Monday, February 27, 2023

Stowloch Missouri Whiskey

New from Missouri!!!

Stone Ledge Owner, Mark Sutherland 
will be on hand This Friday -  Friday, March 3rd from 4pm-6pm at Forsyth to taste it out!

Stone Ledge Stowloch Missouri Whiskey....$47.99
50% ABV
Batch #1

Stowloch Whiskey is a certified Ozark Highlands whiskey using naturally limestone-filtered water, long fermentation, and aged at least 4 years in Missouri Oak barrels. The mash build is 55% corn, 40% wheat and 5% malted barley.

Mark Sutherland is a native Scot who emigrated to Missouri via England. He has been a strong advocate for Missouri and the Ozark Highlands for years, including the 200-year history of distilling in the Ozark Highlands. He is President of the Ozark Highlands Distillers Guild, a GlobalScot, and His Majesty’s Hon. Consul to Missouri.

Inspired by the art of traditional distilling and the beauty of America's Ozark Highlands, Stowloch™ Whiskey is distilled using natural, limestone-filtered Ozark Highlands water, long fermentation, and aged a minimum of 4 years in Missouri Oak barrels. Stowloch is made using an imported recipe brought to the Americas by our distiller's family in 1761. We use only heirloom, non-GMO grain and long fermentation to give this Ozark Highlands whiskey a pre-prohibition style that is sure to satisfy any palate. Our mash build is corn, wheat and malted barley, and since we use no rye in our mash you will find a hint of sweet in every sip.
This sustainable, all-natural whiskey captures the essence of the 200-year history of Ozark Highlands distilling and is sure to become one of your favorite drams.
The name Stowloch is the combination of the Anglo-Saxon word for holy place – “Stow” – and the Irish Gaelic word for lake – “Loch.” We take the liberty of translating it “Holy Water.”

Mark Sutherland is the CEO of Stone Ledge Spirits Company, the organization behind Stowloch Whiskey. Originally from Scotland, he has been in Missouri for 30+ years and is a passionate advocate for the Ozark Highlands and Missouri’s beverage industries. He is also a part time British diplomat, serving as His Majesty’s Hon. Consul to Missouri. Distilling has been part of the 200 year history of the Ozark Highlands. And Stowloch Whiskey is proud to be a part of the next chapter.

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