Friday, December 21, 2018

1220 Spirits

1220 Spirits from 4 Hands

1220 Barrel Reserve Gin...$35.99 / 750ml
A little-known category with big flavor, this gin is made with just 3 botanicals. The secret is in the barrels. Given to us from Big O Ginger Liqueur’s Reserve program, 1220 Barrel Reserve Gin melds with the bite of fresh ginger and spices while resting for 3 months, producing a spirit that is woodsy, spicy, and warming.
1220 Encrypted Vodka..$18.99 / 750ml
1220 Encrypted Vodka is a remarkably smooth spirit.
Made from Missouri corn that is 6x distilled, it is then combined with a small portion of California wine country’s finest grape neutral to round out the body and give this premium vodka an exceptional finish.

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