Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Le Père Jules Calvados

Since 1919, quality and rigor are the driving forces of four generations of producers that have continued to be faithful to the traditional methods with a love for their work. Their only wish is to be able to propose the best products.All of our products are made from apple and pear varieties that are carefully selected from traditional orchards of tall trees in a protected area of controlled production (AOC).

Le Père Jules Calvados 20 year old...$159.99 
After slowly maturing in oak barrels for at least 20 years, this Calvados has a magnificent amber coloring. The taste of this grand liquor at the right temperature will let it release all its aromas and seduce you. This is our best-in-Class!

Le Père Jules Calvados 10 years old...$89.99
Fruity, slightly oaky, with notes of vanilla and spices, this Calvados aged in oak barrels for 10 years offers supreme power and elegance. You have guaranteed pleasure!

Le Père Jules Calvados 3 Year old...$49.99
After letting it age for 3 years in oak barrels, this Calvados still offers all of the vigor and freshness of a young spirit.  Its green apple aromas are still very present and reveal all their flavor in your cocktails and sorbets.  It’s an  expression of pure apple! 

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