Friday, July 1, 2022

Madre Mezcal


Madre Mezcal Espadin...$34.99 / 750ml
A single varietal exploration that allows the full spectrum flavor of Espadin agave to shine through. 40% abv.
The bright and earthy character of Espadin is complemented by a natural smokiness from the artisanal production process, creating a spirit that adds new levels of complexity to any cocktail.
Madre Mezcal Ensamble...$48.99 / 750ml
Madre Ensamble is crafted to redefine the perception that all mezcal is overly smoky by balancing the flavors of Espadin and Cuishe agaves. It’s the perfect first taste for a new mezcal drinker, or a great everyday sipper for the mezcal aficionado. 45% abv.

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