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Just in time for this brutal St. Louis hot weather!

2014 Domaine Monplézy Coteaux du Languedoc “PLAISIRS ROSE”...$15.99
Monplézy’s rosé is made from a combination of press juice from Cinsault and Syrah grapes, and a saignée from Grenache grapes. The wine is vinified in temperature controlled tanks.  This wine is deep pink in color, with fuchsia highlights in the glass. The nose is expressive with strawberry aromas and floral notes. The mouth is fleshy, with red fruit flavors, dominated by raspberry and cherry. The lively crisp finish, makes this a nice quaffing wine, ideal for fish, light grilled meats, or simply sipping on the back porch.

Rieger Midwestern Kansas City Vodka

Rieger Midwestern Vodka...$19.99
Kansas City Vodka
Our Midwestern Premium Vodka conveys a clean and smooth flavor, as well as a full body and rich texture.  distilled in a copper pot still, we utilize a blend of potato, wheat, and corn to give our Vodka a balance of flavor and aroma that is unlike any other.

Forsyth Cheese Feature: Camembert with Calvados

Two of the greatest products of Normandy come together....Camember and Calvados!

Graindorge Camembert Au Calvados Cheese
Country of Origin: France
Region: Normandy
Milk Type: Pastuerized Cow
Flavor Profile: Apples, mushrooms, and cream.
One of France’s most famous cheeses, Camembert is a bloomy rind, cow’s milk cheese from the northern region of Normandy. This version gets a Calvados bath (lucky!). The legendary apple-brandy infuses the cheese with a warm apple-ey flavor and aroma. Perfect for baking en croute, and delicious eaten with Minnesota grown apples.

TWCP House Made Fresh Mozzarella

Fresh Mozzarella - made in house.

Years ago we used to make our own fresh Mozzarella.  Well, due to popular demand, we are making it again. 

TWCP House Made Fresh Mozzarella...$8.99 / lb
Fresh Mozzarella is mild and delicate flavor with an elastic and springy texture. Fresh Mozzarella is traditionally served with sliced tomatoes, basil, extra virgin olive oil and salt, called Insalata Caprese. Fresh Mozzarella is also perfect on pizza, for pasta dishes like lasagna, as an appetizer added to bruschetta, or melted on vegetables.

New Ballas Location Cheese Feature: Barber's 1833 Cheddar

 Each store stocks a different selection, check each store for details.  Come in for a taste, all of our cheese is cut fresh to order

Barber's 1833 Cheddar
Barber's 1833 Vintage Reserve Cheddar represents the summit of our achievements in making cheddar over six generations. Only a few vats each month are deemed good enough to be matured for 24 months to reach its full potential.

The result is a cheddar that is powerful in its intensity with an unrivalled complexity and depth of flavour. Whilst the cheese retails a distinctive smooth and creamy background it often produces a slightly crunchy texture that is a result of the natural development of calcium lactate crystals late in the ageing process.

A must for the cheese board or as an ingredient to add fantastic depth and intensity to a recipe.

WOW - Wine of the Week - Barroubio Minervois Rose

2014 Domaine de Barroubio Minervois Rosé...$13.99
40% Syrah, 60% Grenache
The Barroubio Rosé is “rosé de saignée”. This means that juice is pulled out of the tank before the red grape skins have an opportunity to add much color to the wine. Since the juice is white and the skins are deep red, the result of this process is a brilliant pink color with hints of fuchsia.  This is a beautiful bright pink rosé with a subtle magenta hue. The nose is perfumed with hints of strawberry, cherry, and floral notes. In the mouth the wine is dominated by cherry and raspberry flavors. The finish is vibrant, and very mineral, making this wine a great aperitif. However, Barroubio’s rosé is also a perfect match for salmon, pork tenderloin, and poultry dishes.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Farm Fresh Eggs

We should have fresh eggs next week.  Dry Dock had some flooding with all the rain and we have not been able to get eggs for a week.

