Thursday, November 17, 2022

Foro Amaro Speciale

Grab it while it is here!  This is hard to get!!
A collaboration between New York barman Leo Robitschek and Joe Magliocco, president of Michter’s Distillery

Foro Amaro Speciale....$26.99 / liter
Foro Amaro is produced in Piemonte, Italy where mandarin oranges and lemons are ripened across sun-kissed fields to give the final product a hint of citric sweetness.
Deliciously intense with chocolate overtones, Foro Amaro is made in a way that honors the tradition and allure of the Italian countryside. We hand select over 25 herbs, which are steeped in a distinctive molasses-based spirit infused with the scented rinds of mandarin oranges and lemons from the sun-kissed fields of Piemonte. We hope you'll enjoy Foro Amaro's custom cocktail recipes conceptualized by the brand's co-creator, Leo Robitschek.

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