Friday, December 9, 2011

Beer releases...

Sorry, cannot keep up with today

Giving up on posting today for reservations....

I need to get moving on reserving and stocking and wine and and and and...

Some other good stuff is arriving....

We will make those first come first served 1 bottle per person starting at 4pm today at Forsyth

Odells Bourbon Barrel Stout....Forsyth location only has 12 bottles

I am told there is a good chance for some famous sought after sours today also?
again it will be 1 bottle per person at 4pm today if they arrive.

Odells Bourbon Barrel Stout-- Ballwin has 12 bottles call Kevin at 636.227.9001
Odells Bourbon Barrel Stout -- Rock Hill has 12 bottles call Chris at 314.727.8788
Forsyth is not taking reservations on this one come buy for the tasting today at 4pm until they are gone.

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