Thursday, May 4, 2023

What is Japanese Whiskey? Class

What is Japanese Whisky? Class

Taste premium Japanese Whisky
Taste over $600 worth of Top Japanese Whisky

The Wine and Cheese Place on Forsyth 
Last Call- Tonight! Thursday, May 4th
$45 per person

In recent years,, there has been a proliferation of whiskies imported from Japan but some of them are not distilled in Japan. There are over 40 distilleries in the country but only a handful make their way to the U.S. We're featuring a wide range of Single malts, blends and world whiskies distilled, blended and vatted from this whisky loving country…
  • Yoichi Japanese Single Malt Whisky 45% ABV, Nikka ($99.99)
  • Ichiro Malt & Grain World Whisky 46.5% ABV, Chichibu Distillery ($99.99)
  • The Fukano 10 Year Whisky 41% abv Matured in ex-Brandy & ex-Sherry casks ($99.99)
  • Kaiyo / TWCP Single Cask Whisky 56% ABV Aged over 9 years Cask #6779 ($99.99)
  • Kanosuke Japanese Single Malt Whisky 2022 Limited Edition. 59% abv Cask Strength, Matured in sherry casks, ($159.99)
  • Fuji Single Grain Japanese Whisky 46% abv Fuji Gotemba Distillery ($79.99)

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