Non factory produced from right here in Missouri -- in stock now!!!

"We grow with nature, not against it" -- Dry Dock
Dry Dock Farm Heritage Breed Farm Fresh Eggs...$4.99 / per dozen
* Cage Free * Free Range * Hand Gathered *
* Antibiotic and Hormone Free * Small Flock Eggs *

What is Heritage Breed?
Basically many of these "heritage" breeds of chickens (and other animals) were becoming threatened because the large egg producers were favoring chickens that produced a quantity of eggs and not quality. To quote The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC), "Modern food production now favors the use of a few highly specialized breeds selected for maximum output in a controlled environment. Many traditional livestock breeds have lost popularity and are threatened with extinction. These traditional breeds are an essential part of the American agricultural inheritance."

Some of the Heritage breeds that Dry Dock has includes:
Ameraucana Chickens - "Easter Egg Chicken" -- produces blue and green eggs
Barred Plymouth Rock Chickens -- Brown Eggs - pre-World War II - this was the most popular and most likely the eggs being eaten.
Rhode Island Red Chicken -- Light to Dark Brown Eggs
New Hampshire Chicken (see picture from Wikipedia above) -- Light brown eggs

"Dry Dock Farm is 3 acres of rich river bottom land near the village of Silex, Missouri. We purchased our farm in 2005. We are remodeling our turn of the century farm house and barn.
We grow Heirloom vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Our Heirloom tomatoes are bursting with that old time “picked from Grandma’s garden flavor”. We grow our produce and flowers using bio-intensive, no chemicals, no GMO seeds, and we enrich our soil with natural minerals, cover crops, worm castings and compost. We also raise Heritage chickens, turkeys, geese. ducks and assorted other poultry. Our birds are raised on pasture with fresh air and sunshine. They are fed a vegetarian diet, to provide you with the best tasting farm fresh eggs.

Dry Dock Farms runs a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
In basic terms, CSA consists of a pledge support to a farm operation so that the farmland becomes, either legally or spiritually, the community’s farm, with the growers and consumers providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production. Members or shareholders of the farm or garden pledge in advance to cover the anticipated costs of the farm operation and farmer’s salary. In return, they receive shares in the farm throughout the growing season as well as satisfaction gained from reconnecting to the land. (USDA definition)

Read more about CSA

Fillibuster - Gin, Bourbon and Rye!

Filibuster Dual Cask Bourbon....$39.99
Dual Cask aging is what makes our small batch whiskies stand apart from the crowd. Whiskey derives its deep golden color, signature aroma and smooth flavors of vanilla, caramel and spice from aging in fully charred American White oak barrels, or “casks”. This aging process has long been the heart and soul of good whiskey.

After several years, once our whiskies have developed a robust richness and a mellow golden hue, we taste and assemble the final blend… but instead of going right to bottling, we allow the batch to “rest” a while – a few months or longer, in 225 liter casks made of French oak previously used in the aging of wine. The tighter grain and subtle flavor profile of these older French oak barrels adds a degree of elegance and finesse to the finished whiskey – nothing overpowering, but a layer of stylish complexity that really pulls all the components together.
Our way costs more, and takes more time, but the results speak for themselves – Filibuster: Be Heard!

Filibuster Dual Cask Rye Whiskey....$39.99
Rye Whiskey is the quintessential American whiskey. At the turn of the last century, distilleries flourished in the east – especially in Western Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York. Rye was the grain of choice, as it made light, spicy whisky that was fabulous neat, or in a cocktail – the original Manhattan recipe calls for Rye…think sweet and spicy.

When Prohibition became the law of the land in 1920, most of the distilleries that made rye whiskey were forced to shut down. Spirit production moved underground, and corn was widely utilized, as it was abundant and cheap. Corn whiskey became the new normal, and Rye was largely forgotten, except when depicted in Hollywood westerns -no self-respecting cowboy would be caught dead drinking anything else!

