Monday, August 16, 2021

Hotaling Apple Brandy 21 Year Old

21 Year Old Apple Brandy

Hotaling Apple Brandy 21 Year Old...$69.99
Only 7,111 bottles made
Produced from 100% California Apples and aged for 21 years in French Oak barrels
A rare cellar discovery from a renowned California brandy family in partnership with Hotaling & Co. • Limited Edition – less than 30 barrels produced • ABV 44%

Nose: A luscious caramel apple nose
Palate: Warm apple and apricot notes are balanced by hints of sherry and cinnamon
Finish: Smooth and reminiscent of a fine whiskey

Hotaling & Co. is the leading San Francisco distiller and American artisanal spirt pioneer. First established in 1993 as Anchor Distilling Company by Fritz Maytag, the same beverage visionary who sparked the craft beer movement with his purchase of Anchor Brewing in 1965. Maytag saw an opportunity to revive rye whiskey, fueled by the bold realization that there were no pot-distilled whiskies being made legally in America at the time. Finding inspiration in the rye whiskies of America’s past and the great single malt whiskies of Scotland, Fritz gathered a small team to begin building a distillery. This distillery is credited with releasing America’s first craft whiskey (Old Potrero) and American craft gin (Junípero Gin) after Prohibition. In 2017, Anchor Distilling became Hotaling & Co. The new name is a nod to one of Anchor Distilling’s most beloved small batch whiskies (Old Potrero Hotaling’s Whiskey) and to the San Francisco legend A.P. Hotaling, who came out West during the Gold Rush and quickly became one of the most reputable spirits dealers in the country. In San Francisco drinks culture, Hotaling’s name became immortalized when his whiskey warehouse on Jackson Street survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Today, the Hotaling name remains a part of San Francisco drinking culture as the distillery celebrates nearly 30 years of artisanal spirit production and a tradition of creating visionary beverages.

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