Sunday, November 27, 2022

Mead Hall from St. Charles, Missouri

Barrel aging adds complexity to mead in the form of oak aromas and flavors, and imparting texture. It’s a big step up from our old process of adding oak to stainless tanks. We are very excited to announce that our first TWO BARREL AGED MEADS

Mead Hall Virtuous Orange Blossom Mead....$19.99 / 375ml
Virtuous – A traditional orange blossom mead aged in a new Hungarian oak barrel. We used a blend of 40% new oak for this first release. The result is an orange blossom mead with some earthy notes from the barrel, a silky smooth texture on the palate, and a touch of vanilla on the finish. (12.5% ABV)

We donated the barrel to Mead Hall for this Collab!!!
Mead Hall Virtuous Bourbon Barrel Aged Orange Blossom Mead...$23.99 / 375ml
BBA Virtuous – A traditional orange blossom mead aged in a freshly dumped bourbon barrel. A fun project that has produced one of the most interesting meads we’ve ever made. An orange blossom mead accompanied by notes of marshmallows, bourbon, and charred oak. This first release was aged in a single New Riff bourbon barrel courtesy of our friends at The Wine and Cheese Place (14% ABV)

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