Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Highland Park 25 Year Old

Highland Park 25 Year Old....$599.99
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ABV : 46%
Naturally rich and golden in colour, this remarkably complex expression of Highland Park delivers a deliciously rich, smoky sweetness. Created from less than 20 casks including sherry seasoned European oak casks, combined with first-fill Bourbon casks and refill casks, hand selected by Gordon Motion, our Master Whisky Maker.

Our Master Whisky Maker, Gordon Motion, has only a very small pool of casks from which to select the 20 casks he needed to create the Spring 2019 release of our 25 YEAR OLD. Working within such limited resources presents interesting challenges as, over time, each cask develops its own distinctive character. Gordon’s role is to explore the natural – and sometimes surprising – variations that each cask reveals, selecting only those he knows will marry well together to deliver the optimum combination of colour, flavour and finish.

From release to release, a rich thread of continuity runs through Highland Park 25 YEAR OLD as well as subtle differences that we are proud to highlight and celebrate. These are a reflection of the honesty with which we make our whisky and a mark of its true character – and our own.

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