Friday, April 14, 2023

Plantation Rum Vintage Editions

For more than 30 years, Plantation Rum Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel has explored the world of rum and its various terroirs in search of the best casks. Passionate about the history, heritage and particular production methods of each rum-producing country, he travels to the most prestigious distilleries in the Caribbean, Latin America and Oceania. The prize of these scouting voyages: the Plantation Rum Vintage Collection, a selection of exceptional rums, bottled in small batches from the same year of distillation.
Each of these limited editions highlights an emb lematic rum terroir. With this new series, called «Under the Sea,» Alexandre Gabriel groups six rums from countries that share a common feature, a coastline facing the ocean.
Plantation Rum Barbados 2013...$74.99 / 750ml
Nose : It starts with a fruity and spicy profile of coconut, orange blossom, peach, banana with vanilla, roasted almond, cinnamon and pepper.
Palate : Rich and spicy, it follows the nose with a pastry profile of honey, hazelnut and gingerbread with notes of tobacco, chocolate and caraway.
Finish : Long and fruity with lemon, pear, liquorice, pepper and toffee.
Plantation Fiji Islands 2009...$77.99 / 750ml
Nose : Very fruity with pastry notes, then becomes more floral and herbal with time, evolving to banana, French toast and almond.
Palate : Fresh, balanced, with bitter orange and tropical fruit elements. Evolves to spicy notes.
Finish : Long and very spicy, followed by fresh minty tones.
Plantation Guyana 2007...$74.99 / 750ml
Nose : Intense and rich, it starts on pastry notes of cocoa and almond, vanilla and lime peel.
Palate : Rich and oily, it follows the nose with more flowers and orange, tobacco, raisins, berries, almond and hazelnut and also deep notes of balsamic and molasses, almost smoky, with leather and medicinal notes of ginseng.
Finish : Very long, spicy and fresh on pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, liquorice and chocolate.
Plantation Jamaica 2007...$74.99 / 750ml
Nose : Intense tropical notes of banana and vanilla with apricot and allspice. Hints of persimmon, orange peel and ginger, evolving on tar, sea spray and camphor.

Palate : Rich fruity profile with notes of wood, vanilla, custard and toast evolving on cantaloupe, guava and cooked apple.

Finish : Coconut milk, oak, spices, vanilla, liquorice, banana and star anise.
Plantation Fiji Islands 2009 Missouri Special Edition...$79.99 / 750ml
Single cask rum
Distillery: Rum Co. of FYI
Maturation: 6 months in Kilchoman peated whiskey casks
Tropical Aging: 8.5 years in bourbon casks
Continental Aging: 2 years in Ferrand Casks

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