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Croatian Wine!

June 25 - National Croatian Wine Day

'National Croatian Wine Day' is now a registered wine holiday in the U.S. Each year, on June 25, people celebrate Croatia by sipping unique wines from this distinctive country."

Wines of Croatia in stock

2019 Kutjevo Traminac Dry White....$11.99
Tasting notes: High quality Gewürztraminer with accentuated aromatic varietal characteristics, strong and distinctive character. Thanks to the extremely favorable microclimate, Kutjevo Gewürztraminer opens a delicate secondary bouquet of pronounced floral and fruity notes.
Enjoy with: We recommend serving it at 10-12° C, as an excellent aperitif wine, and its benefits come to full expression with sweet desserts and foie gras.

2016 Blato Marko Polo Red Blend...$9.99
Blend of Plavac and Merlot

Established in 1902, Blato is the largest cooperative on the Island of Korčula with access to the best fruits available. Blato still employs traditional winemaking techniques such as long skins macerations for whites and reds and ageing in large Slavonian Oak barrels. They also ferment their white wines in stainless steel vats and handle them using a reductive method to preserve primary fruit characteristics.
Grapes and wine are integral part of the celebration of life for Korčula’s inhabitants. Since as far back as 1427, the 'Statute of the islands', the oldest code in that part of Europe, has regulated the cultivation of vines, wine production and trade on the island. Wines from the island of Korčula were exported to Venice and served regularly at the tables of the Viennese court.  The climate is typically Mediterranean, although more humid and slightly cooler than Pelješac. Plavac Mali and Pošip grapes are the most prominent and popular varieties of the region.

2019 Vinarija Dingac Peljesac Red Wine...$9.99
2019 Vinarija Dingac Plavac Dry Red Wine...$9.99
The tradition of the winery Dingac is to produce wine that enriches and brings joy to the palate. Life is sweeter with a glass of great wine, and therefore the passion for quality is noticed in every drop. Enjoy the distinctive aroma of this Plavac Mali.
Plavac Mali is the grape - Zinfandel is actually one parent of Plavac Mali. The other parent is an ancient variety known as Dobričić

2017 Matosevic Alba Barrique Malvasia...$15.99
Western Istrian wine region, Buje area, grapes of higher structure from selected vineyards. This 100% Istrian Malvasia is produced using the method of quick processing, no skin-contact, fermented and aged for 12 months on fine lees in French troncais/ allier oak barrels. The sediment is periodically stirred until the end of winter. The wine is aged in previously used barrels, with a yearly rotation of 20% of new ones. Style-wise, Alba’s elegance gives way to strength and complexity of Alba Barrique. Malvasia’s standard aromatic profile is given new life with oak-influenced aromas of vanilla and caramel. Overall, Alba Barrique is a highly structured wine of pronounced longevity. In best vintages, it reaches its maximum after two to five years. This wine pairs particularly well with seafood, fish – on the grill or stewed, as well as with food from the oven or food with pronounced spiciness.
It is a typical powerful Istrian wine of distinguished character, a regular international award-winner.

2016 Matosevic Alba Robinia Barrique Malvasia...$15.99
Western Istrian wine region, Buje area, grapes of stronger structure, reduced yields, from selected positions. Alba Robinia is 100% Istrian Malvasia, made using the method of quick grape processing, no skincontact as a rule of thumb, fermented and aged 12 months on sediment in Istrian acacia barrels. Sediment is periodically stirred until the end of winter. This wine demands longer ageing, thus it is market-ready two years later than Malvasias aged in French oak, usually aft er four years. It is characterised by intensive and untypical aromas of honey, smoke and sometimes bacon (if new barrels are used). It seems that using acacia barrels we could extend Malvasia’s longevity. Due to its pronounced character and full body, this wine is mostly aimed at gastronomy. It is recommended to pair it with Istrian prosciutto, cheeses, as well as with dishes that are usually paired with light-bodied red wines.
Robinia is an untypical Istrian wine of distinguished character.

2019 Krauthaker Grasevina Kutjevo Vineyard...$15.99
A fresh wine by type, abundant fruit on the nose with some floral overtones, warm on the palate, finely rounded, harmonious, with solid body. Beautiful glowing crystal colour of yellow straw, considerably intense aroma hinting fresh apples and some vineyard peaches, also suggesting some bright field flowers. Taste is vibrant with good acidity finishing with pleasant mild bitterness specific to the wine variety.

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