Monday, October 4, 2021

Los Sundays Tequila

Los Sundays Coconut Tequila...$28.99
With innovation awards, back to back platinum & consumers choice awards under it’s belt, our Coconut tequila has won more awards than Spielberg*. Made for your enjoyment, if you’re new to tequila, or you’re wanting to switch up your blanco experience, this is for you. Los Sundays Coconut Blanco Tequila is made from a blend of highland and lowland 100% Blue Weber agave and infused with our all-natural coconut extract during the last few hours of the production process. This gives Los Sundays Coconut a light and bright flavor profile with its signature smooth finish.

Tasting Notes A clean & balanced blend of agave with a splash of toasted coconut
& a light, bright finish.

Los Sundays Blanco Tequila...$32.99
Naturally gluten-free & sugar free so you can enjoy your tequila guilt free! Our award winning Blanco is a bar cart essential. Sip it neat or bring out your inner mixologist and impress your friends…Margarita anyone?
Løs Sundays Blanco is our un-aged clear tequila. It is double distilled from a blend of highland agave offering smooth floral notes and lowland agave which lend earthier undertones. This blending technique provides a full bodied blanco with multiple layers of agave.

Tasting Notes:  Bright, fresh & crisp with multiple balanced layers of agave.

Los Sundays Tequila Reposado...$44.99
For the agave drinker that demands quality and wants a bottle that matches their lifestyle, look no further than our Reposado. Made for the modern traditionalist, this award winning rested tequila is as good as it gets for a bottle under $50.
Using our proprietary blend of Løs Sundays Blanco, we then rest in once used American Oak whiskey barrels sourced from Tennessee. It mellows in the barrel for just under twelve months, giving Løs Sundays Reposado it's characteristic full flavor with a refined agave finish.

Tasting Notes  Barrel aged in american oak with notes of vanilla & caramelized stone fruit.

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