Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The Real McCoy Limited Edition 100 Proof Rum

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The Real McCoy 12 Year Old Limited Edition 100 Proof Rum...$74.99

Prohibition Tradition Rum
100 Proof for the 100th Anniversary
Foursquare Distillery

The 6000 bottle Prohibition Tradition® Limited Edition is a full 100 Proof in honor of the 100 Year Anniversary of Bill McCoy’s legendary rum running at the beginning of Prohibition in 1920. This single blend marries rums aged for 12 years each in American ex-bourbon & virgin white oak casks.

PROFILE: Elegantly mature character – delicate, yet complex.
NOSE: Pipe tobacco, charred oak, soft stone fruit & earthy notes.
PALATE: Pronounced honeyed wood, spiced vanilla and caramelized nutmeg with hints of black pepper.
FINISH: Familiar Bourbon styling, rounded, soft & lingering.
How to limited: real top shelf

• Sip straight or on the rocks. Really all we need.
• Up the game on Bourbon/Whiskey with an Old Fashioned, Sour or a Rumhattan.
• Ritzy float in a tiki or stemware cocktails like an Old Cuban, Airmail or Daquiri.
• Topshelf Touch to Tiki As a heated float on cocktails.
• Perfect Pairing in Coffee or Cocoa Cocktails or with Chocolate or Cigars.
• Great Gifting or Celebration bottle ;)

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