Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Alma de Jaguar Tequila

New Additive Free tequila at Forsyth
NOM 1414

ArteNom Reposado comes from NOM 1414 and Siembra Azul is also produced there.

Sold out fast last week - more in stock now - 
Stop by Forsyth and ask for a taste while samples last!

Alma de Jaguar Tequila Blanco...$49.99
NOM 1414

  • Agave: Los Altos
  • Stone/Brick Ovens
  • Yeast: Wild and Champagne
  • Double Distilled
  • Copper Pot Still

Made on a 5th-generation estate in Los Altos de Jalisco using only agave, water, and yeast.
Bottled unfiltered by hand at the source.
Nose: Cooked agave, orange zest, honey, cucumber, sea salt, and pepper
Palate: Citrus-forward, floral, cooked agave, pineapple, clove, honey dew, bell pepper, and hints of brine
‍Finish: Crisp and peppery, with notes of orange, grapefruit, sea salt, mineral, and cooked agave

Alma de Jaguar Tequila Reposado...$59.99
NOM 1414

  • Agave: Los Altos
  • Double Distilled
  • Copper Pot Still
  • Aged in American and French Oak
Nose: Vanilla, banana, honey, caramel, and orange zest
Palate: Banana, vanilla, cooked agave, oak, and baking spice
‍Finish: Long, dry finish with notes of vanilla, oak, caramel, and cooked agave

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