Today top-quality American Rye is being demanded by whiskey drinkers once again, and Filibuster is making sure their voices are heard! We blend small batches of traditionally-crafted spicy young rye whiskey with a bit of barrel aged bourbon for balance, and let ‘em talk it out for a few months in wine-seasoned French oak casks before bottling. The result is our Dual Cask Rye a unique whiskey that showcases Rye’s firey spice, but is uncommonly smooth going down. This unique process takes more time, and cost more money, but we think the results speak for themselves. Filibuster: Be Heard!

Filibuster Dual Cask Gin Baba...$34.99
"Our master blender works in small batches, carefully choosing aromatic botanicals like locally grown Holy Basil, Rosemary and Lemon Verbena.  We then call on American, and wine seasoned French oak barrels to add power, depth and complexity.  The result is a unique, flavorful gin we are proud to call Gin "Baba", a respectful tribute to those who have given us wisdom, advice and inspiration in pursuit of our passion."

Ardbeg Perpetuum

Ardbeg Perpetuum Single Malt Scotch....$102.99
Limit 1 per person while supply lasts.  You have 7 days to pick up your order or we will release it to the shelf.  Thanks.
to reserve click below

A never-ending, rich and enticing combination of classic Ardbeggian notes and incredibly creamy flavours.

Its incredible balance… its complexity... its peaty perfection... The reasons we love Ardbeg are endless. So it’s fitting that the name of our Ardbeg Day 2015 bottling should reflect our ultimate quest – to keep making incredible whisky forever and ever.

We’ve named it Ardbeg Perpetuum and it’s Ardbeg’s past, present and future – bottled. Dr Bill Lumsden, our Whisky Creator, has taken inspiration from the differing styles of whisky his predecessors have created over the last 200 years…

Colour: Deep Amber.

Aroma: Mellow, rich and enticing, with the unmistakable Ardbeggian combination of tar, soot and pine resin. This leads into dark chocolate, treacle toffee, coffee grinds and a distant, nutty/ oaky note. A splash of water initiates a burst of fresh, briny sea-spray with a hint of salt, some linseed oil, and then some more of the classic Ardbeg pine resin/ lime top note. A remarkably fresh bouquet for such a peaty whisky.

Mouthfeel: Creamy and mouth-coating, slightly chewy.

Taste: Intense, robust peat smoke, savoury smoky bacon, cinnamon and nutmeg, but also an incredible creamy, sweet vanilla/milk chocolate note, which soothes the palate.

The never-ending aftertaste sees more linseed oil (a hint of the Sherry Casks in the recipe), some creosote and tar, but understated, and always gentle.

Bruichladdich 6.3 Islay Barley Single Malt Scotch

Bruichladdich 6.3 Islay Barley Single Malt Scotch...$163.99

258 PPM
64% ABV
Octomore 6.3 Islay Barley is the first release of the uber-experimental cult classic to be distilled using 100% Islay-grown barley. The crop was sown in 2008 by our friend James Brown in the field known as Lorgba on his Octomore Farm. This lies close to the western shore of Loch Indaal on the Rhinns of Islay, and within sight of the village of Port Charlotte.

This is a single malt whisky distilled from the most heavily peated barley in the world. Always experimental and pushing the boundaries of the possible, a stratospheric 258ppm was coaxed into the grain by our skilful maltsters at Bairds in Inverness, a remarkable 89ppm more than the previous high of 169ppm they achieved prior to the distillation of the legendary Octomore 5.1.

The trickle distillation was slow, almost painfully so. The spirit then matured for five years in Bourbon, slumbering peacefully in our warehouses on the shore of Loch Indaal before being bottled at the Harvey Hall in Bruichladdich distillery. This is natural whisky, un-chill filtered and colouring free, a tiny amount of water from the spring at Octomore Farm being used to give an abv of 64%.

Master distiller Jim McEwan is delighted with the results - his tasting notes can be found here.

