's Hat - Pennsylvania
Bringing authentic Pennsylvania Style Rye Whiskey - rye grain, malt, no corn, sweet mash - back, one batch at a time, at our distillery in Bristol, PA
Our recipe was formulated working with the Artisan Distilling Program at Michigan State University over a two year period and is modeled after traditional Pennsylvania rye whiskey. Using high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients, a grain bill of 80% rye, 15% barley malt and 5% rye malt yields a flavorful mash that undergoes a weeklong, controlled fermentation to develop complex flavor. At the end of this week, the mash is ready for the first of two distillations.

Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye Small Batch....$37.99
90 proof
Our classic rye recipe features only rye grain and malt to deliver a pure expression of Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey. Barrel aging for least six months in charred, new oak quarter casks allows the genuine rye flavor to evolve quickly. As a result, the small batch whiskey is ensured of reaching the right balance of complexity and smoothness. The final product is a very smooth spirit that delivers the up-front spice that rye is known for while finishing with a full, round mouthfeel.
Whisky Advocate magazine named Dad’s Hat Pennsylvania Rye Whiskey as its Craft Whiskey of the Year for 2015.
“An excellent young rye. The nose is clean and complex; crushed grain, grasses, sweet spice and the bitter herbal note of rye. It’s all there on the tongue with a light barrel character, moving to a neatly integrated finish.”

Dad's Hat Pre-Prohibition Straight Rye Whiskey...$44.99
95 proof
The first Straight Rye made in Pennsylvania in over 25 years, this delicious whiskey is distilled farm-to-bottle in Pennsylvania with locally harvested grain and aged for a minimum of four years. The classic Pre-Prohibition flavor profile is the result of time-tested distilling methods and painstaking attention to detail.
Renowned whiskey critic & journalist Fred Minnick praises Dad’s Hat Straight Rye Whiskey in his video review… “This is what a Pennsylvania Rye is supposed to be. Like opening a bag of sweet feed — molasses, oats, dirt… This is a rye! This is how a rye is supposed to taste. Herbs, sweetness, spice. Really, really nice… Dad’s Hat tastes like Pre-Prohibition Pennsylvania Rye.”

Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Straight Rye Bottled in Bond....$64.99
100 proof
This is a whiskey of integrity that should be tasted in its full, bond-certified glory.
A blend of five specifically selected barrels, distilled in the same season, were used to blend this spirit, resulting in deep, rich, concentrated flavor. After maturing in these barrels for 5 years, the emerging whiskey is a classic Pre-Prohibition Pennsylvania Bottled in Bond.

Vermouth Barrel Finish
Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye Finished in Vermouth Barrel....$44.99
94 proof
For our modern classic Vermouth Finish Rye, we’ve selected casks previously inhabited by Quady Winery’s Vya Sweet Vermouth to create an amazing double finish rye. The process takes our classic rye, already matured for at least six months, and ages for an additional three months in select vermouth barrels. The warm, balanced flavor of American vermouth coupled with our smooth, spicy rye delivers an exceptional nose with a distinctive taste and character all its own.

Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye Finished in Port Barrel...$39.99
94 proof
Rich port wine flavor meets genuine rye spice as we add another unique double finish rye to the ranks with our Port Wine Finish Rye. This rye is double finished for an additional three months in separate barrels which previously contained port wine, made with red grapes and known for a fruity, pleasant sweetness.
Gold Medal winner and a 91-point rating from the Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago.

Dad's Hat Pennsylvania Rye Finished in Maple Syrup Barrel...$44.99
90 Proof
We take our used whiskey barrels, fill them with delicious maple syrup sourced from Somerset County, Pennsylvania and allow that maple syrup to rest in those barrels for several months – picking up the wonderful essence of the whiskey flavor. In turn, these wooden barrels become saturated with the flavor of the maple syrup. Then we empty the maple syrup from the barrels (and sell it), and refill the barrels with aged whiskey. We let this whiskey age another several months to allow it to absorb the natural maple flavor left behind. We do not add any artificial flavors or chemicals to our whiskey – we only want the maple flavor to influence the whiskey, not overwhelm it.

