Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Drie Fonteinen Lambic

Drie Fonteinen Perzik Geel...$46.99 / 750ml
As local harvest has been non-existent for the last three summers we looked farther to find the juiciest peaches. Hence, for this Perzik, we macerated freshly hand-picked yellow peaches from the north of Spain. We only used two- and three year old lambikken for macerating. Maceration took almost five months. The weighted average age of the peach blend upon bottling is almost 24 months. The final proportion of fruit used is 384 grams per litre of Perzik.
6.7% ABV | Bottling date: 01/05/2022
Drie Fonteinen Nocturne...$29.99 / 750ml
Nocturne is a spontaneously fermented full malt beer. Not your typical lambic beer, but our take on a Vlaams Oud Bruin. The beer was brewed with five different barley malts, from pilsner malt to dark roasted malts, and no wheat whatsoever. This one was brewed in March 2018, and put on barrels for four years before we blended it with a small portion of freshly brewed Nocturne. The weighted average age of this beer upon bottling in 45 months.  
7.0% ABV | Bottling date: 03/11/2022
Drie Fonteinen Wijnbergperzik...$41.99 / 750ml
For this Perzik, we macerated vineyard peaches on two-and three year old lambikken. Maceration took a full four months, before blending with more two year lambikken. This brings the weighted average age of this fruit blend to 26 months upon bottling. The lambikken used in this originate from not less than five different brews, of which the oldest was brewed in November 2018. The peaches were manually picked in the Mosel region in Germany, in between the steep hilled vineyards. The final fruit intensity clock in at 362 grams of vineyard peaches used per litre of finished Wijnbergperzik.  
6.5% ABV | Bottling date: 02/01/2022
Drie Fonteinen Pruim Belle De Louvain...$46.99 / 750ml
For this Pruim, we used the old plum variety Belle De Louvain, hand-picked in Limburg, Belgium. Maceration took almost four months and the lambikken for both maceration and blending originate from six different barrels and thirteen different brews of which the oldest brewed end of October 2018. The weighted average age of this fruit blend is 22 months. The final proportion of fruit used is 385 grams of plums per litre of Pruim. Almost half of the cereals used originate from the Pajottenland.
7.7% ABV | Bottling date: 01/13/2022 
Drie Fonteinen Pruim Mirabelle...$45.99 / 750ml
For this Prium, we macerated fresh picked-to-ripeness sweet Mirabelle plums. Maceration took a tad over four months. For both maceration and blending, we used over 90% if old lambikken, both two, three and four year old. The weighted average of this blend upon bottling is therefore almost 25 months. The final fruit intensity is 304 grams of plums per litre of finished Prium. The largest part of the fourteen brews used comes from smaller barrels and are 3 Fonteinen-brewed. Of those, more than a third was brewed with Pajottenland grown cereals. 
7.3% ABV | Bottling date: 01/21/2022

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