The Islay Barley release is the third expression of the sixth series (6.3) of the enigmatic single malt which occupies a category of its own in the world of Scotch whisky. Releases are numbered in accordance with provenance and style, those designated .1 being distilled using barley sourced from the Scottish mainland and maturing in ex-Bourbon casks, those designated .2 having additional cask enhancement, and those designated .3 being distilled from Islay-grown barley.

Crabtree Dearfield Strawberry Blonde Ale

Crabtree Dearfield Strawberry Blonde Ale...$9.99 / 6pk
Dr. George Junne, Professor of Africana Studies at the University of Northern Colorado, approached Jeff Crabtree mid summer of 2009 with a unique idea. He proposed if Jeff was interested in the idea to develop a beer that would give fair representation of Dearfield Colorado. The design of the beer was inspired by the style of crops that were produced for the community. After several revisions, the Dearfield Ale was born. A blonde ale brewed with strawberries available shortly. A majority of the profitable proceeds will be donated to the Dearfield preservation fund to assist the Black American West Museum in stabilizing this great piece of history.

Charelville Strawberry Blonde - Seasonal

Charelville Strawberry Blonde...$8.99 / 6pk
Strawberry Season reminds us that summer is almost here! This Sexy Blonde Ale would not be complete without the seductive essence of strawberries. Balanced and Refreshing, this Blonde is sure to Please!!

Anchor Brewing Craft-Pack - 6 pack cans

Anchor Brewing Craft-Pack....$8.49 / 6 pack CANS
2 cans each of
  • California Lager
  • Liberty Ale
  • Anchor IPA

2nd Shift Brewing Katy

Fresh batch, bottled July 15
2nd Shift Brewing Katy...$8.49

Don't know what to call it besides a Brett Beer. This one gets aged for 3 months in oak barrels with Brettanomyces Lambicus, a cool yeast that gives this beer a wonderfully pretty aroma and flavor that everyone better like or else I'll look you up and teach you a lesson.
5.4% ABV

2nd Shift Technical Ecstasy

Fresh batch!

2nd Shift Technical Ecstasy...$6.49 / 750ml
"I always wanted to make a Czech style Pils like the ones I had sitting sitting in the caves under the city of Pilzen.  A very technical beer to make, an ecstatic beer to imbibe" - label

Han Soju Fire

Han Soju Fire....$19.99
HAN Soju Fire is a little sweet and a little spicy. This cinnamon-flavored Rice and Barley spirit is reminiscent of whiskey and is great as a chilled shooter or chaser with the beer of your choice. Smooth and distinctive enough to be served simply over ice, or mix it up with your favorite soda.

What is Soju?
Soju is a rice-based distilled spirit similar to vodka, and is the #1 selling distilled spirit in the world by volume! Rich with Asian heritage, Soju (also called Shochu in Japan or Baijiu in China) distillation methods have been around since
the 14th century!

Using the best of traditional ingredients and processes, HAN Soju is a new and innovative take on a centuries old classic. Super smooth with infinite versatility – it is a great alternative to traditional and predictable spirits, beer or wine. The use of polished Rice and premium Barley in the fermenting and distillation process gives HAN Soju its ultra-luxurious
silky smoothness.

Teeling Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Teeling Single Malt Irish Whiskey...$59.99
Third release in the Premium range of Teeling expressions completing our full range of non aged Irish whiskeys. Made from 100% Malted Barley from a range of different ages including Malt whiskey distilled in 1991. Aim to produce the most flavoursome NA Irish Single Malt based on our innovative maturation/finishing techniques while retaining the distinctive Irish smoothness. Consists of a vatting of 5 different wine cask (Sherry, Port, Madeira, White Burgundy, Cabernet Sauvignon) finished Irish Malt whiskeys. Like all the Teeling whiskeys it is bottled at 46% with no chill filtration allowing for all the natural flavours of the whiskey to be retained.