Joseph Drouhin Gevrey-Chambertin at a Great Price!


2019 Joseph Drouhin Gevrey-Chambertin AC...$59.99
Regular price....$69.99
SAVE $10!!

Accented by violet blossom, musk and scorched earth, this gloriously red-berried Pinot Noir has quite a complex nose. Matured 14 to 18 months in oak (20% new), it's voluminous and rounded yet penetrates with ripe, pristine blackberry and cassis flavors. The supple, silky wine should approach peak by 2024 and improve through 2035. 
Rated 94/100 Wine Enthusiast

Located in the north of the Côte de Nuits, Gevrey-Chambertin is world-famous, not only for its superlative Grand Crus, but also for all its other vineyards.

Gevrey is of course the village where the Grand Cru Chambertin vineyard is located. Vines have been cultivated here since 630AD, when a certain Bertin decided to emulate the monks, his neighbours. The wine he made turned out to be spectacular - and the rest is history!

2019 holds the promise of the great Burgundian vintages ending in 9. The great maturity has given ample and silky wines. They are charming and full of delicacy. A great vintage.

Aelred Coiron Jaune Herbal Liqueur

We have trouble getting any Chartreuse, we have some Green substitutions, but this is the first yellow sub!
Aelred Coiron Jaune Herbal Liqueur...$44.99 / 700ml
43% ABV
made from around fifty plants, flowers, barks, and spices infused and macerated, then distilled and sweetened with honey before being placed in barrels for aging. A great substitute for yellow Chartreuse.

Old Potrero Single Barrel Toasted Barrel Rye

Old Potrero Single Barrel Toasted Barrel Rye..$79.99 / 700ml
  • Non Chill Filtered
  • Aged 6 Years 9 Months
  • 133 proof
  • 100% Malted Rye
Missouri Limited Release Edition #1
The Barrel: 24 Month Air Dried, extra fine grain, toasted new American Oak

J. Lohr Paso Robles Syrah

The 2021 version of this wine was just named The Wine Enthusiast #1 Top Best Buy of the year! We do not have that vintage, but have the 2020 version and it did well too!

2020 J. Lohr Paso Robles Syrah...$14.99

Rich and dense on the nose, this affordably priced, widely available bottling offers aromas of roasted berry, mesquite, cracked pepper and iodine. The structure is firm on the palate, where persistent elderberry and black-plum flavors are layered in iodine, soy and charred meat, finishing on an oak note.
Best Buy
Rated 92/100 The Wine Enthusiast

Perrin 2021 Cotes du Rhone Reserve Blanc was the #2 Best Buy!

Perrin 2021 Cotes du Rhone Reserve Blanc was the #2 Best Buy this year from The Wine Enthusiast Top 100, and the #1 spot went to a red wine, so that makes this the #1 white value!

2021 Perrin Cotes du Rhone Reserve BLANC...$12.99
Fragrance of pomelo, fresh Meyer lemon, yuzu, yellow peaches, white mushroom and peppercorn come together for an elegant, yet bright nose. A saline palate with yellow apples, Bosc pears, white mushrooms and fresh vanilla is carried to a round mouthfeel, with a lengthy and enjoyable finish. — Anna-Christina Cabrales
Rated 92/100 The Wine Enthusiast

empleton Rye 10 Year Old Single Barrel

Limited releases in stock
10 year in stock now!

Templeton Rye 10 Year Old Single Barrel...$79.99
104 proof
Aged a full decade in charred new American oak, Templeton 10 year rye is bottled from a hand-selected single barrel.
With an extremely limited production, Templeton 10 Year Rye is the choice for discerning whiskey enthusiasts and life’s special occasions where only the best will do.

