Thursday, June 9, 2022

Oro de Coyame Sotol

Oro de Coyame Sotol Reposado...$29.99 / 750ml 
Oro de Coyame Sotol Reposado – Aged in Red Oak Barrels for 4 Months
 Oro de Coyame Blanco Joven has a forceful body, is dense in the glass, with crystalline and brilliant silver reflections. It is resplendent with complex aromas of fine woods and citrus backgrounds of lemon and lemongrass. Sotol Oro de Coyame Blanco is smooth, earthy and friendly, with a subtle spicy and mineral finish Oro de Coyame Joven is a centennial Sotol with a lot of personality, and its complex aromas are integrated and remind us of its origin. Our Sotol grows in the mountainous and humid desert of Chihuahua. It is slightly herbaceous, citric and with hints of fruit similar to apple and pear. Oro de Coyame Joven has a pleasant, smooth, earthy flavor that settles with a distinctive aftertaste of minerals, citrus, and subtle hints of spice. We recently won Gold at the Sip Awards 2021 International Spirits Competition, as well as the Innovation Award. We invite you to try it!
Oro de Coyame Sotol Vibora...$43.99 / 750ml  
Oro de Coyame Sotol Víbora – Aged in Red Oak Barrels for 4 Months with Rattlesnake Venom
 Our Sotol Viper arises from the inhabitants of the old town of Paquimé, who used the poison of the rattlesnake as a healing element. To produce our sotol, it is not necessary to kill the snake but only to extract the poison. Its flavors are reminiscent of citrus and pine wood, rounded off by the sweetness of the sotol plant, with a touch of citrus peel and a complex aromatic background of rattlesnake venom.

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