Friday, June 10, 2022

Arhumatic Passiflora Edulis

 The pulp of the passion fruit disperses throughout the bottle

Arhumatic Passiflora Edulis...$46.99 / 700ml

The Story : Passion fruit is emblematic of exotic fruit. The fruit of the passion flower instantly transports you towards exotic tales. ARHUMATIC Passiflora Edulis has been thought of for living or reliving exotic travel. Close your eyes and smell the aroma of this elixir. You will be transported to the latitudes of paradise.

The Fruit : From the family of passifloraceae. The fruit of the passion contains black seeds, covered with a translucid pulp which is yellowy orange and fragrant. This is the arillus. And it is this pulp and these seeds which give the exceptional flavour. The passion fruit grows on the vines of the passiflora. Selected with care, the fruit variety of Arhumatic is always the same, regardless of its origins are La Reunion, Thailand or Vietnam.

Seasonality : The presence on the stalls of exotic fruits is not related to the season. Arhumatic Passiflora Edulis is thus available throughout the year.

Tasting: The pulp of the passion fruit disperses throughout the bottle – the fleshiest seeds spread at the bottom of the bottle, the others cover the vanilla pod.The exotic fragrance characterises the passion fruit and is so strong that it is a marvel to smell. Some can even sense the just cut fruit.The sharp and exotic flavours wake up the taste buds, all the palate is stimulated by these powerful aromas.

29% abv. 

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