Rolling Fork Small Batch Rum Amburana Odyssey

We only scored 8 bottles!
Rolling Fork Small Batch Rum Amburana Odyssey...$89.99

Limited release
  • Minimum of 9 years
  • Bardados Rum by FOURSQUARE
  • 120.6 proof
  • Batch AMB-FS-2023
Rolling Fork aged it for six months in Amburana oak casks and then transferred it to hand-selected, low-char, heavy-toast bourbon and rye whiskey casks for additional aging.

Blend of
26% Rum aged 9 years in Bourbon, Amburana oak and toasted bourbon casks #224149
19% Rum aged 9 years in Bourbon, Amburana oak and toasted bourbon casks #224150
27% Rum aged 11 years in bourbon, Amburana oak and toasted rye casks #224122
28% Rum aged 11 years in bourbon, Amburana oak and toasted rye casks #224123

Thursday, October 5, 2023

BR Distilling Company Tasting Tomorrow


Tasting with BR Distilling Company tomorrow!
Friday October 6th from 4pm-6pm at The Wine and Cheese Place Creve Coeur

Come and try:
  • Riverset Small Batch Straight Rye Whiskey
  • Riverset Rum Finished in Rye Casks
  • Blue Note Crossroads
  • Blue Note TWCP Single Barrel

North Shore Distillery Tasting


Saturday October 7th from 12-3pm
The Wine and Cheese Place Creve Coeur
457 N New Ballas Rd
North Shore tasting featuring:

  • Vodka
  • Vodka Sol
  • Sirene
  • Aquavit
  • Gin
  • Gin No. 11

Friday October 27th Penelope tasting at Wine and Cheese Place Kirkwood!

Friday October 27th from 4-6pm
The Wine and Cheese Place Kirkwood
10451 Manchester Rd

Join Kathryn Crumrine from Penelope distillery to sample these amazing whiskies. We'll have the original four grain, barrel strength, Architect, and toasted Bourbons open to sample as well as our own toasted single barrel selection.

New Additions to the (in)Famous Bar

New Additions to the (in)Famous Bar
Stop by the shop, say hello to Whiskey Dave and buy a dram.
All pours are ¾ ounce


Laws Whiskey House 7 Year Rye Whiskey 100 Proof Bottled-in-Bond…$6
95% Heirloom Rye, 5% Malted Barley
Old Elk Bourbon Cigar Cut Batch #2 Island Blend…$10
6 Year Old Old Elk high-malt bourbon finished in sherry and port casks 6-year-old Old Elk rye finished in rum casks 6-year-old Old Elk wheat finished in sauternes casks.
15 Stars Bourbon Private Stock 107 proof...$10
A Blend of Kentucky Straight Bourbons Aged 7 & 15 Years
15 Stars Bourbon Triple Cask Limited Release...$13
A Blend of Kentucky Straight Bourbons finished in
Cognac, Port & Rum casks Aged 16 & 8 years



Ingelred Caol Ila 10 Year Old Islay Single Malt Scotch Cask Strength…$11
Ingelred Ben Nevis 13 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch…$11
Blackadder Chimera Cask Strength Blended Malt Scotch…$11
No age statement ex bourbon finished in oloroso and PX sherry
Blackadder Macduff 14 Year Raw Cask Speyside Single Malt Scotch…$13
Blackadder Benrinnes 15 Year Raw Cask Single Malt Scotch…$13
Barbados Rum Cask Finish
Blackadder Raw Cask Peat Reek Embers Single Malt Scotch…$13
Amontillado Sherry Cask Finish


