Monday, August 16, 2021

Shinobu 10 Year and 15 year Old Pure Malt Mizunara Oak Finish

Shinobu 10 Year Old Pure Malt Mizunara Oak Finish...$109.99
Fresh wood barrel dominates the spirit with a touch of vanilla and flowers that bring to breath of nectar;
Maltose, a little bit tones of fruits citrus, Mizunara oak, coffee beans;
Medium, woody, back to sweet aftertaste of maltose.

The flavor from alcohol is not that strong, compared to its labeled year, which tastes smooth and easy to drink.

Shinobu 15 Year Old Pure Malt Mizunara Oak Finish...$179.99

Deep wood aroma, maltose, nectar, blueberry, Mizunara oak, milk coffee;
Oily, ripe fruit, lemon peel, leather, cinnamon, ginger;
Finished with a hint of sweet malt with aromas of wooden barrels and a touch of fruity flavour.

The sweet aftertaste is outstanding; barrel brings out different levels of spice flavours. Deep floral woody scent is also full of vitality.


List of Major Awards
  • Gold Medal in the ISC for SHINOBU 10YO
  • Double Gold Medal in the SFWSC 2020 for the SHIN Malt 10YO
  • Gold Medal in the SFWSC 2020 for the SHIN Malt & SHINOBU 10YO
  • Category Winner in the WWA 2020 for SHINOBU 10YO & 15YO

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