Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Rogue Rolling Thunder Stouted Whiskey

Very limited 
Only 36 bottles arrived in St. Louis
196 bottles produced

Rogue Rolling Thunder Stouted Whiskey...$69.99
115.8 proof
Rolling Thunder Stouted Whiskey is a first of its kind. It’s made with barley grown on Rogue Farms and distilled from a wash that began as Dead Guy Ale, brewed right next to the distillery in Newport, Ore. It was first aged one year in new Oregon Oak (Quercus garryana) barrels crafted at our Rolling Thunder Barrel Works before aging two more years in barrels that had previously aged Rolling Thunder Imperial Stout. Rogue grains, beer, whiskey, barrels and the magic of Newport’s marine climate make this American Single Malt as unique as the hands that crafted it.

Ingredients: Rogue Dare and Risk proprietary malts, Crystal 15 malt, free-range coastal water.

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