Thursday, April 13, 2023

291 HR Colorado Bourbon Whiskey

291 HR Colorado Bourbon Whiskey...$139.99 / 750ml
Finished with Aspen Wood Staves
Barrel Proof, Small Batch #24
Our favorite mistake… 291’s High Rye Colorado Bourbon was first created by accident when a double dose of rye was added to the bourbon recipe. After aging, the result was a delicious, complex bourbon that strikes a balance between 291’s Colorado Bourbon Whiskey and its Colorado Whiskey. This whiskey has a spice and fruitiness to round out the vanilla and oak. Made from corn, malted rye and malted barley mash. Presented at barrel proof.
64.1% Alc. / 128.2 PROOF
“This year’s 291 HR Colorado Bourbon whiskey greets your nose with fresh baked cinnamon rolls (emphasis on the cinnamon) and leather dusted with cocoa powder. Apricot and peach rings, along with toffee round out the sweetness, with cedar and pecans adding an earthy quality to the aroma. The cedar and cinnamon hit your palate upfront upon the first sip, and the toffee and leather move in right behind. Dried apricots guide the transition into the lengthy and spicy finish of oak, pepper, and cinnamon. This is a deliciously autumnal whiskey.”

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