Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Du Bocq Blanche de Namur

We have not stocked this one in about 4 years!
Now in CANS!

Du Bocq Blanche de Namur...$9.99 / 4pk 16oz cans
The History of Blanche de Namur
Witbier or b├Čere blanche ("white beer") is a wheat ale style that originated in Belgium hundreds of years ago. Usually made from unmalted wheat with barley malt, witbiers have a hazy pale color; they are seasoned not only with hops but with spices - Belgian brewers have added herbs, spices, and fruit to beer for centuries. After fading in popularity in the early 1900s, witbier sales have roared back during the past 20 years.
Blanche de Namur is made from barley malt, unmalted wheat, hops, and the classic witbier spices: coriander and bitter orange peel. It also has a touch of brewer's licorice. Hopping levels are fairly low to allow the spices to shine through; the yeast strain is traditional, and Blanche de Namur is bottle-conditioned. The beer is named after Princess Blanche of Namur - daughter of John, Count of Namur - who was born in the region near the brewery in 1320. Blanche captivated King Magnus IV of Sweden when he visited around 1335: she married him and was crowned the following year, becoming Queen of Sweden and Norway. In memory of her "sweetness, beauty, and delicacy," the brewery dedicated their witbier to her.

Inviting, refreshing aroma and flavor; fruitiness from a very traditional yeast strain; and smooth rich body with a bit of thirst-quenching acidity in the finish. The glowing, golden hazy color of Blanche de Namur comes from the use of wheat and from bottling with live brewer's yeast.

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