Friday, September 5, 2008

Featured Chocolate -- Michel Cluizel

"Michel Cluizel Chocolate Factory is one of the world's few cocoa bean transformers. Since 1997 it has adopted a specific approach, developing durable relations with renowned planters in a spirit of sustainable fair trade." -- Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel Grand Noir ...3.5oz...$5.19
Dark Chocolate 85% Cocoa
"The exceptional strength of this chocolate frees the intense aromas, lingering long on the palate, of its cocoas from South America, Africa, Java." -- Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel Noir...3.5oz...$5.19
Dark Chocolate 72% Cocoa
"A strong aroma of noble, and refined flavours, lingering long in the mouth, is expressed by this strong chocolate composed of cocoas from South America, Africa and Java" -- Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel Grand Lait...$5.19
Milk Chocolate 45% Cocoa
With an exceptional cocoa content, this ample and generous milk chocolate reveals its refined and very morish nature on the palate, expressing charming notes of carameland hazelnuts" -- Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel Noir au Grue de Cacao...3.5oz...$5.19
Dark Chocolate with Cocoa Bean Pieces
"This "grue" is made from small fragments of cocoa beans specifically producted by the Island of Santo Domingo. After fermentation and drying, the beans are roasted, their shells removed, then ground and blended with the chocolate for a fine chocolate-cocoa harmony." -- Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel Grand Lait aux Noisettes...3.5oz...$5.79
Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts
"The hazelnuts are slowly roasted and delicately ground, allowing their unique and subtle aroma to infuse the chunky, crunchy chocolate." -- Michel Cluizel

The 1er Cru Plantations
Since 1907, I've begun my search for remarkable plantations to create these chocolates, each composed of exceptional cocoa beans from a single plantation. To be enjoyed and compared like fine wines." -- Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel 1er Los Ancones...3.5oz...$5.79

Santo Domingo -- 67% Cocoa - Dark Chocolate
"Lenghthily worked, the beans release in this chocolate their aromas of liquorice wood, then red berries and greens olives with a lingering flavour of dried currants and apricots" -- Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel 1er Mangaro...3.5oz...$5.79
Madagascar -- 65% Cocoa - Dark Chocolate
"These cocoa beans have enabled me to develop a highly flavoured chocolate, blending aromas of exotic fruits, delicious flavoures of honey spice cake and acidulated hints of citrus fruits." -- Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel 1er Maralumi...3.5oz...$5.79
Papau, New Guinea -- 64% Cocoa - Dark Chocolate
"The cocoa beans give this mellow chocolate slightly roasted and spicy flavours, fresh notes of green bananas and acidulates flavours of red currants prolonged by charming aromas of Havana tobacco leaves." -- Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel 1er Maralumi...3.5oz...$5.79
Papau, New Guinea -- 47% Cocoa - Milk Chocolate
Its strongly aromatic milk chocolate, expresses in the mouth, the characteristic notes of bananas, red berries and blue berries emanate progressively in an herbaceous harmony and then in " salty caramel". -- Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel 1er Crus de Plantation...$11.99
A boxed assortment of 16 pieces from 5 different plantations. A great way to try an assortment of some of the best chocolates.

Michel Cluizel Le Nuancier...$35.99
An assortment of 70 pieces in an attractive gift box. Assortment of 7 different 1er Cru Plantations including both dark chocolate and milk chocolate.

Michel Cluizel Les Champignons...3pk...$7.99
Beautiful chocolates filled with rich caramel.

Beer new releases...

Ayinger Oktoberfest...$2.79 / pint

Coney Island Freaktoberfest

Mendocino Oktoberfest

Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale...$8.49 / 6pk
"Each fall we celebrate our anniversary as one of America’s craft brewing pioneers with a special beer. Anniversary Ale is an American-style IPA featuring Cascade hops, the signature hop used in our Pale Ale. The beer has a pronounced pine and citrus hop aroma balanced by the sweetness of two-row pale and caramel malts. The result is an unusually well-balanced IPA that proves an IPA can be both assertive and elegant. Anniversary Ale is a medium-bodied, well-hopped ale that finishes with a slight malt sweetness." -- Sierra Nevada

Southern Tier Oat Oatmeal Stout...$7.49 / 22oz
“brewed for the harvest” This beer begins in spring when oat seeds are sown as soon as the soil can be worked. Meanwhile, select types of barley are planted with hopes that Mother Nature will be kind. Our brewers wait patiently until the legumes are mature and ready for the scythe. Upon delivery to the brewery, these ingredients are mixed together in the mash tun where they steep, creating a rich molasses-like liquid. Spicy hops are boiled with the thick brew, giving balance and complexity. Brewers yeast feasts upon the rich sugars, concluding its transformation into oatmeal stout. Pour Oat into a snifter, allow its thick tan head to slowly rise, releasing unbridled aromas. The color of Oat is as dark as a moonless night. The fi rst sip reveals Oat’s thick and nourishing taste. Like a haversack to a horse, a bottle of this stout is a meal in itself. Enjoy responsibly." -- Southern Tier

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This week's specials...

Amazing Beer Specials!

La Fin du Monde...4pk...$7.59
Avery Salvation...22oz...$4.99
Avery The Reverend...22oz...$4.99
Rochefort “8”...11oz...$3.99
Left Hand Twin Sisters...22oz...$7.49

Come in for some great Wine Specials!
prices too good to print!
(prices good through 9/6/08)

Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Beer Department in West County.

The Wine and Cheese Place in West County
Ballwin, MO 636-227-9001

(plus plenty of COLD beer now)
We have expanded our beer selection at our Ballwin location. Go in and check it out. New beers include:
Dieu de Ciel Peche Mortel
Avery (The Beast, Kaiser, 14er ESB, Red Point, Karma, IPA, Ellie's Brown, Collaboration, Salvation, Reverend, Hog Heaven)
Nogne (#100, IPA, Stout, Porter)
Mikkeller (Black Stout, Draft, Black Hole, Stateside IPA, All Others Pale)
Toren (Angelique, Jan de Lichte, Saison D'Erpe-Mere)
Nils Oscar (Kalasol, Barley Wine, IPA)
Brasserie de Franches Montagnes (Abbaye de Saint Bon Chien, Cuvee du 7eme, La Meule)
Bells Brewery (Two Heart, Oberon, Amber, Pale Ale, Stout, Porter, Third Coast)
De Molen (Rasputin, Storm & Averij)

and many others:
Westmalle, Leffe, Hoegaarden, Staropramen, Czechvar, Zatec, Grotten, Loterbol, Kasteel Rouge, La Senne, Chimay, Haandbryggeriet, Watou, Boulevard Smokestack, Odells, Left Hand, O'Fallon, Schlafly, Moosbacher, Unibroue, Hobgoblin, BrewDog, Paradox, Kronenbourg, Aecht, Schneider, Spaten, Weihenstephaner, Aventinus, Monschoff, Bitburger, Dinkel Acker, Baird, Meantime, Old Peculier, Ola Dubh, Belhaven, Skullsplitter, Belhavens, Macqueens Nessie, Rulles, Achel, Bear Republic, Maredsous, Alvinne, 't Smisje, Rochefort, Magners, Southern Tier, Grande Blanche, Rogue, Great Divide, Abita, and more....