Friday, April 24, 2020


SPRING WHITE WINE SAMPLER  6 bottle mix pack  

We are starting to see some patio weather days!  These white wines are perfect to chill down and enjoy while you relax on your patio.  Stop cabin fever and sit outside with a good glass of crisp white!

Regular price - 1 bottle  of each wine below = $79.94
Special price for $70 plus tax for the 6 bottles

  • Ornato Pinot Grigio...$12.99 
  • Quinta do Regueiro Trajadura / Alvarinho....$13.99 
  • Medimer Cotes de Thau Piquepoul...$12.99 
  • Mariposa Dao White Wine...$13.99 
  • Horgelus Côtes Gascogne de Blanc....$9.99 
  • Heritage Familial Bordeaux Blanc...$15.99 

More info about the wines

2019 Ornato Pinot Grigio...$12.99
This Pinot Grigio is grown at the foot of the remains of what was once the stunning villa of the della Scala family, one of the most influential families in Verona from the early 1200's to the late 1300's. In Italian, Ornato means ornate or adorned. This label celebrates the beautiful, complex taste of the Della Scala family and the Gothic art of that period.
Color: Brilliant straw colored wine with golden reflections.
Bouquet: Fresh and floral bouquet with a hint of pears, apricots and bananas blended with the intense aroma of acacia flowers.
Taste: Fresh and inviting with bright fruit and an easy drinking style with a pleasing hint of almonds in the aftertaste.
The agriculture is sustainable. No chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides are used.
Hand harvested
100% Pinot Grigio

2018 Quinta do Regueiro Trajadura / Alvarinho....$13.99
70% Trajadura and 30% Alvarinho
This is a fresh wine with delicious lemon acidity as well as a tang of orange zest. Its bright character is enhanced by the sliced apple crispness that goes right through this wine.
Rated 88/100 Wine Enthusiast
Intensely mineral profile, with floral and orange peel nuances. Reveals a great purity in the mouth, of refined but austere style, serious, strong, and very sophisticated.
Recognized as one the foremost producers of boutique vinho verde in Portugal, Quinta do Regueiro is fast becoming synonymous with top shelf avant garde white wines.
Since 1988, Quinta do Regueiro has been using old-school methods to produce some of the most prized Alvarinhos in Portugal. Having started with one single vineyard in the estate's "backyard," today, Quinta do Regueiro is producing approximately 40,000 bottles of Alvarinho (and blends). With a style recognized by few and admired by all, these wines are all about the details...these, begin in the vineyard.

2018 Medimer Cotes de Thau Piquepoul...$12.99
Perfect mix of dry and fruity
Our customers love Picpoul or Piquepoul and this new 2018 release is fresh and delicious. If you like a fruity Sauvignon Blanc, a fresh Gruner Veltiner, or crisp Chablis, then you should try Piquepoul. It is a versatile food wine for everyday. Great on its own enjoying outside on the patio. Enclosed with a screw cap too.
They are considered the largest Thau Basin port, known for its white wines which pair perfectly with oysters is ideal for sipping outside on a terrace.

2017 Mariposa Dao White Wine...$13.99
Bright, citrusy with a surprisingly elegant texture. Quinta da Mariposa White showcases the Dao region to a tee. A blend of three of the region’s dominant grapes, the wine brings to life white magnolia notes with honeysuckle and lime. Kind of like drinking a field of wild flowers…all year round. Unoaked.
GRAPES: Encruzado, Malvasia Fina, Cerceal

2018 Horgelus Côtes Gascogne de Blanc....$9.99 
40% Sauvignon and 60% Gros Manseng 

We taste so many Cotes de Gascogne and most are just boring and insipid. Horgeuls is exciting and vibrant!
The estate is run now by Yoan Le Menn, his son. Yoan represents the younger generation of oenologists who work tirelessly to combine modernity and experience. The biggest task is preserving of the aromas by limiting, as much as possible, all forms of oxidation of the “must” and the wines. For this reason the grapes are harvested early in the morning – from 3am to 11 am – in order to take advantage of the cool air. On the other hand, the carbon dioxide from the alcoholic fermentation is recuperated to protect the newly pressed juice. From the grape to the bottling process, everything is designed to preserve the fruity flavors and freshness of our wines.

2018 Heritage Familial Bordeaux Blanc...$15.99
This is a fantastic value made by a great Bordeaux Family- Franc de Ferriere. The family vineyard is located to the east of the Bordeaux wine region, about 25 minutes from Saint-Emilion. Wines of the Franc de Ferriere family originate from a unique area on the hills of the Dordogne river, giving the appellation all of its originality and grace. Our philosophy and practices are constantly evolving in order to produce wines that are unique, elegant and full of flavours.

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