Tuesday, August 23, 2022

2020 Château Croix d'Aumedes Cuvée Réserve Corbières

Amazing new 2020 vintage!!
One of our best selling wines is back!
2020 Château Croix d'Aumedes Cuvée Réserve Corbières...$14.99
30% Syrah, 30% Grenache, 40% Carignan (70 year old vines)
Dark colored wine with cerise shades. It smell is a combination of complex, ripe or cooked fruit and licorice with hints of garrigue flowers. A well-balanced, silky feeling first embraces the palate, then giving way to a beautiful fruity experience, with fine and ripe tannins

This vintage is not rated yet, but the previous one score an amazing 97/100 from Decanter Magazine.  We think this one is a worth successor!

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