Friday, May 26, 2023

It's Margarita Season! Check out this Bargain Triple Sec!


DuBouchett Triple Sec Liqueur 1 LITER...$6.99 on sale (reg price $8.99) 
Triple sec is a popular orange-flavored, clear liqueur featured in your favorite, indulgent cocktails including cosmopolitans, mai tais, Long Island iced teas and margaritas; while a pervasive product no doubt, most recipes call for just a small amount of triple sec, thanks to its bright and bold flavor.

Like many French liqueurs, triple sec was originally designed to be a digestif, something indulgent to sip neat after dinner or with dessert, but today, it’s most often combined with popular cocktail recipes to deliver a hardy punch of citrus flavor.

This is a multi-purpose essential for any at-home bartender, at a great price!

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