Sunday, July 24, 2022

Sheringham Vancouver Island Gin

Sheringham Vancouver Island Seaside Gin...$38.99
The West Coast in a Bottle
ALC/VOL: 43%
Inspired by the Vancouver Island coast, with its clean surf and appealing fragrance of wild roses, evergreen forests, and salty air, our flagship spirit has a deliciously complex yet impeccably balanced botanical profile. Made from botanicals such as juniper, rose, lavender, citrus, coriander, cardamom, and—most notably—local, sustainably harvested winged kelp, which gives it a subtle taste of the ocean, Seaside Gin is an elegant choice on its own and a winning ingredient in your favorite cocktail.

Sheringham Vancouver Island Kazuki Gin...$38.99
An Elegant Blend of Botanicals
Juniper, grapefruit, yuzu, cherry blossoms, tea leaves...
ALC/VOL: 43%
Inspiration for this harmonious and radiant gin was born from the springtime sights and smells of cherry blossom lined streets on Vancouver Island. In this gin, juniper is joined by green tea leaves and florals grown by Westholme Tea Company, located in scenic Duncan, B.C., as well as cherry blossom petals and yuzu peels. With its herbaceous, floral, and citrus notes, this beautifully balanced gin is delicious on its own and a winning cocktail ingredient.

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