Luxardo Amaro Abano

Luxardo Amaro Abano...$25.99
The quintessential after-dinner codial, Amaro Abano originated in 1952. Amaro means "bitter," and Abano is an old Roman spa in the Veneto region that has been active for the last 200 years. The label depicts the spa around the year 1600. The herbs in this Amaro grow wild in the Euganean Hills and are infused along with cardamom, cinnamon and bitter orange peel. Amaro Abano is a medium bitter, extremely popular in Italy, and especially in the Veneto, drunk straight after a meal with or without ice to help digestion. 30% ABV
DOUBLE GOLD MEDAL, BEST LIQUEUR IN SHOW - New York World Wine & Spirits Competition 2012
93 POINTS - Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Birra Montegioco Open Mind Ale brewed with Grapes

Birra Montegioco Open Mind Ale brewed with Grapes....$22.99 / 750ml
Produced by adding at the end of boiling , grape Barbera Elisa Semino. Served in a flute of sparkling wine is presented antique gold , clear ; the sense of smell is very complex , a clear vinous note , accompanied by hints of chamomile , dried flowers , purple , berry , orange . In the mouth there is great structure , softened by the roundness and warmth of alcohol and just lightened by a mild acidity . It finishes very elegant , on dry , with a pleasant hint of fresh grapes . Complex , intriguing , dedicated to demanding palates . 
Serving suggestions : as an aperitif or with grilled sea fish , shellfish.

New Vintage of Teo Musso Xyauyu Gold

Birra Baladin Teo Musso Xyauyu Gold Label....$43.99 / pint
"Teo Musso produces three versions Gold, Silver & Copper label which differ from each other in terms of degree of oxidation allowed and fruity perfumery aromas created. The "copper version" {the least oxidated}.   Gold is the most oxidized.

Brewing process:
Primary fermentation for 25 days The maturation/aging follows the Method Solera ["adjusted by Teo"], wich was developed centuries ago by the Spanish and Portuguese to perfect the aging of their sherry and port.

Teo's Method Solera:
Teo’s objective is to allow Xyauyu to perfectly oxidize during the aging proces of 2.5 years {oxidation plays a critical role in aging port, sherry, as well as our vintage beers - too much oxidation will ruin the liquid - too little will not optimize the change in flavor / aroma during the aging process} .Here’s how Teo's system works: Xyauyu is transfered to a steel vessel with transparent membrane and a "oxygen hat". After several tastings during the 2.5 year aging process Teo decides when it's time to bottle (it all depends upon the oxidation velocity).

Apostelbrau Dinkel Bock

Apostelbrau Dinkel Bock...$5.99 / pint
Apostelbraeu Dinkel Bock is quite refreshing inspite of its 6.6 % alc/vol. It shows a distinct dry/fruity finish which comes completely unexpected from a “German brewery”. The estery character of Rudi Hirz’s “house yeast” and the unique Hallertauer Saphir/Austrian Opal hop combination [plus dry-hopped with Opal hop] harmonize very well.
Its big body consisting of Pilsner malt, Rudi Hirz’ own floor malted barley and Spelt provide the perfect malt sweet balance.

Malts used:
Pilsner malt, floor malted barley, Spelt {“dinkel” = historic grain , subspecies of wheat grain}
Hops used:
A very special “three country” mix: Saphir {Germany}, OPAL{AUSTRIA}, Saaz {Czech Republic}
DRY-HOPPED: OPAL {Austria, NEW hop variety /Hull Institute/Peppery, light citrus, smooth pleasant bittering}

Carnegie Porter is back

Carngegie Porter...$3.99 / 11.2oz
Rated 95/100 RateBeer
Swedish "Baltic Style Porter"
In 1992 CARNEGIE PORTER Class III was elected the World's Best Beer in its class [International Beer Festival, London, England]M.Jackson *** - **** World-Classic [Pocket Guide to Beer p.71] :
"Carnegie Porter has a big, dry burnt-tasting palate. Its vintage-dated editions, are a particular treat."

