Friday, June 10, 2022

Cocktail Smoker Kit

For the Dad who has everything!!!

Cocktail Smoker Kit....$64.99 **
**butane not included
**we do not sell the butane
[SOUL INFUSER OF FINE WINE AND FOOD] : Smoke set will bring you a brand new food and spirits experience. Natural cherry smoke invades cocktails, wine, whiskey, cheese, meat, dried fruits, salt and more! Enhance the taste of your food and spirits, stimulate your taste buds, and you will be immersed in every bite of your favorite cocktail or delicacy The strong and inviting taste.
[WONDERFUL VISUAL AND SENSORY FEAST) : Put the smoker's smoking accessories on the glass, add wood chips, and ignite it with a smoking gun. The smoke slowly flows into the glass through the small holes to produce a cascading waterfall of cooking smoke, which is mixed in your cocktail. This is an exquisite supplement Your dining or drinking experience, and ignite the senses!
[COMPACT AND PORTABLE RETRO DESIGN] : The mini exquisite cocktail smoker is easy to carry, allowing you to enjoy smoky cocktails anytime, anywhere. It is also cleverly designed, natural and retro, so that you can drink cocktails directly in the
glass without the need for extra large smoking domes or messy wooden boards. Take you back to the great era of the mid-nineteenth century.

(ANYONE CAN OPERATE PROFICIENTLY) : Both professional bartenders and beginners can use our smoky cocktail shaker. Old fashioned smoker kit will
be used to infuse smoke into your favorite drink. Help you to achieve the best Old Fashioned ever and comes with cocktail mixes that just need whiskey or bourbon
to be completed. And the finished product will be delightfully smokey.
[Excellent material) Handmade from 100% white oak. Our premium wood shavings are air dried for 18 to 24 months and then kiln dried to 8% humidity. Equipped with a box of excellent apple sawdust to add interest to your life.

[Beautiful and unique] The unique shape and simple method of use enable you to enjoy a unique sensory experience in a short time.

[Widely used] You can use it to make smoked cocktails, or to flavor dishes, such as smoked salmon. Try it with your whiskey or bourbon neat, old fashioned, Manhattan whiskey, and much more.

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