Tuesday, August 23, 2022

2021 Massican

Store favorite winery!!!
These wines consistently score 95...96...97 points each years.  2021 has not been scored yet, but they are almost gone already - we have 5-10 bottles left of each
2021 Massican Sauvignon Blanc....$35.99

Inspired by the Sauvignon wines of northern Italy, our Sauvignon Blanc pays homage to the tart and delicious everyday wine workhorse of the region of Friuli. While it is difficult to recreate these specific Italian wines anywhere else in the world, Sauvignon is our California interpretation of these great Italian white wines. The grapes for this wine are farmed at two vineyards in Napa Valley where the temperatures are both the warmest during the day and the coolest at night. That diversity helps us produce a wine of intensity and freshness, and as such we tip-our-Sauvignon-hat to our fellow winemakers in northeast Italy.

2021 Massican Gemina White White...$35.99
Pinot Bianco 75%, Greco 25%. Gemina is a unique white wine blend, combining grapes that you would not normally see presented together. Greco, the descendant of the ancient Roman grape Aminea Gemina, is traditionally grown in Italy’s southern region while Pinot Bianco is traditionally grown in the north of Italy. These two varieties rarely meet in a blend in the “old country”. Here in California, our Greco is grown in Sonoma County and our Pinot Bianco in Napa Valley, making the meeting of these two varietals even more unique. A true combination of opposing forces, this California blend balances our winery's familial history in the south of Italy with our winemaking influences of Italy's northern regions.

2021 Massican Annia White White...$35.99

Tocai Friulano 51%, Ribolla Gialla 33%, Chardonnay 16%. Our flagship white wine blend sourced from small vineyards around the Napa Valley. The three grape varietals, Tocai Friulano, Ribolla Gialla and Chardonnay, are harvested separately and fermented independently in French Oak and stainless steel tanks until blending six weeks before bottling. The Tocai and Ribolla build the aroma and flavor profile of the wine, while the Chardonnay adds to the wine’s structure. The wine is fresh and subtle and fulfills the promise set forth years ago to bottle memorable white wines, unique amongst the whites of California.

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