Carnegie Porter is a Swedish beer classic. It has been brewed since 1836 and the label which has undergone no change through the years is the oldest registered brand of all categories of Sweden. It's a black, top fermented Porter of 5.5 % alcohol/volume. with very rich flavors including strong roasted tones of chocolate character and lots of hop bitterness which both are balanced and softened by a degree of sweetness. There is a complex blend of fermentation aromas combined with a heavy but smooth body.

Carnegie Porter is also known as a vintage beer, it will improve by storage for 10 years and more. What happens is not a continued fermentation as in some live beers. Rather it is the same process as when a wine matures. After a year or two the taste will become very smooth and balanced. But above all the aroma will become even more rich and complex and in some respects similar to an old Madeira wine. The maturation will continue for many years and a 10 year old Carnegie Porter is a taste sensation which is at the same time extremely rich and extremely light.

The name Carnegie originates from David Carnegie Jr., third generation of a Scottish family , who chose to work as merchants in the Swedish harbor city of Gothenburg as an alternative to get their hands chopped off by Queen Mary Stuart in connection with royal feuds. His Porter brewery was the first industrial brewery in Sweden.

Thisted Bryghus Limfjords Porter Double Brown Stout

This is the first time we have seen this beer since 2011!!

Thisted Bryghus Limfjords Porter Double Brown Stout...$7.99 / pint
Rated 99/100 Ratebeer
"Baltic Style Porter"
Limfjords Porter came to Thisted Bryghus after seven years of experiments at an urban brewery in Aalborg where the brewmaster of Thisted Bryghus used to work before it was closed. THisted bought the name in 1986 and in 1997 the brewmaster finally decided that he had achieved the perfect composition of malts. The most notable ingredients are smoked malt, rye malt, and licorice from England. Limfjords Porter is the Brewmaster's pet project and is often called "The Gentleman of Beers". -- importer

Notes from the late Michael Jackson:
"... The surprise climax to the tasting was labelled in English as a Double Brown Stout and in Danish with the local name of Limfjords Porter. Like other Danish beers in this style it was bottom-fermenting, but it was full of character, a dense, brownish, head over a slatey, black, brew; full-bodied and lightly oily; a touch of burnt-grass, rooty, peatiness; a long, warming, finish, and an alcohol content of 7.9%. The flavors were very complex, and I was not surprised to hear that both smoked malt and licorice were used." -- Michael Jackson

De Dolle Dulle Teve

Back in stock now.

De Dolle Dulle Teve "Mad Bitch"...$5.49 / 11.2oz
Dulle Teve means Mad Bitch, but the US government does not like the name, so we said TRIPEL. Is is an all malt brew with white candy in the kettle and refermented. Alc 10 %. Is not meant for aging. Although some beerlover do it, with good comments. Aging means decreasing of bitterness and should happen in a cold and dark room.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Great Champagne in stock!

Amazing Champagne in Stock

We are very lucky to have a great customer base that seems to like Champagne as much as we do. Champagne/Sparkling Wine is our 3rd highest grossing category in the store, trailing only the much larger categories of French and California Wine. Clearly Champagne is not seen as just a celabratory drink but a fantastic wine in it's own right. We always have a geat selection of Champagne and Sparkling Wine on hand:

2004 Moet Chandon Dom Perignon Brut...$141.99
Racy, silky and vibrant in the glass, the 2004 Dom Pérignon is all about energy. Here the flavors are bright and delineated throughout, with veins of acidity and minerality that give the wine its sense of drive. Mint, rosemary and yellow-fleshed fruits linger on the finish with the classic DP reductive overtones that are such a signature. Once again, the 2004 Dom Pérignon truly shines. The 2004 Dom Pérignon is a wine to treasure over the next thirty or so years
Rated 95/100 The Wine Advocate
Rated 97+/100 Vinous Media
Rated 96/100 James Suckling