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Komes Polish Beer


Komes Raspberry Porter...$14.99 / 4pk 11.2oz btls
Komes Raspberry Porter...$3.99 / 11.2oz btls
Komes Raspberry Porter is a multi-dimensional, bottom-fermented beer. At the maturing stage, it is enriched with raspberry juice, Madagascar vanilla and Indian chilli peppers. It offers a unique combination of sweetness from the porter and vanilla and fruity notes of raspberries, topped with a slightly spicy finish. Despite its strength, the beer is extremely drinkable and reminiscent of chocolate and vanilla ice-cream. Over time in bottle, it changes its profile to increasingly mild when the notes of the roasted malts transform into dark fruits, reinforcing the beer’s fruity aspect.
Komes Imperial Amber Ale...$4.49 / 16.9oz bottle
Komes Imperial Amber Ale is an extraordinary beer created in order to commemorate 125 years of the Fortuna Brewery’s operations. This is a genuine speciality: a strong beer with a wonderful amber hue, dry-hopped with a mixture of several hop varieties. It is brewed with the addition of malt roasted at Browar Fortuna, in compliance with more than 100 years of the brewery’s craft tradition. The drink’s bouquet and flavour will change over time, owing to the natural, time-consuming fermentation taking place in the bottle. It will win any beer lover’s heart with its fruity notes combined with touches of hops, resin and roasted malt.
Komes Imperial Stout...$4.49 / 16.9oz bottle
Komes Barley Wine is a malt beverage with natural flavors, featuring a rich and malty character and an intense aroma. A top-fermented beer with a very rich, intense aroma and a complex taste in which malty sweetness perfectly harmonizes with a well-marked but smooth bitterness.
Komes Barleywine...$4.49 / 16.9oz bottle
Komes Imperial Stout is a strong and intensive, top-fermented beer brewed with Ukrainian hop varieties (Klon and Slovianka). The flavour is distinctly roasted with coffee and chocolate notes thanks to roasted barley. After long storage in the brewery, the alcohol in the beer does not irritate but rather delicately warming. Rich and oily owing to rye malt. Within 36 months of its minimum shelf life, it becomes smoother and acquires more and more dark fruit notes.

St. Bernardus Christmas Ale and Variety Pack

St. Bernardus Variety Pack with 2 Glasses...$35.99 / 6pk 11.2oz bottles with 2pk Glasses

Each Pack Includes One Each:

ABT 12: Abt 12 is brewed in the classic quadrupel style. It brims over with different, complex tastes and stands out through its long, bittersweet finish
10% ABV
Tripel: Tripel is a blonde beer with an inviting golden hue and a soft head of froth. It has a flowery, fruity taste in which bitter an sweet merge harmoniously
8% ABV
Pater 6: Pater 6 is brewed according to the classic Dubbel style with a recipe that dates back to 1946. It's a chestnut-brown, dark beer with a creamy head
6.7% ABV
Wit: Wit is a traditional unfiltered Belgian wheat beer. The fresh aromas of coriander and orange are perfectly balanced with the notes of pungent clove and fruity lemon
5.5% ABV
Prior 8: Prior 8 is chestnut brown and presenting a lovely rounded head. The full taste is malty and fruity in equal measure and achieves the perfect balance between bitter and sweet
ABV 8%
Extra 4: Extra 4 is a refreshing blonde beer with a snoey-white collar. Zesty and floral touches are perfectly balanced by the aroma of hops
4.8% ABV

St. Bernardus Christmas Ale...$21.99 / 4pk 11.2oz btls
St. Bernardus Christmas Ale...$5.99 / 11.2oz btl
St. Bernardus Christmas Ale is a dark, seasonal beer, full of wintery character and flavours that we brew every year ready for the festive season.
ABV 9.8
This beer takes on a splendid dark-brown colour that is topped off with a cream-coloured layer of froth.
Character, taste, aromas
St.Bernardus Christmas Ale is an intensely dark beer with a full, yet slightly fruity flavour, overflowing with the tastes of winter and zesty seasonal aromas. Aniseed notes are complemented by hints of creamy caramel and fire-roasted chestnuts. This zestiness shows no signes of abating, pushing through to a magnificent finish of dried fruits and chocolate. Just like all of our beers, this brew bears the imprint of the unique St.Bernardus yeast (dating back to 1946), that gives it its own special complexity. Simply stated, St.Bernardus Christmas Ale is the perfect degustation beer to warm your heart and bring a glow to your loved ones on a cold winter night.
Christmas and chocolate is a tried and trusted combination, and the Christmas Ale forms a perfect match with a wide variety of desserts, but especially those made with chocolate. Also, when game is in season, make sure you serve a Christmas Ale. A less obvious pairing that is perfect in its own special way can be made with Scandinavian dishes, rich with wintery spices.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

