Monday, February 3, 2020

Duke Grand Cru Double Barrel Rye Finished in Grand Cru French Oak

Duke Grand Cru Double Barrel Rye Finished in Grand Cru French Oak...$99.99
In the pursuit of finding the perfect balance and expression, Duke Grand Cru Kentucky Reserve Rye whiskey exquisitely marries the classic and powerful flavors of aged Kentucky rye with the finest French Oak Grand Cru wine barrels in the world. Each barrel represents a very key element to the evolution of flavor. The tight grains found in French Oak, originating from centuries-old forests, combined with the perfect level of toasting ultimately provides a canvas rarely explored.

At the precise moment, the rye is then moved to rest in a second French oak wine barrel, which has been graced by both a world-class Cabernet and our 9-year-old Kentucky Straight bourbon. This secondary finish rounds out the velvety profile of the rye.

100% Kentucky Rye Whiskey
95% Rye, 5% malted Barley

Finished in: French oak, single use, French Oak second bourbon finish.

Commencing with cherry oak, almond and vanilla, the middle to finish with a hint of anise, notes of woody spices, and smooth smokiness lead to a warming finish.

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