Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Spirit Wine and Craft location

Spirit Wine and Craft location 
if officially 1 year old!!
5760 Chippewa Street, Saint Louis, Missouri 63109
Now the pressure of comparing month to month sales from last year to make sure we are groing :)

Thank you for all the support in our first year, it has been  a great success!  We have already earned a bunch of regulars at that location.  Please tell your friends.  Make sure you tell them about the great prices on liquor and wine compared to the local grocery store in the area.  Prices are 15% or more cheaper than most in the area on the big name brands.

Remember you can order anything online from The Wine and Cheese Place website and pick Spirit Wine and Craft for pick up.  Giving you access to one of the largest selections in the area!!

Friday June 2nd - save the date!
We will be tasting out some fun wine and whiskey!
Details coming.  But expect Blantons, Single Barrel Buffalo Trace!!!

A special Single Barrel Release that night.....

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