Saturday, December 26, 2020

Bapt & Clem's rums

New Rums!!!
Bapt & Clems 7 Year Old El Salvador Rum...$63.99
'Traditional' rum: This distillery produces traditional rum, made by using distilled molasses. The sugarcane used in the elaboration of this rum is supplied by hundreds of small producers throughout the country. 
Licocera Cihuatan distillery: Licorera Cihuatàn is the only distillery in El Salvador and is situated in San Salvador, the capital city. Built recently (1999), the first rum produced was released in 2003. Cihuatàn means ‘beside the woman’, in reference to the Guazapa Mountain nearby which looks like the silhouette of a sleeping woman. For the locals, the Guazapa Mountain protects them, as well as the sugarcane fields and the rum. Bapt & Clems – Licocera Cihuatan 7 years old: This rum was first aged for 6 years in El Salvador, in “solera”, the traditional ageing system in South America, in which the ‘oldest’ rum is 6 years old. It has been in our cellars in Gascony since July 2018, ageing in French oak barrels, previously used to age Sauternes wines.

Bapt & Clems 5 Year Old Guatemala Rum...$53.99
Darsa Distillery
The Darsa distillery is the main producer of Guatemalan rums and supplies several independent bottlers throughout the world. The sugarcane used to produce their rum is exclusively from Guatemala. The quality of the rum from this distillery varies, depending on the bottler and the ageing method. The range of rums on offer from the Darsa distillery is a simple one, with few different ages. 
'Traditional' rums: In Guatemala, the two main rums are Botran and Zacapa. These rums, often aged at high altitude, are, like their French and Venezuelan counterparts, subject to an AOC appellation. Bapt & Clems - Darsa 5 years old: This rum is made from molasses, not from the fermented and distilled sugarcane ‘honey’ so often used in Guatemala. The 14 months spent in our cellar in French oak barrels (in which Sauternes wines were aged previously) finished its tailored ageing.

Bapt & Clems 6 Year Old Australian Rum...$53.99
Beenleigh Distillery Beenleigh Distillery presents itself as one the oldest distilleries on Australia (1884). The Beenleigh Distillery is then the home of many memories for a lot of people who have worked there, as well as their ancestors before them. It is closely associated to the region’s identity by the local community. A long finish Jurançon casks: Rums from Beenleigh Distillery chosen for Bapt & Clems have been aged for 4 years in Australia, followed by a long 2 years tailored finish here in our cellar in Gascony in Jurançon Casks. The sweet Jurançon contained in these casks in the past brings a round and soft touch to this cuvée.

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