Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Whiskey Dave’s Weekend Flight


At the (IN)Famous Bar in Clayton
Inside The Wine and Cheese Place
Friday and Saturday, March 12th & March 13th
Forsyth location only

Two flights this weekend…the first is three fantastic Japanese whiskies featured in our class last Thursday. The second flight shows off 3 of our TWCP barrel picks that we love but have been lost in the shuffle.
Three ¾ ounce pours for only $10
Clyde May's / TWCP 5+ Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon...$52.99
(Compare to $56.99 for Total Wine and More's STL Pick)
Conecuh Ridge Distillery
This limited edition Single Barrel Straight Bourbon has a distinctive, bolder mash bill than our premium, smooth straight bourbon whiskey. Consisting of 75% Corn, 21% Rye and 4% Barley, each barrel is bottled one at a time and hand selected. 5 ½ years old, 102 proofThe Clover TWCP Single Barrel Bourbon Cask Strength...$59.99
on sale - was $69.99
The Wine and Cheese Place 40th Anniversary Single Barrel 112.43 proof
Aged 6 Years (officially 5 yrs 11 months) Distilled in Indiana
Stunning single barrel with notes of caramel and vanilla. Shows a good touch of oak with some leather and tobacco too. The balance of this single barrel is perfect and finishes long and complex
Hard Truth / TWCP Single Barrel Indiana Rye 4yr...$51.99
Barrel #B-104 115.8 proof Mashbill: 51% Rye - 49% Malted Barley
Harvested/bottled in December of 2022
Deep sweet tea, burnt marshmallow, rye spice, and peppercorn palate.

Pick three 3/4 pours for $26

Yoichi Japanese Single Malt Whisky 45% ABV, Nikka ($99.99)
This no-age-statement version was released in 2016 as a permanent product that truly captures the authentic style of Yoichi malts, when all age-statements were discontinued. Vatting various different malt whiskies together, this bottling expresses a delicate balance between peaty, smoky and fruity aromas.
Fuji Single Grain Japanese Whisky 46% abv Fuji Gotemba Distillery ($79.99)
Fuji Single Grain Whiskey is a blend of three different grain whiskeys produced at Mt. Fuji Distillery. Those different grain whiskies are distilled in three different methods and possess their own unique flavor profiles: Bourbon type ; heavier, rich, floral fruity style, Canadian type; medium, luscious, and delicately fruity style, and Scotch type; lighter, soft, yet compelling. This Fuji Single Grain whiskey features the quintessential characteristics of each of the three types of grain whiskeys: delicately fruity, mellow and with a multi-layered profile.
Kanosuke Japanese Single Malt Whisky **
2022 Limited Edition. 59% abv Cask Strength, Matured in sherry casks,
“2022 LIMITED” is a single malt Japanese whisky produced at Kanosuke Distillery between 2017~19. Made with unpeated malt, it has been bottled at cask strength from a blend of barrels, with sherry casks as key.
Color: Reddish amber
Nose: Lemon tea, honey, ume plum, Japanese nikki cinnamon
Taste: Dried berries, coffee candy, old woodiness
Finish: Spicy, with a pleasantly lingering bittersweetness
**Available for tasting only.

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