Sunday, April 9, 2023

Planters /TWCP Single Barrel Reserve

Our next Planters /TWCP Single Barrel Reserve

Last night, we sold 160 bottles of the 180 produced
After counting, we have it back online now -- 

No longer online - just bottles left at each store
Forsyth had 3 left on the barrel as of 1pm April 10th

Planters /TWCP Single Barrel Reserve...$69.99
6+ years old
116.2 proof
Barrels are Toasted and Charred. Demetrius is very open about what he does, but this is one of the secrets he would not reveal. He said it is a hot and slow toasting process but would not say what level.

Mash Bill
51% malted corn (malted corn is a rarity)
22% malted wheat
22% Canadian rye
5% malted Barley

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