2002 Billecart Salmon Cuvee Francois Billecart...$189.99
A mesmerizing, thrilling Champagne, the 2002 Cuvée Nicolas François Billecart is a great example of the vintage at its best. Silky and racy on the palate, yet a bit more restrained than many wines of the year, the Nicolas François Billecart remains vivid and remarkably nuanced. Brioche. apricot jam, wild flowers and honey are some of the many notes that blossom as the Cuvée Nicolas François Billecart shows off its voluptuous personality
Rated 98/100 James Suckling
Rated 97/100 Vinous Media

1999 Billecart Salmon Cuvee Francois Billecart...$99.99
Very elegant, ethereal in texture and well-knit, offering flavors of poached pear, black licorice, lemon pâte de fruit, pastry and ground ginger. Shows fine balance and integration, with a fresh, lasting finish of ripe fruit and saline minerality. Drink now through 2027
Rated 95/100 The Wine Spectator

NV Billecart Salmon Rose...$79.99
An subtle nose with plenty of fine autolysis aromas of fresh bread and sweetly fragrant yeasty notes, plus some gentle spice and chalky notes. The palate unleashes beautiful wild strawberry fruit flavors, super fresh, fleshy and pure. Great balance and depth. Drink now.
Rated 94/100 James Suckling

2004 Dom Ruinart Brut Champagne...$129.99
The 2004 Dom Ruinart is just as brilliant and viscerally thrilling as it has always been. If anything, the 2004 has shut down considerably over the last six months. Tightly coiled and exceptionally beautiful, the 2004 boasts fabulous intensity, class and pedigree. The flavors are vibrant, chiseled and crystalline in their precision. Time in bottle is doing wonders for the 2004. This is a tremendous showing.
Rated 97/100 Vinous Media
Rated 95/100 James Suckling

2002 Pol Roger Cuvee Winston Churchill....
Fabulous aromas of dried apple, cream, mango and ginger follow through to a full, dense palate, but it's very, very fine. The bead is so, so fine. The texture is like silk. Truly superb quality. I love the contrast between richness and freshness. It builds slow on the palate and finishes so long and rich. This was 10 years on the lees. Mostly pinot noir. So superlative to drink. This follows 2000, 1999, 1996 and 1995.
Rated 97/100 James Suckling

The Last Drop 48 Year Old Scotch Whisky

The Last Drop 48 Year Old Blended Scotch Whiskey....$3,599.99

“The Last Drop 48 Year Old simply caresses your soul.”
Scotch Whisky of the Year (Jim Murray Whisky Bible 2015)

The youngest of the distinguished malts and grains was distilled in 1965, and many are far older. Indeed, several of the distilleries represented here have long since closed forever, making this a truly rare and luxurious Scotch whisky – the like of which you may never taste again.

Twenty-seven years ago, a small volume of the original blend was selected by the Chief Blender to be refilled into fresh
ex-Bourbon American oak casks for further ageing. Since then, this small batch has been slowly maturing in one of the oldest traditional warehouses in the Highlands of Scotland resulting in a precious, chestnut-hued release that is both rich and fragrant.
Only 592 Bottles Exist

Each has been meticulously bottled and wax-dipped by hand, and is presented in a signature Last Drop Distillers leather case. Each case includes a generous 50ml miniature as well as leather-bound booklet that certifies your bottle and leaves room for personal tasting notes as you explore this exceptional blend.

Andrew Rankin’s tasting notes:

“A rich, yet golden chestnut. On the nose, warm figs and
ripe peaches are balanced with layers of pear and cinnamon-spiced orange. Once in the mouth, the flavour is both complex and smooth with a slow release of ripened peaches, pear brandy and toasted oak wood. Dark chocolate, almond and peach linger in the mouth.”

An extract from The Whisky Bible 2015

2015 Scotch Whisky of the Year • 2015 Scotch Blend of the Year

“Almost impossible to imagine a blended whisky to be better balanced than this. If there is a cleverer use of honey or less intrusive oak in any blended whisky bottled in the last year, I have yet to taste it. An award winner if ever I tasted one. Magnificent doesn’t quite cover it…”