15 Stars Bourbon and Rye

15 Stars is getting huge press - limited releases!
Our first load from them!  See awards and press at the bottom

15 Stars Rye First West....$79.99
A Blend of Straight Rye Whiskeys from America’s First West Aged 6, 7, and 8 years.
  • Limited Release
  • Batch 001
  • Bottled at 105 Proof
Tasting Notes
Nose: An exquisite blend of aromas revealing layers of floral, dried fruit, and spice notes.
Palate: Dried apricot, ginger, cinnamon, green tea, and lavender lead to a rich palate showcasing the aged rye whiskey components. Deeper on the palate, hints of dark cocoa balance traditional herbal tea, honey, and tobacco.
Finish: A long finish balances light caramel with lingering ground pepper and rye spice.

15 Stars Bourbon Private Stock 107 proof...$119.99
A Blend of Kentucky Straight Bourbons
  • Aged 7 & 15 Years
  • Limited Release
  • Bottled at 107 Proof
Tasting Notes
Nose: On the nose, the fresh scent of cinnamon, rose petals, and apricot rest on rich maple and oak.
Palate: Citrus and spice form an inviting balance with caramel and almonds to produce a satisfyingly round palate.
Finish: The experience is concluded by a long and soft toasted oak finish.

15 Stars Bourbon Triple Cask Limited Release...$159.99
  • Batch: 001
  • 105 Proof
A Blend of Kentucky Straight Bourbons finished in 
  • Cognac
  • Port
  • Rum casks
Aged 16 & 8 years
Tasting Notes
Nose: Layers of baked blackberry with cream, brown sugar, and nutmeg open up into aromas of leather, and cigar box to build a complex nose that continues to develop in the glass.

Palate: Dark fruit and nutmeg make an appearance along with vibrant cognac, but eventually give way to caramel and aged oak, showing the strong character of the aged bourbons in the blend.

Finish: Similar to the palate, the finish begins with a burst of rich port wine sweetness which transitions into seasoned oak and worn leather.

Over 35 significant awards and recognitions from whiskey competitions

15 Stars highlights!
i. 15 STARS is currently 1 of 4 finalists for the Worldwide Whiskey Producer Trophy from the 2023 International Wine and Spirit Competition in London
ii. 15 STARS’ first release, the 14 YO Timeless Reserve, was 1 of 3 finalists for Best Straight Bourbon at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition
iii. An upcoming release, 15 STARS First West Bourbon, was 1 of 2 finalists for Best Straight Bourbon at the 2022 New York World Wine and Spirits Competition

Current Products - Awards and Recognitions

15 Stars 7&15 Year Private Stock Bourbon -awards

i. 2022 IWSC 95 point rating
ii. 2022 Ascot Awards double platinum medal winner
iii. 2022 Ultimate Spirits Challenge 93 point rating
iv. 4 barrel rating from breaking bourbon -

15 Stars Triple Cask - awards
i. 2023 IWSC 95 point rating
ii. 2023 Ascot Awards platinum medal winner
iii. 9/10 rating from Whiskey Consensus -

15 Stars First West Rye
i. 2023 IWSC 91 point rating
ii. 2023 Ascot Awards gold medal winner

Shiner Holiday Cheer

Shiner Holiday Cheer Ale...$9.99 / 6pk
Ale brewed with peaches and pecans