Sunday, April 9, 2023

Additive Free Tequila

from the expert tequila website - TEQUILA MATCHMAKER

TEQUILA TASTING APRIL 19th - click here for more info about the tasting

The Wine and Cheese Place has the best selection of certified additive free tequila in the area!
We now have the definitive list of "Additive Free" tequilas available for sale in St. Louis from Tequila Matchmaker, a website which tests tequilas for all additives. They are the unofficial authority in this quickly growing market. 

Here are "Certified Additive Free" Tequilas that we usually have in stock and you can currently order from our website! -- Click here to order
All tequilas on this link are Additive free and have been tested by Tequila Matchmaker.
(not all tequilas are available at all locations, allow a few days if a transfer is needed from another location)
Certified Additive free in stock on our TWCP website now

Additive Free tequila we can special order for you
We do not keep these in stock but we do not mind ordering them for you, you can order by the single bottle.
Here are more ADDITIVE FREE TEQUILAS you can order by emailing Make sure to designate which store you would like to pick up.  Subject to confirmation.  Prices subject to change.

  • Tequila Cascahuin Tahona Blanco...$79.99 (limited)
  • Tequila Cascahuin 48 Plata....$49.99 (limited)
  • Terralta Blanco....$47.99
  • Terralta Reposado....$53.99
  • Partida Blanco....$36.99
  • Partida Anejo....$45.99
  • Pasote Blanco....$39.99
  • Pasote Reposado....$46.99
  • Montagave Héritage Blanco....$67.99
  • Siembra Azul Blanco....$66.99
  • Siembra Azul Reposado....$79.99
  • Siembra Valles Blanco 80 proof....$66.99
  • Bandido Blanco....$35.99
  • Bandido Reposado....$41.99
  • Santo Fino Blanco 101....$45.99
  • Santo Fino Blanco 110....$52.99
  • Santa Fino Reposado....$57.99
  • Tanteo Blanco...$41.99
  • Gran Dovejo Blanco High Proof....$43.99
  • NueveUno Blanco....$42.99
  • NueveUno Reposado...$62.99
  • NeuveUno Anejo....$89.99
  • Cierto Blanco....$78.99
  • Cierto Reposadp...$105.99
  • Cierto Anejo....$156.99
  • Cierto Extra Anejo....$255.99
  • Arette Artesanal Suave Blanco...$53.99
  • Arette Artesanal Suave Reposado....$61.99
  • Arette Blanco 1.0 Liter....$28.99
  • Arette Reposado 1.0 Liter...$29.99
  • Primo 1861 Premium Blanco....$67.99

Fortaleza Tequila is also additive free - very allocated we get as much of it as we can.  Many times we have to release it in our WRC raffles as demand is so high.

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