Tuesday, April 11, 2023

2021 Bel A Ciao Orange Wine Sémillon

For something a little different a Semillon with extended Skin Contact "Orange Wine"
It has become our best selling Orange wine
2021 Bel A Ciao Orange Wine Sémillon...$19.99
  • Macerated 3 weeks on the skins
  • Certified Organic
  • Orange Wine
From Bordeaux but he has to call it Vin de France
A mouthwatering skin contact wine made from golden-skinned Bordeaux grape, Sémillon. Bel a Ciao is the latest project from “revolutionary” winemaker Olivier Cazenave, a Libourne native who can’t help himself when it comes to breaking the rules and flipping pre-conceived notions of Bordeaux upside-down. It is the desire to break the rules that sets Bel A Ciao apart. Bel A Ciao is named after a revolutionary folk song of the same tune. This vintage is 100% Sémillon and certified organic by the Agriculture-Biologique (AB) in France.

Tasting Notes: Pure, complex aromas of tangerine peel and wildflowers on the nose. Round yet fresh on the palate, with spicy/savory notes. The finish is long and mouthwatering, with a pleasant touch of tannic grip and a light, saline character

Serve With: Excellent with lighter fare as an aperitif, it will stand up to a hearty Cobb salad and boldly flavored dishes such as moussaka and biryani. Also an ideal pairing with grilled seafood or savory cheese, like feta, halloumi, and more.

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