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Single Cask Nation

SINGLE CASK NATION: Founded in 2011 by Joshua Hatton and Jason Johnstone-Yellin,  Single Cask Nation is the United States’ only independent bottler following the Scottish tradition. Each cask selected is bottled at natural cask strength, free from chill filtering and artificial color, with the distillery source front and center.

Single Cask Nation The Water of Life Single Malt Scotch...$79.99
Undisclosed Island – 48.8%
Bottled for the WOLF (Water of Life Film)
Summer 2021
Cask Numbers 3,10,14,20,30, and 31
1600 bottles produced
A vatting of six 1st fill Bourbon Casks (5 unpeated and 1 lightly peated)
Bright and peppery upon first sip but the rich, oily texture helps the experience. Richly flavored with both apples AND oranges (mandarin) and even some Jaffa Cakes (the milk chocolate note is fantastic here). Some more fruit: ripe banana, starfruit, and golden delicious apples.
Finish: Long and citrusy with the pink peppercorns returning.

Single Cask Nation Linkwood Ruby Port Finish 12 Year Old Single Malt...$99.99
12 Year Old
  • 11 years in Refill Bourbon Hogshead
  • 1 year finishied in 1st fill Ruby Port
Cask #33904
Distilled April 2009
Bottled September 2021
Yield 337 bottles
54.4% ABV

On the label: Such fun! The Linkwood spirit takes to the port finishing like the proverbial duck to water. Bright, warm malt cereal from the spirit marries perfectly with red fruits and even a little tartness from the port cask. Don’t miss the dark chocolate! Share with friends and turn heads.

Single Cask Nation Linkwood Oloroso Sherry Finish 12 Year Old Single Malt...$109.99
  • Aged 12 Years in a refill Oloroso Sherry Butt
  • Cask # 4815162342
  • Distilled April 2009
  • Bottled May 2021
  • Yield 666 bottles
  • 55.5% ABV

Single Cask Nation Westport 16 Year Old Single Malt...$154.99

An unnamed Highland Distillery **
  • Aged 16 Years in a 2nd fill Oloroso Sherry Butt
  • Cask #2112
  • Distilled March 2005
  • Bottled April 2021
  • Yield 577 bottles
  • 50.6% ABV
The tallest stills in the industry are prevalent here with a soft, subtle, sophisticated sweetness that allows the sherry oak an opportunity to shine with pleasantly drying and nutty notes that balance the overall sweetness of the spirit

** Obviously it is Glenmorangie as they have the tallest stills in the industry

Single Cask Nation Benrinnes 10 Year Old Single Malt...$89.99
Aged 10 Years in 2nd fill Bourbon Barrel
  • Cask #309608
  • Distilled September 2011
  • Bottled September 2021
  • Yield 198 bottles
  • 55.6% ABV
  • Speyside

Single Cask Nation Inchfad 15 Year Old Single Malt...$149.99
Loch Lomond Distillery
  • Aged 15 years refill Bourbon Hogshead
  • Finished in Grand Cru Bordeaux Barrique
  • Cask #3141592
  • Distilled March 2005
  • Bottles may 2021
  • Yield 277 bottles
  • 53.5% ABV

Single Cask Nation Inchgower 13 Year Old Single Malt...$109.99

  • Aged 13 years in a 2nd fill bourbon hogshead
  • finished in a tawny port hogshead
  • Cask #668
  • Distilled July 2007
  • Bottled May 2021
  • Yield 227 bottles
  • 52.8%
  • Speyside

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