Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Frigate Reserve 15 Year Rum

Frigate Reserve 15 Year Rum....$51.99
  • 15 Year Old
  • 80 proof
  • Panama Rum
Having sampled virtually every classic rum in existence, we had a very specific idea of what we felt constituted traditional and iconic Rums. When we set out to create a Rum that was everything we dreamed of, its requirements were that of richness, smoothness, and just enough sweetness to lightly taste; no overwhelming fruitiness or cover of the natural Rum stored in wood casks. Being granted access to Don Pancho’s Reserves we were able to blend together thousands of combinations of true aged Rum in search of the perfect almalgamation.

As you move to the 15 year old, you begin to get more of the sharpness of a younger rum. Still smooth and gentle enough to sip, some will find a significant difference between the two. Enjoy experimenting and seeing which suits your personal palate.

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