Friday, October 8, 2021

Compass Box TWCP store pick!!

Compass Box / TWCP Artist Blend Marrying Cask...$49.99
Finished in Palo Cortado Sherry Butt (for about 17 months)
  • Cask # 708
  • Yield 276 bottles
  • 98 proof
  • No Colour added
  • Non Chill filtered
  • Married Jan 21, 2020
  • Bottled Aug 3, 2021

Bottled at a higher proof than normal (98 proof) A creamy body with flavors of apple, salted caramel and baking spices.   Honey and apricot notes, with extra weight from the Palo Cortado barrel

Here is how the process works - we picked and Artist Blend barrel
After blending, the whiskies that comprise Artist Blend and Glasgow Blend are re-racked into their original casks. This is called marrying, and it allows the flavours of the different whiskies to integrate. Though each cask now contains the same whisky, after many months – and sometimes years – of marrying, additional characteristics develop. No two casks are the same. Each will showcase a new dimension to our fruit-forward and creamy Artist Blend, or our ruggedly smoky and sherried Glasgow Blend. Our Single Marrying Cask program allows you to choose the cask influence you like best. We do the rest. 

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