Monday, July 25, 2022

Jackpot Red Blend

Great new vintage!

2020 Jackpot Red Blend...$9.99
Made exclusively from indigenous Lisboan grapes, this easy-drinking, good-looking, well-balanced Portuguese wine will quickly become the talk of the town. We bet you you’ll like it.
A perfect duo of Aragonez and Castelão varieties, Jackpot is about bringing in all the fruit Lisbon and fantastic freshness. Bright juicy notes come together with touches of herbs and candied violets to deliver one of the most fun reds we’ve got
Lisbon has always been about discoveries. The Atlantic Ocean gave the city every reason to explore, learn from, and engage with other cultures. It also gave it every reason to be the strength of Portugal’s empire that spread across the world.
Jackpot is but one more treasure from the land of discovery. In honor of one of Europe’s oldest casinos still in operation (since 1931), The Casino of Estoril, Jackpot is about calling on our history and our future.

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